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Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

A particularly heavy burden for the mother is alcohol dependence of the child. A few years ago, my close friend faced a similar problem when her son became addicted to drunkenness.

Drug therapy helped weakly, it was not possible to withstand the duration of coding. Therefore, a believing woman decided to strengthen the treatment. strong prayer from drinking on the advice of a priest.

Appealing to miraculous images wholeheartedly and with deep faith together with the help of medicine helped save son from deadly addiction.

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

Insidious effect of alcohol

Alcoholic dependence of a modern person can be counted among the most terrible mortal sins when an alcoholic does not even realize that he is betraying faith, poisoning himself with a terrible poison. Patients with alcoholism are not only a problem for society, but also suffer from a destructive health and psyche of the disease.

The drinker becomes addicted to the next portion of the fire drink, because ethanol does not have time to get out of the body due to constant heavy drinking. All internal organs are poisoned by alcoholic poison, it is built into the life support system, which leads to the formation of a destructive need.

Recently, drunkenness of the population has become a real disaster, however, people do not stop fighting evil with all available methods:

  • medicine offers treatment with the latest drugs using advanced techniques;
  • adherents of magic struggle with alcoholism at the energy level, recommending the help of conspiracies and rituals.

Believers are advised to turn not to conspiracies, but to the miraculous images of Orthodoxy, helping to get rid of alcohol dependence. Of particular importance are the prayers of the mother, who has become her son’s protection from drunkenness.

According to the ministers of the church, the only force capable of resisting the evil of an inhuman crowd of alcoholics is faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Only with faith in God will it be possible to defeat a terrible disease, to pull a person out of the net of unrestrained drunkenness, to restore his mental balance, clearing the soul from the nets of the “green serpent”.

Life situation

So it happened in the family of my close friend, her son grew up a nervous boy with an unstable psyche, which was to blame for premature birth. In the daily struggle for survival in our difficult times, parents apparently missed the moment when their son became addicted to alcohol.

It all started with light, intoxicating drinks, and it ended with dependence on vodka. Parents coded the matured child, but the procedure stopped helping, which was the reason for resorting to drug treatment.

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

While the boy was in the clinic, the mother went around most of the churches in the city, ordered services for the sufferer’s health, and begged the saints for help. In one of the temples, the priest told my girlfriend to pray in prayer to the miraculous image of the Virgin — the icon of the Inexhaustible Chalice. The unhappy woman acquired in the church a healing icon for many ailments, memorized a strong prayer to the Virgin Mary and read it with unshakable faith in the deliverance of a drinking son from pernicious drinking.

Now quiet times have come to the family, but the miraculous icon remains in the house forever, and the words of the prayer remain in the soul.

How to perform the ritual of salvation

On the sacred canvas, known as the Inexhaustible Chalice, the Mother of God is depicted with the God-Infant, but he is not in the hands of his mother, but inside the gilded cup. This is an unusual vessel, it is called the Communion Cup, which quenches spiritual thirst, bestows the believer with joy and consolation.

Reading the prayer words of the mother in front of the divine way, coming from the depths of the soul, has tremendous power and helps even from a distance.

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

When embarking on a prayer ritual, the mother must defend her service in the church, undergo a rite of repentance of her own sins, which is useful for the drinking son herself. If a person is not aware of his dependence and does not want to get rid of it, it is allowed to perform the ceremony secretly from him, following simple rules:

  • It is better to read the prayer message in the temple in front of the icon of the Inexhaustible Chalice, but it is possible at home (at least 3 times);
  • to gain the help of the Virgin, the sacred words of a strong prayer are pronounced 40 days in a row without a break;
  • reading the prayer book, it is necessary to represent the child healthy, overcame drunkenness, with a pure soul without a grave sin;
  • the thoughts of a mother doing a strong prayer must be clear of any thoughts, except for concentrating on the problem of the son’s drunkenness;
  • in order to enhance the help, it is desirable to surround the image of the Mother of God with the faces of Christ the Savior and Nicholas the Wonderworker, and light candles.

If an alcohol-suffering son lives with his mother, it is recommended to place a cup of holy water in front of the icons. After the ritual, the water, charged with strong energy of the prayer text, is secretly poured into the food and drinks of a drinking person.

These actions will help more quickly get rid of the destructive passion.

