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Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

To pray for the prosperity of business — 15 strong prayers for successful trading

If things do not get along, business does not go, customers bypass the store side, you can ask for help from God, the holy saints or the Guardian Angel. Entrepreneurs and merchants recite prayers to the Lord and the patron saints of commerce for the good fortune of their cause.

With a diligent prayer, the Almighty blesses their work, business begins to flourish and bring good income.

It is also recommended to make some spiritual efforts: avoid bad treatment of employees, be honest, do not delay wages. In this case, you can count on the Lord to hear the prayers and bless the business.

In addition to general requests to the Lord for the blessing of the day and all his work, you can pray more specifically by adding petitions for your own enterprise.

Prayers for trade read:

  • to attract customers;
  • for good luck and success in sales;
  • about increasing income, prosperity;
  • for quick sale of business;
  • for good sales in the store, on the market;
  • for profitable trade in any product;
  • on the successful outcome of the intended case.

It does not matter what is sold: clothing, services, antiques or meat on the market. In any case, you can resort to God’s help by reading special prayers for the trade.

To improve business sellers should read them daily at the beginning of the working day.

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

In all matters, however small they may seem, it is necessary to turn to the Most High, as to the Beneficiary. The Lord loves a person so much that He sacrificed Himself, therefore you can turn to Christ in any situation of life.

They also pray to saints as heavenly friends and intercessors before God. Some of them have a special grace to assist in trade affairs. As a rule, they themselves were merchants or merchants in life.

To them are the prayers for trade the strongest.

Before you pray to a certain saint, it is helpful to know his living. Knowing the details of the Christian feat of the saint, the one praying will feel a special closeness to him.

In this case, the prayer will become stronger.

Many believe that the saints are devotees who led a reclusive life full of deprivations, but this is not always the case. Some of them were ordinary people who followed Christ and in their daily activities accomplished their Christian feat.

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

Before asking, first thank God for life, food, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits, for family and loved ones. Without a sense of gratitude, one becomes incapable of accepting gifts.

Before the beginning of the working day, an important transaction, conclusion of a contract read a special old prayer:

Praying before the beginning of every deed: “To the Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Soul of Truth, I shes everywhere and fulfill everything, the Treasure of good and life to the Giver, come and inhabit us, and cleanse us from all filthiness, and save, Bleshe, our souls. Bless, Lord, and help me, a sinner, to accomplish the work that I begin, in Your glory.

O Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Only Begotten Of Your Father Who Have Begun, You have more to offer with the purest of Your mouth, for without Me, you cannot do anything. My Lord, Lord, by faith the volume in my soul and your heart is spoken, I bow down to Your goodness: help, sinner, this thing that I have begun, perform about You, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and the prayers of the Virgin and all Your saints .


If a business is new, it requires special support, a prayer service is ordered in the temple before starting a good work.

To protect business and commerce from evil intent, harm from competitors read the powerful prayer to the Cross of the Lord. During this, they cross the room in all directions.

Prayer to the Holy Cross of the Lord: “May God be resurrected, and His enemies will be squandered, and may they run away from His face, those who hate Him. The smoke disappears, let it disappear; As the wax melts away from the face of the fire, so will the demons from the face of those who love God and sign the sign of the cross, and in the joy of the verbs: Rejoice, Most Honorable and Life-Giving Lord’s Cross, drive out demons by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to you, gone to the devil, and who gave us His Cross to Honest you to drive away every foe. O Honorable and Life-giving Cross of the Lord!

Help me with the Holy Virgin Lady and with all the saints forever. Amen».

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

The Blessed Virgin Mary in her miraculous images helps to make the business successful and prosperous. Icons such as “Economis” and “Khlebennaya” showed wonderful help in times of financial difficulties.

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

“O Most Pure Lady of the Blessed Virgin, Our Most Most Most Reverend Mother Mati Igoumenia of all Orthodox holy monasteries of foreign life, in Holy Mount Afonstya and throughout all universe! Accept our humble prayers and bring me to our all-glorified God, may our souls be saved by My grace.

