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Strong prayers for all occasions that helped

The strongest and most effective prayers for all situations.

Previously, I did not even guess that there is a prayer that can help in any difficult situation. I am a deeply religious person, always trying to turn to God.

And recently, I learned that there is a prayer for all occasions. Now I will tell you how it helps and how to pray correctly.

Power of prayer

Modern people are mostly ardent atheists. This can be explained quite simply. Indeed, in the fast pace of life there is simply no time left for faith.

Some people just prefer to live to the fullest and not to think that after death they will have to pay for their sins. Of course, such an excuse is inconclusive.

But the priests are sure that sooner or later everyone will believe in God.

Most often, this faith comes at a time when a person is helpless. There is even a saying that there are no atheists in the trenches. Indeed, in the face of danger, feeling threatened with death, a person begins to sincerely pray for salvation.

At the same time, he does not even think that his prayer is really capable of reaching God.

The fact is that people do not realize that prayer is a peculiar way to communicate with the Almighty. Saying a prayer, a person does not just pay tribute to some strange custom.

He tells the saints about his deepest desires, asks for help, intercession. It is worth noting that even scientists who are atheists believe in the power of prayers.

Here they only explain it somewhat differently. According to scientists, prayer is an energy message.

And if this promise is strong enough, a person will be able to get a chance for salvation. And not only for the salvation of the body, but also the soul.

Why don’t prayers always help?

The answer to this question concerns many people who refuse to believe in God. Being materialists and realists, they seek to sense the presence of God in order to believe in him. However, every true believer understands that prayer is a real sacrament.

This is not just a request for help and not some kind of barter. You cannot sin all your life, and in your old age you can ask for salvation and hope that God will answer prayer.

All over the world, it is impossible to find a righteous person who says that any sinner deserves forgiveness.

Some may object to this remark that the Most High forgives all sinners who repent. And indeed it is.

But the key word is “repent.” Only if the person who committed the sin repents will he get a chance for salvation. Turning to God for help at the moment of danger, a person forgets to ask for forgiveness for all the sins he has committed before.

That is why sometimes prayers go unanswered.

Strong prayers for all occasions that helped

Moreover, we should not forget that the Creator quite often sends tests to his children. And although at first the test sent seems too complicated, over time, the believer may realize that his weight is not so great.

Especially if he managed to come to terms with his cross. Counting on the help of higher powers, it is necessary to remember the importance of faith. It is about sincere faith that lives in the heart of every person.

But the trouble is that not everyone has the power to recognize this faith and follow it, every day, offering prayers and meditating on life.

«Hope for God, but do not tell yourself»

This saying is probably known to many. That’s just usually forgotten about it.

And this is a serious mistake. Moreover, it can be done by sincerely believing people who have devoted their entire life to serving the higher forces.

The fact is that, when offering prayer, a person completely shifts his experiences and problems to the saints. Of course, he sincerely prays and tries to do everything for God to hear him.

However, this approach is not always justified.

It is often promoted by sect leaders. Because it is beneficial to them that a person is inactive and simply rely on the help of their god.

But the clergy knowingly do not recognize all these sects. After all, a truly righteous believer will never give up. He will offer prayers, but at the same time try to find a solution to the problem on his own.

It is believed that such people saints and help. And therefore, in the texts of some prayers there is a request to direct them to the righteous path.

In addition, recently, priests are increasingly turning to their flock with a request not to refuse the help of medicine and other sciences. For example, if a person falls ill, his relatives should not only pray in the church, but also take care that he receives proper treatment at the medical center.

This is also important in the case of a child’s illness.

Even if parents are confident that the disease is the result of pointing out the damage or the evil eye, you should not neglect the visit to the doctor. Remember that medicine and faith should complement each other, not oppose.

The same applies to other difficult life situations when it is necessary to seek help not only from God, but also from other people. After all, according to God’s plan, it is they who can play a decisive role in solving the problem, and strong prayers are only called upon to help them in this.

With faith in the heart: what to do if a person knows only one prayer?

Believers who attend church almost every day are well aware that there are so many different prayers. But a person who until a certain time was far from church cannot know this.

Most often, in this case, the only known prayer is “Our Father”. Let’s talk more about this prayer.

It really is universal and suitable for different occasions. If a person does not know any other, then he can safely use it in a difficult moment. This is explained quite simply.

Prayer is only valid if the person who speaks it truly believes in miracles. Knowing the correct text, but without faith, it is impossible to get help from God.

Because the heart of such a person is simply closed. A sinner cannot even let a little drop of saving faith into his heart. And so the likelihood that he will be saved is incredibly low.

Therefore, it is better to say that prayer, which is well known, and at the same time believe in salvation, than read the correct prayer and not believe in God.

Strong prayers for all occasions that helped

But, in addition to the above-mentioned prayer, there are others. Their strength has been tested by many believers.

At the moment when the forces left the person, and he felt how the abyss of sin absorbs him, the pronunciation of these texts helped. It is noteworthy that some of them are now transmitted from mouth to mouth.

After all, before people knew more prayers, because they were more devout. It is authentically known that prayers were even written down on paper. It was believed that such prayers, which are passed from one family to another, are the most powerful.

And it is really possible. Since it is not difficult to assume that such reverent attitude to the sacred texts did not remain without the attention of the Most High.

Pray every day: prayers by the day of the week

But to get such texts is quite difficult. The only known one is the prayer on the days of the week.

As the name implies, this is a collection of prayers, each of which must be read on certain days of the week. It is noteworthy that even scientists recognize the power of these texts.

True, they explain it quite differently. According to the luminaries of science, in prayers that once helped a person solve a problem, there are certain codes. These sound codes help a person to tune in the desired way.

With their help, it is possible to achieve and increase the concentration on any important problem.

It is believed that a positive effect can be achieved not only by reading, but also by listening to prayers. Because they are able to introduce a person into a state of trance. Of course, this is not at all about the state when a person does not fully realize what he is doing.

And since it is possible to enter a light trance only if the text is read correctly, scientists agree that it is necessary to say the prayers correctly. Especially when it comes to everyday prayer.

Such a prayer is considered an appeal to the Virgin Mary. The Most Holy Theotokos is considered the intercessor of the weak. She will definitely come to the aid of a believer.

But it is especially favorable to pregnant women asking for help.

Strong prayers for all occasions that helped

This prayer can be pronounced not only every day, but also in a difficult situation. At the same time mentally it is necessary to ask the Mother of God for help.

And if the request is sincere, then the person will definitely get help.

It is customary to ask for the blessing and protection of Jesus Christ. To access it, use the following text: «Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!»

Note that a woman can offer this prayer. In this case, it is necessary to replace the word «sinful» by «sinful.» If a person prays for the salvation of others, it is better to list the names of these people.

So prayer will gain more power. After all, all strong Orthodox prayers in their texts must contain the names of those who ask for help.

Moreover, in a dangerous situation, when a person feels a real threat, he can read Psalm 90. This prayer is able to protect not only from the machinations of the evil one, but also from unclean thoughts of other people and their actions that can harm.


  1. Prayer is a way to communicate with God. Therefore, in raising it up, it is necessary that the thoughts be pure.
  2. God does not always answer prayers. The reasons for this may be two. First, sometimes the Almighty sends a person a test. And at the same time a believer can be sure that the test is too serious and difficult. But in reality it is not so and he is able to cope with the problem himself. Secondly, the saints hear only those requests that come from true believers and those who live according to God’s commandments.
  3. When offering a prayer, you must fully concentrate on it. You can not be distracted and think about something else.
  4. If a person does not know the right prayer, he can always read Our Father.

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