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St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

Orthodox remember this holy December 19. And although in Ukraine and Russia they treat him a little differently, in any case, people believe: he is one of the strongest advocates who can save believers from a lot of misfortunes — but for serious misconduct and punish no less seriously.

Today we will tell, thanks to some facts from his own life of St.. Nicholas deserved such a love of faith, and most importantly, in what circumstances he appeared on our earth many hundreds of years after his own earthly death.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

Life of the saint

  • Childhood. Nicholas was born in the city of Patara in the 2nd half of the 2nd century AD, in a well-to-do Christian family of noble birth. This couple prayed to the Lord for a very long time about the child, and finally (after the oath to devote the future son to the service of the Lord) He gave them a boy. A child from birth was amazing: for example, at baptism (it lasted about 3 hours) he stood in a font on his own legs.
  • Youth. Nicholas (his Greek name means “the overcoming people”) loved to read, pray, and attend church, leading a very pious life. The boy’s uncle was a bishop. Seeing that the soul of the young man belongs to Heaven, he asked his parents to give him to serve the Lord. So Nicholas became a presbyter (priest). Soon, he replaced his uncle in his diocese (he traveled to Palestine), and the parents’ property after the death of his family was distributed to the needy.
  • First miracle. The poor man had daughters. Although they were beautiful, no one called them married, because his father had no dowry for them. The man decided to sell the honor of his daughters for money, thus deciding to improve the financial condition of his family. But God told Saint Nicholas about the upcoming sin. Therefore, the priest took a bag of money and slyly threw it through the window of the man. The girls were married.
  • Miracles on the road to Palestine. When his uncle returned from the holy land, Nikolai also decided to go on a godly path. He performed many miracles on the ship (he stopped the storm, brought the dead sailor back to life, and in the ports he cast out demons from people and healed the sick by prayer). The saint wanted to stay in Palestine for the rest of his life, but the Lord told him to return to his homeland, so after a while he settled in the Zion monastery.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

  • Serving the people. During the solitary prayer, the saint heard the voice of God, ordering him to serve the people. After that, he left his monastery and settled in the city of Mira (therefore now it is sometimes called Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra). He constantly went to church, and lived on the street. And when the priests chose a bishop, the Lord pointed to Nicholas. He became an excellent shepherd for the city, helping so many. And when the Christians were oppressed, the saint also went to prison — but he preached there too.
  • Elimination of heresy. Returning to freedom, he became jealously preserving faith. For example, in the year 325, at the first Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, he even struck Aria on the cheek, stating that Christ in the church hierarchy should stand below His Father, the Lord. And it was Saint Nicholas who asserted the trinity of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Last miracle. When Nikolai lived in Lykia, there was a famine. People had nowhere to take food, and the saint began to pray to the Heavenly Father for help. Very soon, a certain merchant arrived in the city with a ship full of wheat, claiming that Nikolay came to him in a dream, offering to buy all the cargo and giving a deposit in the form of 3 gold coins. And after awakening, they remained with the merchant in his hand!
  • Death. The saint lived to a great old age. He reposed on December 19, 342. His incorruptible relics exuded a divine scent and became famous for healing power.

Sailors innocently convicted consider their assistant and patron saint of St. Nicholas. And in Ukraine this saint is revered as in Russia, Santa Claus, and on the night of December 19, kids are always looking for sweets and toys under the pillows.

A naughty guys instead of a gift, he can put the rod.

Christian miracles associated with Nikolai

  • A certain thief, going to his craft, each time lit a candle in front of the image of this saint, asking for help in his «business.» And every time he was lucky. However, once he was almost caught and not killed — good, it turned out to be hidden in the corpse of a decaying horse. When the thief, barely alive from the stench, crawled out, the old man stood nearby. He asked: “Well, how do you smell inside?” “Disgusting,” the thief replied. “This is exactly how I light my candles,” answered Nikolay.
  • During the Russian Civil War, many poor people killed those that were richer. And so the peasant, seeing the figure of the girl, raised his gun … She began to pray to Nicholas, and he had mercy on her. The girl ran into the city and settled there. A few years later, a ragged man found her. It was that peasant, sick and unhappy. He asked her for forgiveness for nearly killing him then, saying that in her place he suddenly saw a saint, whom he could not shoot. When the girl forgave this man, he passed away.
  • «Wet Nikolai». It is said that one family sailed on a boat with a small child. The mother did not look through and dropped the baby into the water. Parents began to pray to Nicholas, and the next day they found the child under icons in Kiev, where they sailed — wet, but alive.

«Zoino standing»

This miracle happened in the Republic of SSR, in 1956, in the city of Kuybyshev.

It so happened: young people came to visit the local woman, and among them was Zoya, the bride of the mistress’s son. That’s just the son himself, Nikolai, was late. Among the guests was an accordion player, he began to play, and young people dance.

Not wanting to sit idle, Zoya tore off the image of Nicholas from the wall and began to dance with him, even though those present dissuaded her, saying that this was a sin.

“If there is a God, let him punish me!” Zoe replied.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

And … Suddenly, she froze in the middle of the room, pressing the icon to her chest. She could not move, as the girl’s body turned to stone. They called the doctors, but they could not even make the injection — the needles did not pierce the skin.

She did not breathe, did not speak, and only somewhere in her chest my heart was beating softly.

To see this miracle, people began to flock to the house. The authorities (supporting atheism) even had to put a police near the house.

They say that some policemen at night heard the girl scream, calling her mother and asking her to pray.

Priests were brought to Zoe, but only Father Seraphim could take the icon out of her hands. He also said that it was destined to be a stone to the girl before Easter.

So it happened: having stood exactly 128 days before the bright holiday, she exclaimed: “The earth is burning under our feet, the world is dying in sins, pray!” And began to revive.

As she later confessed, God forgave her, as St. Nicholas had asked for the girl. He (if you believe the testimony of a policeman on duty that night) visited her, asking if it was easy for a sinner to stand like that.

Nowadays, a memorial sign telling people about that miracle has been erected in the city, as well as the feature film “Standing Zoe”.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

How to pray to this saint? Prompt shown texts below. Particular attention is the prayer that sounds in the video you are offered.

Many believers claim that she has changed their lives. True, for this you need to read it, or at least listen (but not in transport, but at home, in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere) for exactly 40 days. Will she help you?

Check it out is easy!

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: the life of the saint and interesting facts

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