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St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

My sister’s name is Ira. Like most modern girls, when she was small, she went to church with her mother, and when she grew up, she began to study and work, and she forgot about spiritual matters. And in vain!

In order to interest her in Orthodoxy, I began to study the biography of my sister’s “personal saint” and retell it to my sister. The life of Irina of Macedon is really worth a separate discussion.

And the holy icon, which has been in our house for many years, is not just considered to be a strong helper for many troubles.

St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

Life of St. Irene

She is from the earliest Christians.

In the 1st century, in the family of a rich man (ruler of the region in Macedonia), a girl was born, who was named Penelope. Since childhood, she was surrounded by servants, she lived in a palace, and when she grew up, a teacher was hired for her to learn various sciences.

But besides reading and writing, this teacher (his name was Apelian) instilled in her the love of God.

When she grew up, her parents decided to find her husband. But an amazing thing happened — several birds flew into Penelope’s room:

  • a crow carrying a snake (this image is decoded as the temptation of an unclean person),
  • a dove with an olive branch in its beak (a sign of the grace of the Lord),
  • an eagle in whose claws there was a wreath (which can be understood as greatness due to the service of the Creator).

St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

Penelope did not know how to understand these signs. Her teacher explained that the Lord wants her to dedicate herself to Him, but because of this, the girl will have to go through a lot of hardships.

She refused marriage and openly adopted Christianity. The apostle Timothy himself baptized her.

From him she got her new Christian name.

Miracles of faith

Becoming a Christian, Irina began to turn on the true path and her relatives.

Her mother was glad to put it in the heart of the Lord, but the girl’s father initially was skeptical about her choice, and then became angry. He forbade talking to him about Christianity, and when Irina finally refused to paganism, ordered to throw her in jail, and if she did not come to her senses, order the servants to throw the girl under the hoofs of horses.

The next morning Irina was taken out of the dungeon, but the horses refused to trample her. On the contrary — one animal rushed at her father, Licinius, and, having inflicted several blows with hoofs, bit off his arm.

The man was doomed to die from blood loss. But Irina rushed to her knees beside her father and began to pray to the Lord for his health.

To the surprise of all those present, the hand has grown!

What to say — after this incident, the father not only did not forbid Irina to preach, but he himself was baptized. Like all people who have seen this miracle.

Martyrdom path

Of course, Licinius could no longer occupy the post of ruler, and a new man, Zedekiah, was sent in his place.

He really didn’t like that in Macedonia a beautiful girl preached by a miracle was preaching. He ordered her to be brought to him and began to force her to abandon Christianity.

When Irina refused, he ordered her killed, and that her death was terrible.

  • At first she was thrown into a pit filled with snakes. But when after 10 days people came to take out the girl’s body, they saw that Irina was unharmed — the Lord protected her.
  • After that, Sedeky ordered to cut her body into parts. But all the saws that brought to the place of execution broke and did not harm the righteous woman. Only one slightly scratched her skin.

After that, all those present bowed to Christianity. People expelled the evil Zedekiah.

And, even in his place they sent another theomachist, who also tried to torture Irina, he also could not harm her.

The saint continued to preach, and in her life convinced about 10 thousand people to be baptized. She had many students.

Also, until her death did not leave the teacher — Apelian.

Irina visited many cities, and ended her earthly life in Ephesus. It was amazing: the Lord told her to enter the cave with the teacher and the students. People from the entrance closed the cave with a stone.

When it was rolled back 4 days later, it turned out that the cave was empty.

The most revered icon in our country

St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

Irina is depicted on it at the age at which she became a Christian — at the age of 19. In one hand she holds a cross, showing it to us, and the other presses it to her chest, proving the truth of her life choice and the fact that he is made wholeheartedly.

Memorial Day of this saint: May 18 (or May 5, old style).

Also the icon on which the Holy is depicted in all the beauty of the soul, in the greatness of faith, is of great honor:

St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

What pray Irina of Macedon?

  • About peace, love, well-being in the family.
  • About health (yours and relatives). Especially often it is addressed to people who suffer severe pain (for example, after the operation), because the Martyr also underwent many trials at one time, but did not break.
  • On the fortitude of the spirit, self-reliance or their work.
  • Often priests turn to her for help, asking Irina to grant them eloquence.
  • Irina is also the intercessor of people who move to a new place of residence (especially to a new city) or change jobs.
  • Well, if you bear this name yourself, you can pray to the Great Martyr Irina about everything that hurts in your soul.

How to apply, is there a special prayer?

Yes, here is its text:

St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

St. Irina the Great Martyr: what they pray for her, icons, prayers

And in this video you will be told about the Church of the Great Martyr Irina, built in Russia in 19812, as well as a pilgrimage to it. Not only missionaries and catechists (that is, people who are preparing to convert to Christianity) come here, but also many Orthodox women named Irina. This is what the temple looks like and these are the feelings it causes to visitors:

In general, in the world there are many churches built in honor of this saint.

There are five temples of Great Martyr in Russia, as well as other churches in which thrones were erected in her honor.

By the way, besides Irina of Macedon, the Christian church honors the memory of another martyr who bore the same name — Irina Aquileian, who took a terrible death for her chosen faith. Her church, as well as her sisters in Christ Agapia and Chionia, is honored by the church on April 29. This video tells about the life of the saints:

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