Look upon us with Thy merciful eye and make our salvation in the Lord, without the mercy of our Savior and Your holy intercession of Our Lord, we cannot make your salvation by accusation, as if living our lives in the bustle of the world, for the time is near the harvest of Christ and the day of the Terrible Judgment . We, the acanies, perish in the abyss of sinful negligence for our sake, according to what was said by the holy fathers, the chiefs of the angel in the flesh of living, like the last monastic by the negligence of our lives, like a worldly man, he will come true today, because our last non-Russian lives in our lives , in the midst of great storms and bad weather, for our holy abode in prasa abides, the sins of the righteous for our sake the all-righteous Judge our Lord Jesus Christ favored us, but unworthy, not imams, where the heads are inclined.

O our sweetest Mati Igoumenia!

Collect us, the scattered flock of Christ, together and save the Orthodox monasticism of the last century, and all Orthodox Christians give heavenly life with angels and all saints in the Kingdom of Christ our God, to Him, honor and glory, with the Primordial Father and the Most Holy, Good and Life-Giving His Spirit forever and ever. Amen».

For success in trade, you can install the icon of the Virgin in the trading room, not necessarily in plain sight. The icon itself, of course, cannot attract good luck, but it invisibly protects the place and serves as a reminder of prayer.

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

“Oh, the Most Holy Virgin Mother of God, the Most High Merciful Lady, the Queen of Heaven and the earth, every home and family of a Christian Provider, those who labor in blessing, the needy inexhaustible wealth, orphans and widows and all the people of the nursing mother! Our nourisher, giving birth to the Universe Feeder and To the Vanity of our bread, You, Mistress, bestow Thy Mother of Thy blessing upon our home, villages and nivas, and home for Hope.

However, with reverent trembling and a contrite heart, we humbly pray Ty: wake up to us, sinful and unworthy Thy slave, wise Domostroitelitelnitsey, arranging our life for good. Any community, every home and family in piety and Orthodoxy, unity of mind, obedience and contentment observe.

Spend poverty and misery, support old age, bring up infants, bring everybody to mind and pray to the Lord: «Give us this day our daily bread.»

Save, Most Pure Ma-ti, your people from every need, sickness, blight, destruction, hail, fire, from every evil of circumstances and every disorder. Our monastery (of all), houses and families and of every soul of Christians and the whole country of ours, proclaim peace and great mercy, may we praise Thee, the Most Nourishing Feeder and Our Feeder, now and forever and ever and ever.


Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

The Monk Joseph Volotsky was a zealous ruler of the monastery. Thanks to his wise leadership, the monastery, in spite of difficult times and famine, fed up to 700 poor people.

The Orthodox Church declared St. Joseph the patron saint of entrepreneurship.

A prayer to Joseph Volotsky: “On the grace and glory of our Father Joseph! Bringing your boldness to God, and resorting to your firm intercession, in our heart to the people of the people we bore upon the bears. We will be the light of the grace you have been given you and your prayers. and weaknesses of hedgehog that arise from us, arise, to whom shall we resort, if not to you, who have revealed the inexhaustible riches of mercy in your earthly life?

We believe, though, that after your departure, the most powerful possession is the gift of giving mercy to the needy. But the same ubo, now adhering to your full-bearing icon, we ask with emotion what we are dearer than God: He himself was tempted, help us, tempted too; by fasting and vigil, redeeming demonic force, and protect us from the attacks of the enemy; nourishing with the perishing of the lost, and to us will we receive from the Lord the abundance of the fruits of the earth and all the need for salvation; shameful heretical wisdom, the Holy Church from heresies and schisms, and embarrassment with your prayers, protect: yes, let us sophisticate, with one heart glorifying the Holy, All-Subject, Life-Giving and Indivisible Trinity, for all eternity.


Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

Nicholas the Wonderworker is often approached in case of problems in business, they pray for successful trading. If luck turned away from the person, everything goes wrong, as planned, appeals to the saint will help to correct the situation.

«Oh, everyone is a proud and all-honorable bishop, great miraculous, to the holy hierarch of Christ, Father Nikolay, the man of God, and faithful to a slave, a husband of desires, a chosen man, a strong church pillar, a glorious blessing, a star brightening and illuminating the whole universe, you are righteous, just like a phoenix prosperous, implanted in the courtyard of his Lord: living in Mireh, the world was fragrant with the earth, and the peace of the grace of God is flowing away. By your procession, most holy Father, the sea will be sanctified, always your many wondrous relics of a procession in the city of Barsky, from the east to the west, praise the name of the Lord.

