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Slimming prayers strongest

The strongest prayers for weight loss — what to choose

Most of my friends suffer from the same problem regarding extra pounds. Women tend to be overweight, especially after the birth of children.

Many of her friends have not been able to return to their original body weight, despite the fitness classes and the restriction in food.

Slimming prayers strongest

How to be and what to do if you treat food as a cult, can prayers to the Saints or conspiracies against gluttony help? Are there special words of prayer?

Let’s try together to understand this issue.

Gluttony as a sin of Orthodoxy

We know that among the sins that exist in the Orthodox faith, there is a sin of gluttony, it is not considered the most terrible, but the Lord condemns people who cannot pacify their womb. Many understand the dangers of over-eating, try to rectify the situation with the help of restrictions and prayers.

Great help for believers are posts.

It is more difficult for those who love to eat and pays a lot of attention to this aspect of human life. Among obese people, there are those who do not understand satiety and continue to eat food immensely, until the appearance of unpleasant sensations.

Such gluttons should reflect on their behavior, take the path of truth and take advantage of the numerous prayers that are designed to help cope with sin.

Numerous posts calling for culinary restrictions exist for good reason. During these periods, associated with the use of simple and low-calorie foods, the human body rests, cleans, removes toxins, harmful substances and helps the internal organs to return to normal rhythm of work. The most important moment during fasting is the introduction of man to spiritual food.

With the removal of harmful substances from the body, the blood begins to better feed the brain, so it is precisely the fasting that becomes the periods of a person’s insight.

Demanding attitude to yourself, discipline and prayer will help to cope with sinful behavior and get rid of extra pounds.

How to pray to cope with gluttony and gluttony

We found out that both of them are a sin, but the meaning of these concepts differs:

  • If a person is immoderate in food, he is considered a glutton.
  • If a person does not have an internal restriction, and he cannot be saturated for a long time, continues to consume large amounts of food, it can be safely called a glutton.

And here we are talking not only about the harm to health, but also the loss of spirituality, which very quickly leads a person to immorality and lack of morality.

Slimming prayers strongest

Here is one of the many prayers that goes to God:

“Lord, I pray to you, I, the Slave (s) of God, help me to get rid of gluttony. Let me calm down with my soul, and then I can accept all your gifts, so that when I eat them my powers, both mind and body, will be strengthened, so that I can serve You for the long or short years that You have set aside for me.


Daily prayer, read in order not to add extra pounds

Many people try to keep their weight normal, but not all have enough organization and character to hold weight. It is recommended to say a prayer every day, without being lazy and not postponing. Then it will become an effective acting means, and the weight will not increase.

It disciplines a person, reminds him of a sinful life, makes, with pronouncing important prayer words, understand their meaning.

  • To read a prayer you need to clearly pronounce each word so that it penetrates the brain. Such daily auto-training gradually helps to instill an important fundamental thought — the main thing is spiritual food, not bodily.
  • The text of the prayer against the weight can be invented independently, there is no framework here, the main thing is that the text be uttered sincerely and with the soul.

The text of the prayer, which is intended for each day:

“Lord Almighty, you are the Creator of everything around, you are the creator of all of us. We mortals owe you our life, take care of my body, so that it can be pacified, fed with moderation and filled with strength. I believe in Your strength and trust You.

Take me away from Jora and give me food with humility and restraint so that she will not be embarrassed by my mind. Help remove this attachment and the way all the angels and saints will help me.


Slimming prayers strongest

Remember that the thoughts in your head should be collected and focused on prayer. It is impossible at the same time to fall into envy towards slender people. Take them as a standard and ideal for your aspirations.

Treat friendly and slim friends friendly, sincerely give compliments and believe that your body will be able to achieve such parameters. Prayer is best read in the morning, as if making a reserve for the whole day.

New Moon Prayer Restraining Overeating

When the moon enters a full phase, a person and all life on Earth experiences an aggravation of feelings, begins to desire something that he had not previously paid attention to, sensations and requests appear more clearly. New Moon is a special lunar period, which affects the appetite.

People who like to eat without measure should read a special prayer on the night of the full moon, relating not only to the process of eating food, but also directly to the products themselves.

Slimming prayers strongest

If in your refrigerator or in kitchen cabinets are stored those products that you cannot do without, which negatively affect your life and health, and which you are able to eat without restriction, you should say a prayer over them. Recall that, above all, can relate to such food?

This — ice cream, pastries, desserts, smoked meat and fatty meat.

In order to discourage themselves from harmful food, it is necessary to perform ritual acts. Previously, before the process of reading prayer words, you should lay out the food on the table, set the icon, let it be your patron saint, and put a church candle.

It is advisable to do it in private in a separate room so that no one can interfere with your sacrament.

  • Comfortably sit at the table on which products are laid out — «enemies» and light a candle bought in the church.
  • Read «Our Father» at least three times, you can use the prayer book.
  • Next, look carefully at the products and imagine them spoiled.

Begin to say the following words:

“Lord Almighty, I pray for help and appeal to You with hope. Help me realize that everything that lies on the table is harm to me, that there is no benefit to me from this. I ask you to breathe the power of the Spirit into my mind, which will help me not to take these products, give me spiritual insight.

Make so that all the food that lies in front of me will be a stone when it enters my body, may my gluttony become your punishment. Give me, God’s Servant (s), an understanding of satiety, fill a healthy meal with goodies, and one that is harmful to me is aversion. Turn me away from bodily food and take me to the spiritual.

Let the moon grow, and the spiritual forces in me grow stronger. Amen».

After reading the prayer, extinguish the candle and remove the food from the table, do not eat anything before the prayer, and after it drink 200 ml of water. Then you can take breakfast at the usual time. Provided the ritual is properly performed, after a short period of time you will feel a decrease in appetite.

You have a lot to do besides constantly getting into the fridge.

Prayer for quick weight loss during the week

Orthodox prayers are designed to give people the right mental attitude and strength that will allow them to fight against their own vices. It is necessary with full faith to treat their actions, then you will be able to lose weight even for seven short days. To do this, use the period of the waning moon.

Before the sacrament, pour a glass of water, you will need it for washing after the ceremony. It is best to say a prayer in the evening.

“Lord, help, I cry and forgive! Somewhere far on the far sea-ocean, on the island of Buyan there is a house, and in that house there is a bed with soft and down feather beds. On them there is a big pig lying and my fat is guarding. That pig has nine heads and nine mouths.

Let her eat my fat with nine mouths and leaves me nothing. Only on you, O Lord, I hope and trust.


Ritual requirements

  • It is not necessary to dwell on what you have planned to do, all efficiency will come to naught if outsiders learn about performing the rites.
  • It is forbidden to use negative thoughts and desires in ceremonies and say them out loud. For example: wishes for other people related to death, diseases can turn out for you and your loved ones the most negative consequences.
  • It is best to perform a prayer in a room without unauthorized faces and sounds, so that nothing interferes with concentration.


  • After prayer, people whose imagination is very well developed can exercise control while eating.
  • Prayer is an important and effective helper in the fight against obesity and gluttony.
  • You can write the text of the prayer yourself, the main thing is that it reflects the main desire. Words must be sincere, not demanding, but begging.
  • The main thing is that the regularity of reading the prayer is not lost, if you say it several times a day, the words will gradually gain strength.

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