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Short prayers from a love spell

Short prayers from a love spell

Faced with unlucky love or fading feelings, many turn to a love spell. However, the love spell can be unsafe and even harmful to the mind of the person they are trying to bind with it.

Why love spell is dangerous

The danger of the love spell is that in most cases it affects the will power of a bewitched person, regardless of his desire. That is, in fact, even in case of luck, the bewitching rite creates not dependence, but love. Charmed acts not by free will, but by the selfish movement of an alien soul.

The consequences of a strong love spell can also be dire. Under the influence of a love spell, a person often loses his health, becomes weak-willed, forgets his own plans for the future, can change a lot, to the extent that the man who has bewitched himself begins to wonder what caused him and made him think that this is fate, and you have to be together at any price.

In inexperienced hands the spell becomes unpredictable. In case of failure, the bewitching rite may turn against the one who decided to go for it. For example, to create a connection and even more strongly bind to the object of the spell of someone who already feels feelings.

Strong prayers against love spell

To protect against a love spell is quite real. Of course, the best defense is strong and sincere feelings in a person who reciprocates, as well as faith in the power of his consciousness. Strong-willed and firmly standing on the legs bewitch difficult.

So if you are afraid that you will become a victim of a love spell, or you suspect that your partner can bewitch, don’t scroll through fears and fears in your head: disbelief will not help.

Prayers are a good protection against love spells. The most famous prayer from any magical intervention in general is the prayer to Saint Cyprian, who is known to have once been a magician himself, but faith has changed him, and now the prayer words addressed to him help with any damage and obsession — namely, damage and obsession can turn into a black spell. On our website you can read more about the prayer to St. Cyprian; it is quite large, but is considered very effective in such a matter.

You can use simpler and shorter formulations:

Lord, help and protect, save me from the evil eye, from the enemies visible and invisible, from the temptation and passions induced by evil intent. Amen.

If you read a prayer from a love spell of a husband or a loved one, say his name while reading. And if you suspect that someone is trying to destroy your union, ask for both at once.

Remember that you need to read prayers with a strong faith in the heart. You can ask for intercession in your own words, ask for help from a guardian angel, for example, like this:

My guardian angel, forgive you for help, save my heart (or the heart of your spouse or wife, if you are asking not for yourself) to be true to the real feeling, protect from witchcraft and enchantment, from evil words and bad thoughts, from all sorts of temptations.

Short prayer to the Virgin:

Holy Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, Most Holy Mother of God, pray our Lord for us.

Next, ask about what disturbs you — about the safety of marriage, about the loyalty of the spouse, that others’ machinations and love spells do not interfere with your happiness.

You certainly need to believe that Heaven will help you. If the love spell has already taken root, and your marriage has cracked, you can also pray to the patrons of the family hearth, Peter and Fevronia of Murom.

We wish you well-being and happy love. Believe in the miracle of prayer, because true faith can save you from any negative influence. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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