Oh, the most wonderful and predatory, miraculous, speedy helper, warm intercessor, predatory, saving the verbal herd from all misfortunes, glorify you and we praise you, like the hope of all Christians, the source of miracles, the protector of the faithful, the wise teacher, hungry for the feeder, weeping joy, the nagi vestments, sick physicians, sea rulers, liberator captives, widows and orphans, feeder and intercessor, guardian chastity, babies of a mild punisher, old fortifications, mentor posts, rest in peace, poor and needy yl wealth.

Hearing us, praying to you and resorting to your shelter, reveal your intercession about us to the Most High and proclaim with your Favorite prayers all useful for the salvation of our souls and our bodies: keep this holy monastery (or: this temple), every hail and all, and all the Christian country, and the people who live, from all the bitterness of your help: vema bo, vema, so much can a prayer of the righteous, traveling in good: to you the righteous in blessed Virgin Mary, the presenter to the All-Merciful God of Imams, and to your blessed father, to the warm the petitioner We humbly flow to the office and intercession: you observe us like a vigorous and good shepherd, from all enemies, ruin, coward, hail, iron, flood, fire, sword, invasion of foreigners, and in all our misfortunes and sorrows, give us a helping hand and open the door mercy of God.

Even below, the height of heaven is unworthy of the Esma, from the multitude of our iniquities: the bond of the Esma with sinful bonds, and nothing but the will of our Creator by His covenant, nor by the preservation of His commands. By the same we bow our knees, crushed and humble our hearts to our Creator, and we ask your paternal intercession to him: help us, please God, let us not perish from our iniquity, deliver us from all evil, and from all things resisting, control our mind, and strengthen our heart in the right faith, in it by your intercession and intercession, neither wounds, nor reprimand, nor sea, nor any wrath from the Creator of our derogation, but live here and live peacefully, and let us be seen as good in the land of the living, glorifying The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, united in Trinity slavimago and worship God, now and ever, and forever.


During his lifetime Nicholas the Wonderworker was famous for the works of mercy and reconciliation of those who are enmity. The saint helps everyone who with faith and hope asks for his help.

His kindness and sympathy saved the poor, the needy, the victims of someone else’s evil intent. Therefore, St. Nicholas is the patron saint of all those who need help in difficult life circumstances.

“O our kind shepherd and God-wise mentor, the prelate of Christ Nicholas! Hearing us sinners, praying to you and calling for your speedy intercession; See us weak, from everywhere caught, from all the good of the destitute, and with the mind of the faint-heartedness of the darkened; Try to please God, do not leave us in sinful captivity to be, let us not be our enemy in joy and not die in our evil deeds.

Pray for us unworthy of our Co-deverend and the Vladyka, to him you are with unprepared faces: mercy to us will create our God in this present life and in the future Wetz, may he not repay us in our deeds and uncleanness of our hearts, but in his goodness he will repay us .

We hope for your petition with confidence, we praise with your intercession, we call upon your intercession for help, and we ask for your most holy image, help: save us, please Christ, from the evils that are upon us, and tame the waves of passions and misfortunes that rise against us, but for the sake of your holy prayers do not embrace us to attack and do not wallow in the depths of sin and in the mud of our passions. Pray to the Saint Nicholas of Christ, Christ our God, give us a peaceful living and abandonment of sins, as well as salvation and great mercy to our souls, now and forever and ever and ever.


Requests to the saint about the increase in income, success in trade add at the end of the prayer, set forth in a free form from the heart.

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

Great martyr John of New, Sochavsky was a rich merchant in his lifetime. In all his deeds he was pious, firmly preserved his faith and showed mercy to the poor and needy.

Prayer to St. John the New: “Holy, glorious and all-holy, great martyr of Christ, John, unintelligent intercessor of our salvation. We pray to Your Rabbi, the meeting this day in the Divine Temple and the worship of your holy relics; mercifully wake up to us, tacos and far away and to the aid of Thee to those who call and martyr Your sufferings with pleasurable pleasures. Ask us all to have the many mercy of the Lord God and our Savior Jesus Christ for forgiveness and forgiveness of sins to this day and hour of our sins.

