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St. John the Baptist Day September 11: a prayer to the holy

St. John the Baptist Day September 11: a prayer to the holy

September 11 is the day when many prayers will be heard, and the most sincere requests will be fulfilled. Find out what you can ask the saint on this day.

On the day of John the Baptist, prayers for family well-being and deliverance from disease will be especially helpful. For prayers to be heard, it is necessary to be in a certain state of mind.

Who is John the Baptist?

On September 11, the Orthodox celebrate the day of John the Baptist — the prophet who predicted the coming of Jesus Christ to Earth and baptized him in the Jordan River. John’s life was short and tragically ended: his head was cut off on the orders of the king Antipas, because the prophet denounced the king’s criminal relationship with his brother’s wife Herodias. The severed head continued to denounce the sin of the king, so she was thrown into the latrine. But the disciples of the prophet took the head and buried with honors.

John’s head was found several times and lost again. Now no one knows where she is. Both dates of finding the head of John the Baptist are revered by the Orthodox Church.

What do they pray to John the Baptist?

  • The holy martyr is prayed for the correction of those who committed sin;
  • about the insight and cure of blindness;
  • about the passage of a headache;
  • about the church unbelievers;
  • about serving sentences in prison;

Prayers to John the Baptist

On the day of the death of the prophet John, Orthodox Christians from the whole world address him with prayer.

The desired state of peace to appeal to the saint is best achieved in the evening. The church candle burning in the twilight, incense and silence will be good helpers for detachment from everyday fuss. Prayers for the giving of health, deliverance from disease and the forgiveness of sins are better and more sincere in women because they live in their feelings and heart.

Prayers for protection and help in hardships are well pronounced for men, who themselves are the protectors and the basis of the Orthodox family.

Prayer for the forgiveness of those who have sinned and protection

“Christ, the Baptist, the prophet the Forerunner, the first great martyr, who instructs and protects the fasting and hermit, cleanliness, and the closest friend of Christ! I pray to you, and I come to you: do not leave me without your help, do not push me away, who has fallen and committed a great sin; wash my soul with tears of repentance, as if by a second baptism; cleanse me with the sin of the defiled, and help me in, for even the worthless enter into the kingdom of heaven. Amen».

This prayer should be read in a state of complete peace of mind and peace. Do not be angry with yourself or the one for whom you pray: as they say, do not judge and you will not be judged. If you are asking not for yourself, but for someone from your close ones, then instead of the pronouns “me”, “my”, say the name of the person you pray for, for example: “my son, Daniel,” “my husband, Alexander”.

About getting rid of a headache

«The First Baptist who brought out of darkness to the light of God, the first to announce the path of salvation, denouncing the infidels and the keeper of purity, the pillar of unshakable, piety teaching and faith to the instructor, John, the Shepherd and the Creator, pray peace to the world and our souls to know great mercy.»

If you sincerely ask about the whole world and those who live in it, grace will touch the one who is asking, cleansing his soul and eliminating diseases. It is best to read this prayer in the light of an icon lamp or a candle, moving away from your own pain and wishing peace and deliverance to all people. You can also ask about getting rid of the headache of any person, mentioning his name in prayer separately and specifically.

Prayer for prisoners

“To John, the great saint of God! I stand before the throne of the Shepherd and our God Jesus Christ, having a great request to Him. We, as a mighty powerful representative and a gracious defender of ours, we resort to you, sinners and unworthy, Pray our God so that He may turn away His wrath from us, deserved our deeds, and having forgotten our innumerable sins, turned us on the path of repentance and established in faith the righteous us.

Protect your life with your prayers, and in all good help get it. By delivering you deliver us from all enemies visible and invisible, cover and protect. As a quiet and silent life, we live in piety and purity and, having passed through a temporary life, in eternal we will attain peace and be granted the Heavenly Kingdom of Christ our God.

All glory befits him with the Father and His Most Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever checks. Amen».

Faith has always given us hope in the most difficult times, and prayers, passing from generation to generation, carry the power to heal and find the right solutions. But besides prayers, there are other ways to protect yourself from trouble. For example, about the rite «Trouble trap« You can read the link. We wish you peace in your soul, and do not forget to press buttons and

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