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Spyridon Trimifunti’s prayer for health and work

Spyridon Trimifunti’s prayer for health and work

When my aunt fell ill, a colleague advised her to pray to St. Spyridon Trimyfuntsky. Spiridon Trimifuntsky’s prayer for health was put on her husband’s feet when severe illness hit him.

Sometimes doctors cannot help a patient with all his desire, it is at such moments that a person turns to heavenly patrons. In the article I will tell you about the miracle worker Spiridon, his great deeds and how to pray for health and work.

Spyridon Trimifunti's prayer for health and work

Life of the saint

Spiridon Trimifuntsky was ordained a bishop for his holy and God-fearing life. Previously, he was a simple landowner, but he was awarded a high church title for his humble wisdom and loyalty to the Lord. But this did not affect his modest nature: Spiridon continued farming and combining earthly work with spiritual work.

The saint died with a prayer on his lips, his soul easily parted with the mortal body.

Saint Spiridon did many miracles in his life, but he never tired of thanking God for the gift he received. One day, a mother came to him with a dead baby in her arms. The saint prayed for the baby, and he literally came alive in front of everyone.

Seeing such a miracle, the mother lost her senses. Then the saint had to bring her back to life.

Every year, the relics of the saint are dressed up in new clothes, and the old ones are dismantled by the believers in pieces. Every year, the saint is worn and new slippers, but after a year they are trampled.

Christians believe that St. Spyridon walks tirelessly and helps people in all troubles and weaknesses.

Where can I venerate the relics of St. Spyridon? You can go on a pilgrimage to Greece on the island of Corfu.

In Russia, part of the relics and the saint’s slipper are located in the Danilov Monastery. Also honored svt.

Spiridon and in Novgorod.

Spyridon Trimifunti's prayer for health and work

What helps

In the difficult moments of testing a person intuitively turns his gaze to the sky, because it is there that rescues him. Even atheists know about this, so they have “just in case” icons of saints and wonderworkers in store. This has already become a fact these days.

A person may deny God to the last, but his icons are hidden in the closet.

Among Orthodox saints, many help in matters of gaining health, but Saint Spyridon is revered especially effective in this area. During his lifetime, he performed miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit, and after death he helps those in need to gain health and well-being.

From his very childhood, Saint Spyridon led a God-fearing way of life, devoting every moment to reflections on God and to prayers. For this, he was honored with some of the gifts of God:

  • cast out demons by force;
  • to heal the sick for nothing;
  • to raise the dead.

Information about the miraculous gift of the saint quickly spread through the cities, they came to him for help and advice. Even with his high bishop rank, Spiridon continued to live his usual life, cared for himself and did not refuse to accept the suffering.

It was a model of humility and holiness, which his contemporaries imitated.

Spiridon was approached not only for the healing of bodily ailments, but also for instruction in the faith. The saint taught that a healthy mind is necessary for full health, for many diseases stem from spiritual indisposition.

Prayer for health

Saint Spyridon was famous for his miracles, as was Saint Nicholas. During his life, he helped to get rid of unclean spirits, strengthened in faith, comforted the suffering and helped those in need. And today, believers turn to Spiridon:

  • before surgery;
  • for the healing of ailments;
  • to strengthen the faith;
  • in solving domestic issues.

Prayers to the holy wonderworker can be read both in the church and at home in front of the icon. However, remember the covenants of Christ and not keep anger or resentment towards others.

The Lord sees our hearts, therefore they must be cleansed from sinful thoughts. After that, you can read a prayer for health.

Spyridon Trimifunti's prayer for health and work

Spyridon Trimifunti's prayer for health and work

There are also some forty-minutes about the health of Spiridon Trimifuntsky. Sorocausts differ from prayers and domestic prayers in that for 40 days priests or monks will read prayers for the believer. During sorokousta particles of prosphora are removed and immersed in a cup with the blood of Christ (consecrated wine).

The priest reads a prayer for the pardon of the sins of believers, then the Holy Chalice is taken for communion to believers.

Note! Sorocausts and prayers can be ordered only for baptized believers.

Removing particles from prosphora has a symbolic meaning: they are miraculously transformed into the Body of Christ. Thus, the sins of a person taking part in the ritual are completely washed by the holy Blood of Christ.

Therefore, only baptized people who sincerely accepted Christ as their Savior and became members of the church can receive in the rite.

Spyridon Trimifunti's prayer for health and work

How are the scorchies ordered? You need to come to the church shop and ask what prayers are held in this church. If you spend forty Spyridon, you need to write a note and indicate — about health.

This needs to be clarified, because the sorousites read about repose. The note can indicate all those who require prayer.

You need to write down the names in the genitive case, so it is more convenient for the priests to read during prayer.

Prayer for work

Saint Spyridon is revered as a great miracle worker, they turn to him for help in a variety of needs:

  • household;
  • judicial;
  • financial;
  • property;
  • criminal.

Believers claim that the saint helps even in such minor matters as finding the missing thing. If you have forgotten a pass or wallet at home, you can ask the saint for help.

Circumstances will be in your favor, and the problem will be resolved in the most miraculous way.

A short prayer to Spiridon:

Spyridon Trimifunti's prayer for health and work

Spiridon Trimifunti’s prayer for work, for well-being is of great power. The saint during his life did not refuse those in need of help and good advice, and after his death he tirelessly meets the needs of believers.

Spiridon’s prayer for work:

Spyridon Trimifunti's prayer for health and work

After successfully resolving your questions, do not forget to read the prayers of thanks to Spiridon Trimifuntsky or order a prayer of thanksgiving in the church (monastery). If you establish a permanent connection with the wonderworker, he will be your constant helper and protector.

There is no such problem that St. Spyridon could not solve. However, remember that it is unacceptable to ask for the punishment of enemies and to wish people harm.

First of all, it is necessary to fulfill the commandment of Christ, “Love each other.”

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