Keep us harmless from all the wiles of the cunning and hate our life, keep from all evils, spiritual and physical, always, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen».

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

Saint Spyridon of Trimifuntsky became famous for his mercy and concern for the poor. He gave his money to those who asked without much thought and hope of a return.

For such a generous and loving heart, the Lord rewarded him with many gifts. The saint raised the dead, healed sickness, cast out demons, performed many other miracles.

He saved the inhabitants from hunger and poverty: through the prayers of the saint during the drought, rain was sent. By helping one petitioner, the saint turned the snake into gold bars, which saved his cause.

The bins of the saint were never locked. He sacrificed part of his harvest to the poor, or lent money with the words: «you will return when you can.» His trust in people knew no bounds.

The saint does not forget his prayer books today. Traveling on land, he helps Christians, blessing and honest business.

“O great and supreme saint to the Hierarch of Christ and the miraculous Spiridon, Kerkir praise, all of the universe is illuminated and the light is warm to God for a prayer book and everyone who comes to you and with faith prays a quick intercessor! You believe the Orthodox faith in the Council of Nicaisteum among the fathers gloriously explained to the Trinity, the Trinity of the Holy Trinity showed with miraculous power that you and the heretics completely disgraced you.

Hearing us, sinners, to the Holy Hierarch of Christ, praying to you, and by your strong intercession with the Lord, deliver us from all the evil of the circumstances: from iron, flood, fire, and deadly ulcers. You in your temporary life saved your people from all these calamities: you saved the country from the invasion of the agrians and the kingdom, the king saved you from the incurable disease, and many sinners returned to repentance for your saints, for the saints , invisibly in the church of singing and co-serving with you, have hast.

Sitsu ubo glorify you, His true slave, Lord Christ, supposedly all the secret human deeds are given to you to discern and expose the unjustly living. To many, in scarcity and inadequacy of the living, you diligently helped you, the people of misery, richly during the worm, sated you and, and with the power of the living Spirit of God, you created many signs in you.

Sitz and did not forsake us, saint of Christ, commemorate us, our children, at the Throne of the Almighty and beg the Lord, may forgive many of our sins forgiveness, a comfortable and peaceful life and grant us, the death of the abdomen nasty and peaceful, and the bliss of everlasting future He will grant us, that we may send glory and thanks to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen».

“O blessed saint Spyridon! Plead the mercy of the God-loving God, that he may not condemn us by our iniquity, but that he may do it with us according to His mercy.

Ask us, the servants of God (names), with Christ and our God, to have a peaceful and serene living, mental and physical health. Deliver us from all misfortunes of soul and body, from all yearning and devilish slanders.

Remember us at the throne of the Almighty and plead with the Lord, may forgive many of our sins forgiveness, a comfortable and peaceful life, grant us, after the death of the belly, indecent and peaceful and blissful in the future, the vet will reward us, and incessantly return the glory and thanks to the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen».

You should not turn to Spiridon, having unrepented sins in your heart and unwillingness to correct. Despite his kindness, the saint could send God’s punishment for unrighteous deeds and stubbornness in them.

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

St. John lived in the VII century and was the Patriarch of Alexandria. Despite his high church status, he considered mercy to be his main occupation.

At the beginning of his ministry, he ordered to count all those in need in Alexandria, of which there were more than seven thousand. He provided them with free daily food.

Every week on Wednesdays and Fridays, the Patriarch personally went out to the people and accepted all the requests and complaints, distributed alms. More often, John the Merciful visited hospitals.

During the war, the Patriarch spent money from the church treasury to buy out prisoners.

Prayer: “Guardian of God, Gracious Prelate John, you are the protector of orphans, beggars and others in need. With sincere faith and humility we appeal to you, we bow down with reverence at your feet and give up a prayer.

We know and believe that you hear all those who ask to yourself and give them consolation in their sorrows and spiritual grief. We ask you to pray for us before the Lord Almighty.

You are endowed with the grace of God and have been called in the world to show yourself as a model of mercy.

