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Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

This is a real historical figure. True, the name Sergius currently serves as a source of heated debates between believers and atheists, lovers of the national spirit and skeptics and historians.

Not everyone believes that he really blessed Dmitry Donskoy in the Kulikovo battle — let’s say that this military leader was Sergius of Radonezh extremely unpleasant, and the holy fathers even condemned him to anathema … In our article we will tell about the life of this Russian saint as it is tell in the church. We will try to present the facts briefly, but not to miss anything important.

Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

Life of our saint

Every nation needs its own heroes. But in addition, it is also of incalculably important for any nation, and their own saints — pious ancestors, who can be sincerely respected and on whom they can be leveled.

And especially — the wonderworkers, even after their earthly demise, help pious people who pray to their icons. When the church in Russia returned to its rights and they finally spoke openly about faith, without criticism, it turned out that many hundreds of years of honoring Christ brought many righteous and martyrs here, and their names are worthy of what future generations remember them. One of these righteous people is St. Sergius.

This saint is so popular that at this time a cartoon about his life is being prepared for hire, so that even the children know his name, feats and wonders.

Sergius’s family and his childhood

The future saint was born on May 3 in the family of Rostov boyars Cyril and Mary (later they were also canonized saints). Although his father served the local princes, historians are sure: he lived a modestly poor life.

Little Bartholomew (this is the name Sergius received at birth, it was picked up according to the calendar calendar) was caring for horses, that is, from childhood he was not a white-haired woman.

At seven, the boy was sent to school. His elder brother Stefan understood science well, and Bartholomew didn’t give it at all.

He tried very hard, but learning remained alien and incomprehensible to him.

First miracle

Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

One day, while looking for lost foals, little Bartholomew came across a godlike elder. The boy was distressed, and an old man asked if he could help him.

To which Bartholomew said that he would like the Lord to help him in his studies.

The old man prayed, after which he blessed the boy and treated him to prosphora.

A good boy took the old man to his house, where his parents put him at the table (they were hospitable to strangers). After the meal, the guest took the child to the chapel and asked to read a psalm from the book.

Bartholomew refused, explaining that he could not … But then he picked up the book, and everyone gasped: his speech flowed so smoothly.

Foundation of the holy cloister

When the boy’s brother Stephen became a widow, he decided to become a monk. Soon the boys’ parents also died.

Bartholomew decided to go to his brother in Khotkovo-Pokrovsky monastery. But for a long time he did not stay there.

In 1335, he and his brother built a small wooden church. Here, on Makovets hill, on the bank of the Kochura River, in the once deaf Radonezhsky Bor, there still exists a sanctuary — however, today it is already a cathedral church of the Holy Trinity.

Life in the forest was too austere. Stefan eventually realized that such a service was not his destiny, so he left the monastery, moving to Moscow, where he soon became the abbot of the Epiphany Monastery.

23-year-old Bartholomew did not change his mind to become a monk, and, not afraid of the complete deprivation of serving the Lord, he turned to Abbot Mitrofan and took the veil. His church name became Sergius.

The young monk was left alone in his little church. He prayed a lot and constantly fasted.

Demons and even the devilish Satan sometimes appeared in his cell, but Sergius did not retreat from the intended path.

Once, the most formidable forest beast, a bear, came out to his cell. But the monk was not scared, he began to feed the beast with his hands, and soon the bear became tame.

Despite the desire to give up everything worldly, messages about Sergius of Radonezh scattered around the country. People reached for the forest.

Some simply curious, while others asked to escape together. So little church began to grow into the community.

Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

  • Together, the future monks erected 12 cells, surrounded the territory with a high fence.
  • The brethren dug up the garden, began to grow vegetables for food.
  • Sergius was the first in the service and in work. And, although he wore the same clothes in winter and summer, he did not get sick at all.
  • The monastery grew, and it is time to choose the abbot. The brethren wanted to be Sergius. This decision was approved in Moscow.
  • The cells were already built in two rows. The abbot of the monastery was strict: novices were forbidden to chat and ask for alms. Everyone had to work or pray, and private property was forbidden. He himself was very modest, not chasing either the goods of the world or the power.
  • When the monastery grew into a monastery, I had to choose a kelar, a holy father who was in charge of the economy and the treasury. They also chose a spiritual father (his brotherhood confessed) and an ecclesiarch (followed the order in the church).

Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

  • During his lifetime, Sergius was famous for his miracles. For example, one person came to him so that the elder prayed for the health of his son. But while Sergius could see the boy, he died. The father went to the coffin, and the saint began to pray over the body. And the lad rose!
  • But it was not the only miracle of healing. Sergius treated blindness, insomnia. It is also known that he cast out demons from one grandee.
  • In addition to the Trinity-Sergiev, the monk founded more than five temples.

Sergiy and Dmitry Donskoy

Meanwhile, the Horde era, devastating the Russian lands, was nearing its end. In the Horde, the separation of power began — several candidates for the role of Khan were killing each other, and the Russian princes, meanwhile, began to unite, gathering strength.

And so On August 18, Prince Dmitry of Moscow, soon to be named Donskoy, arrived in Lavra with Prince Vladimir of Serpukhov. There Sergius invited the princes to eat, after which he blessed them to battle.

Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

It is known that two monks-monks left the holy monastery with the prince: Oslyabya and Peresvet (the latter at the very beginning of the battle with the Tatars became friends with the Tatar bogatyr Chelubey, defeated him, but also fell dead). Were these people really monks, because history (or, rather, legends) bring to us completely non-monastic names?

Some historians do not even believe in the existence of such heroes — however, the church believes both in their existence and in the fact that they were sent by the abbot himself.

The battle was terrible, because in addition to the hordes of Khan Mamai, the Lithuanians came out on Dmitry, as well as the Ryazan prince Oleg and his people. But September 8, 1380 the battle was won.

Interestingly, while praying on this day together with the brethren in his Lavra, according to God’s inspiration, Sergius called the names of the fallen comrades of Dmitry, and in the end said that he won the fight.

Death of saint

Sergius died on September 25, 1392.

He left no scriptures behind. However, the example of his hardworking, righteous life still inspires many: some for a modest, quiet, pleasing life of God, others for monasticism.

However, Sergius had a student — Epiphanius. He felt hurt that there was almost no memory of the old man, and 50 years after his death, Epiphanius began to write the life of this bright man.

In which Russian churches can Sergius of Radonezh pray?

About 700 temples are dedicated to this saint, and not only in our country, but throughout the world. Still: Sergius of Radonezh canonized as a saint took place back in 1452.

And he is honored by both Orthodox and Catholics.

  • Icons of Sergius can be found in any temple. But the best thing, of course, is to go on a pilgrimage to the Lavra itself. Here is his cell. Also from under the ground beats the source, which came to life thanks to the prayer of this hegumen (he felt sorry for the brothers who went far behind to get water, and asked the Lord to make the water closer to the church). Believers assert that the water in it is healing: it cleanses from both diseases and sins.

Sergius of Radonezh: a brief biography, life, prayers

Where are the relics of the saint kept? At the moment, where they are supposed to be — in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Although before that they have come a long way. The grave of Sergius was first opened 40 years after his death. Eyewitnesses wrote that the body of the saint remained uncorrupted.

Later, the relics were transported to protect from fire, as well as saving from enemy soldiers during the war with Napoleon. Soviet scientists also touched the coffin, placing Sergius’s relics in the museum.

And during the Second World War, Sergius’s body was evacuated, but then returned to the Lavra.

What do they pray to him?

  • About helping children in their studies. And besides, students pray for the saint, who fear poor grades at the session.
  • It is also easy to guess that they are asking for the health of children.
  • Even Sergius prayed people who have a lot of debt. It is believed that during the life of this person helped the poor debtors.
  • Finally, he is a good assistant in reconciliation.
  • And since Sergius of Radonezh rendered considerable support in the formation of the Moscow state, it is to him that officials of the highest ranks often pray.

But what words are used to refer to this holy wonderworker? All prayers to Sergius of Radonezh are collected in this video:

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