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Spiridon Trimifuntsky’s prayers about money, well-being and wish fulfillment

How to pray to Spiridon Trimifunti for well-being and wish fulfillment

I want to share my story of help from St. Spyridon. In my life there was a situation when there was no money to pay for a loan.

The company’s salary was seriously delayed, and the husband was looking for a new job during this period.

What to do? I did not dare to ask my relatives, their financial capabilities at that time were not very high.

Take another loan? We at the family council decided it was a bad exit.

It remains only to ask for help from the Higher Forces.

I began to pray to Spiridon Trimifuntsky, because this saint always helps honest people in solving material problems. I prayed for only three days — I read canonical prayers and akathist, and help came!

Unexpectedly, my salary was paid at work, at the same time they added a bonus for the days of waiting, plus they promised a good premium for the year (which later happened). And a couple of days later my husband was offered a very decent job.

I thanked Saint Spyridon wholeheartedly! I am sure that it was his help that caused my problems to be solved.

The most interesting thing is that as soon as I began to read the prayers, my worries and fears simply went away. I felt that my request was heard, that I was protected by a Higher Power.

Despite the fact that I did not have any opportunities to improve my financial situation, I completely stopped worrying.

Spiridon Trimifuntsky's prayers about money, well-being and wish fulfillment

History of Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon was a wonderworker — even during his lifetime he could:

  • cast out demons from the possessed
  • heal hopelessly sick
  • suggest those in need wonderful solutions to their problems
  • to tame the elements of nature
  • raise the dead.

The great saint was born on the island of Cyprus. He was a very kind and wise man, led a righteous and peaceful life.

From his very youth, he manifested himself as a crystal honest, sincere and sensible Christian. But in his youth, great grief happened to him — his wife and newborn child died.

Spiridon distributed his possessions to those in need and went on a journey to somehow drown out his pain. He prayed all day long, and the Lord rewarded him with an amazing gift of miracles.

Spiridon Trimifuntsky's prayers about money, well-being and wish fulfillment

The saint stayed in righteous works all day long: he served the Lord in the temple, talked a lot with people, instructed them on the right path, comforted those who lost loved ones, healed the seriously ill. At the end of his life, he received the rank of bishop and nationwide love.

At the same time, Spiridon always remembered ordinary people, he understood their aspirations and experiences. That is why he responded with great responsiveness to their requests to improve the harvest, increase welfare, solve financial problems, improve the health and fertility of livestock.

In the event of a poor harvest, he often saved entire families from starvation.

It is known about Saint Spyridon that he did not disregard any request of the poor man. Therefore, even today, those who experience material difficulties turn to the saint for help and receive what they asked for.

The saint also performs prayers with a request for the fulfillment of a wish, unless, of course, it is a desire that will harm no one.

How to pray for money and prosperity

We all strive for material well-being. And this does not at all contradict the principle of spiritual life: if we have solved all financial problems, then we can focus on the spiritual.

Sometimes God experiences our endurance, and then we experience difficulties.

But still, a calm, prosperous life contributes to a deeper prayer: in this case, we live in a sense of deep gratitude to God, rejoicing in every minute. Therefore, asking God and his saints (for example, St. Spyridon) for financial well-being is possible and even necessary!

Spiridon Trimifuntsky's prayers about money, well-being and wish fulfillment

But at the same time it is important to lead the life of a true Christian, to help other people who need your help. If you ask the saint about salary increases, and you yourself do not want to help a little the old woman with a small pension, then your request will hardly be heard.

It is therefore very important in difficult periods not to go headlong into selfish experiences. You can at least feed the birds or do another good deed that does not require financial investments from you.

A prayer to St. Spyridon is an effective means of solving problems, but if you actually show the Higher Powers that your heart is open for good deeds, help will come much faster.

How to ask St. Spyridon Trimifuntsky about the fulfillment of desire

What questions are usually addressed to Saint Spyridon? You can ask the saint for help in the fulfillment of any desire.

The most important thing is for the prayer to be sincere, for you to truly believe in the help from Saint Spyridon.

It is best to go to the temple and there to offer a prayer at the large image of the saint, to put a candle to him. But you can also pray at home when you have free time and mood.

It is very important that you have the purest thoughts. At the same time, one should not expect that some very serious and significant desire (for example, purchasing a car or an apartment) was resolved very quickly.

Spiridon Trimifuntsky's prayers about money, well-being and wish fulfillment

It is best to remain realistic, but to keep faith in the power of holy help. Do not stop praying, asking the saint for help, and sooner or later a miracle will happen.

Requests that people usually turn to St. Spyridon:

  • money problems, lack of funds,
  • the need to resolve legal issues
  • problems with employment, finding a good job,
  • the desire to improve the material sphere, expand housing conditions, solve the housing problem,
  • serious illness.

Main conclusions

  • Saint Spyridon helps everyone who makes a sincere request to him, if this request is not directed to harm anyone.
  • You can pray to the saint both with the help of canonical prayer and with your own words.
  • Saint Spyridon helps with material difficulties, debts, problems with money.
  • The saint can also be accessed in case of obvious injustice or legal difficulties.

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