Your goodness is like a river that quenches the thirst of all who need it, but at the same time it never grows shallower. We believe that your vessel of mercy will also be inexhaustible. We ask you to give everyone who comes to you with consolation in sorrow and sorrow, peace and serenity in souls.

We ask you to give hope for eternal rest in the kingdom of heaven after death. May we live in peace and joy in the glory of the Lord Most High.


Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

Saint Seraphim of Sarov is a faithful assistant in the affairs of trade.

Prayer to Seraphim of Sarov: “Oh, the Most Wonderful Father, Seraphim, the great Sarovsky is Miraculous! To all who resort to You, a quick-hearted helper!

In the days of your earthly living there is no way for you to be skinny and inconsolable from the far away, but all in sweetness is the vision of your face and the deafening voice of your words. By this, however, the gift of healing, the gift of insight, the gift of feeble souls of healing is abundant in You.

When God called us from earthly labors to heavenly tranquility, Nicole is like Your fingers from us, and it is impossible to count miracles Your multiplied like stars of heaven: For all the end of the earth our people are divine to God and give them healing.

In the same way, we cry Ti, oh prehichy and meek God’s blessing, a bold prayer to him for him, who calls upon him to disregard it! Lift up your gracious prayer to the Lord of forces for us, grant us all the good things in life and all to spiritual salvation useful, let us protect us from the fall of sinful and true repentance, even in perfect harmony in the eternal Heavenly Kingdom, Thou shalt shine forth in glory now, and in tamo sing with all the saints the life-giving Trinity forever and ever.


Proof of the Christian faith is the observance of the commandments, repentance of committed sins and abstaining from them in the future. If a Christian tries to live by the laws of God, he can expect that his requests will be heard.

Strengthening prayer to the saint will help fasting.

Strong prayers for successful and successful trading

Archangel Michael pray at any problem. If there is a threat of demolition of the outlet, termination of the lease agreement, the danger of a raider seizure, force majeure circumstances, ask for the help of the supreme angel.

Praying to Archangel Michael: “Lord, Great God, King without beginning, send Your Archangel Michael to help Your servants (name). Protect, Archangel, from all enemies visible and invisible.

Oh Lord Great Archangel Michael! Demons smasher, forbid all enemies fighting with me and make them like sheep, and humble their evil hearts and crush them, like dust in the face of the wind.

Oh Lord Great Archangel Michael! The six-winged first prince and governor of the heavenly forces, Cherubim and Seraphim, wake us an assistant in all troubles, sorrows and sorrows, in the desert and on the seas a quiet refuge.


Archangel helps to eliminate problems, or at his request will be offered another, more profitable option.

A short prayer to the Guardian Angel: “The angel of God, my guardian, is holy, given to me, from God, from God! I earnestly pray to you: you enlighten me today, and from every evil save, instruct you to the good deed, and guide you to the path of salvation.


Daily prayer: “The holy angel of Christ, adhering to you, pray to my guardian, given to me to keep my sinful soul and body from Holy Baptism, but with my laziness and my evil custom, to your anger, your most pure lightness, and drive you away from all your student affairs : lzhami, slander, envy, condemnation, prezorstvom, disobedience, bratonenavideniem and zlopomneniem, avarice, adultery, wrath, avarice, obyadeniem without satiety and opivstvom, mnogoglagolaniem, evil thoughts and sly, proud custom and prodigal exc perception, selfishness on any carnal lust.

Yes, how can you look on me, or come to me, like a stinking dog? Whose eye, Angel of Christ, look upon me, wicked evil in vile delech?

But how can I already absolve myself with asking for my bitter and evil and evil deeds, I fall on my head all day and night and every hour? But I pray tending, my guardian saint, have mercy on me a sinner and unworthy servant of yours (name), be my helper and intercessor on the evil of my resistance, your holy prayers, and the Kingdom of God partaker of me and create with all the saints, always and now and prisno and forever and ever.


It is possible to pray to the saint, in honor of whom received holy baptism, about successful trading and luck.

The text of a simple prayer, which is contained in the daily prayer rule: «Pray for me about God, holy pleaser of God (name), as if I diligently resort to you, fast helper and prayer for my soul.»

Full prayer to the saint can be found in the Orthodox prayer book. Appeal to a personal patron in case of any need.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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