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

Interesting fact. It is not by chance that, since ancient times, popular rumor has cloaked in the image of a reptile reptile.

Indeed, according to the Christian legend, the culprit of the fall of mankind is called the biblical serpent tempter, who still destroys the immortal souls of people.

The history of the grace of the Inexhaustible Chalice

The icon depicting the Mother of God with the God-child in the Chalice of Communion, has become an inexhaustible source for sufferers to drink wine. The affirmation of the healing power of the image is connected with the history of the Tula peasant who is obsessed with drunkenness, who has plunged the pernicious passion into poverty.

The poor man even lost his legs, he was overwhelmed with disease, but even these troubles did not stop drinking.

Once in a dream, obsessed with the «green serpent» saw a luminiferous old man, commanding him healing for the sake of falling to his knees during a prayer service in front of an inconspicuous icon of a local temple called the Inescapable Bowl. Following the order of the old man, the drunkard defended a prayer service and received not only a healing from diseases, but also from alcohol dependence.

The description of the case of the omnipotent power of the Mother of God is dated 1878.

Where at home you can place the miraculous icon:

  • hang in the corner, which is oriented to the east;
  • light image can be positioned opposite the door (entrance);
  • in the room of a small child to provide future protection for the baby.

From the point of view of iconography, the most ancient image of the Mother of God is classified as “Oranta”. The cup symbolizes the empty vessel, and the Infant God represents the negligible sacrifice for the salvation of mankind.

The most pure hands of the Mother of God, raised up, are associated with intercession before God for sinners obsessed with the destructive addiction.

What other prayer can be addressed to the Heavenly Queen to protect her son from drunkenness:

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

The strong psychosomatic effect of the prayer rite is due to the influence of blood ties between mother and child. Drinking son gains not only physical, but also spiritual support of the closest person in the world, strengthening the desire to get rid of alcohol dependence.

Who else from the saints can ask for help

The illness of drunkenness cripples not only the health and destinies of people, but also destroys the soul of a person who drinks, turning the crown of God’s creation into the likeness of an animal. Churchmen argue that alcohol dependence is a fact of possession by demons, their sharing either partially or completely suppresses the spiritual forces of the personality, turning it into a puppet of evil spirits.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that a person suffering from alcohol dependence opens the soul to the devil’s minions as a result of the constant intake of excessive doses of alcohol. If the drinking son has an awareness of his own obsession, the most powerful method of getting rid of her will be reading the special prayers of the day, with great healing power.

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

Appeal to the radiant face of our Lord Jesus Christ

The very first prayer that comforts the grief of the mother’s soul about a drinking child should be the words of our Father’s prayerful address:

With this prayer rite, all believers begin and end their day, turn to God for help in good deeds, and thank for their help. This is the strongest prayer of Orthodoxy, creating real miracles, it is necessary for everyone to know it by heart.

The power of prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Having retired at home, you need to pray for your son in front of the icon of St. Nicholas, the most revered saint in Russia. During prayer against the son’s alcohol dependence on the mother, the presence of a real faith in the help of the heavenly forces is required.

If the sufferer drinks the prayer himself, he must be baptized, have unshakable confidence in his healing in his soul. Appeal to the Wonderworker with the following words:

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

It is important for those who make strong prayers from drinking their own or close relatives, not to forget about the regular presence in the service in the church. For the fulfillment of the house ritual, iconic faces of the strongest saints, church candles and holy water will be needed.

They are purchased in the temple.

Protection of Saint Boniface from alcoholism

During worldly life, the slave of a rich Roman woman named Boniface was obsessed with drunkenness and fornication. One day, hitting the execution of Christian martyrs, the sinner was horrified by the cruelty of the executioners.

The sufferings of the Orthodox martyrs impressed Boniface so much that he renounced alcohol dependence and became an adherent of Christ, for which he was martyred.

The martyr Boniface is addressed with a prayer for help to drinking relatives, intercession from debauchery:

Strong prayer from the drunkenness of the son

The unique prayers of Orthodoxy, addressed to the faces of Christ the Savior and especially revered saints, have already healed thousands of people. Choose the strongest prayer book in your opinion, clear your mind of doubts and evil thoughts, so that you can pray for the protection of your son from drunkenness with confidence in healing.

It is necessary to create a strong prayer until the destructive passion recedes.

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