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Saint Tatiana the Great Martyr: her life, anguish and help

Icon of Saint Tatiana the Great Martyr: who she was and how she can help

Surely you have heard of the Great Martyr Tatiana. Who is this woman and thanks to what she entered the history of Christianity?

This article tells about this article dedicated to St. Tatiana the Great Martyr.

Saint Tatiana the Great Martyr: her life, anguish and help

Life of Martyr Tatiana

Tatiana was born in the wealthy Roman family of the consul. The Holy Father secretly adhered to Christianity and instilled in his daughter a love for the Most High, the Church.

When Tatiana became an adult, she decided not to tie the knot in marriage, but to devote her life to serving the Lord.

She was given a place by the deaconesses in one of the Roman churches. There she was engaged in ministries, as well as adhered to Christian posts, looked after patients and rendered her assistance to the poor.

Although Tatiana did a lot of good to the world, unfortunately, fate prepared for her the role of martyr for her faith.

Tatiana’s torment

As soon as the ruler of Rome was appointed 16-year-old Alexander of the North, in fact the power went to the worst enemy of the Christian faith — Ulpianus. The latter was famous for the mass persecutions of followers of Jesus, so the blood literally began to flow like a river.

They also captured Saint Tatiana.

She was taken to the temple of Apollo (in ancient Greek myths, it is the god of the arrow, the diviner, and patron of the arts) and was forced to leave the victim to the statue of the deity. Tatiana began to pray to her God, and then suddenly the earth opened, the statue was shattered into small pieces, and the temple was half collapsed.

As a result, the priests and many pagans died.

Also in the annals states that allegedly during this action a demon jumped out of the idol, who made a deafening cry and ran away. Witnesses claimed that they had seen a dark shadow sweep through the air.

After that, Tatiana was beaten, gouged out of her eyes, but she endured all the tortures with unprecedented courage. At the same time, she constantly prayed for her katas so that God would reveal their spiritual vision.

And her prayers were heard — 4 angelic beings appeared before the executioners, standing behind the back of the saint and diverting blows from her.

The executioners immediately believed in Jesus, fell to the ground, bowed at the feet of St. Tatiana, and asked for absolution for causing harm to her. Because they accepted Christianity, they also began to be tortured and later executed.

The next day, Tatiana’s torment continued. They pulled off her clothes, began to beat her, cut her body with the help of blades.

But the wounds to everyone’s surprise were not bleeding out, but milk, and a very pleasant smell sounded in the air.

The torturers lost the power to mock the saint, they said that some kind of invisible person was hitting him with iron clubs. Some of them died after these words.

Tatiana was thrown into a dungeon, in which she spent the whole night in fervent prayers and praise of God. In the morning the executioners came again for her.

They were shocked that such serious and prolonged torture did not affect the appearance of the woman: on the contrary, she seemed to be healthy, she gave off a glow.

Tatiana was offered to perform the sacrifice to Diana (the ancient Roman deity of hunting and nature). The virgin pretended that she agreed and was brought to the temple.

There she crossed herself and began to read prayers.

Suddenly, a horrific thunderclap sounded, and a flash of lightning destroyed the statue along with the victim and the priests. The martyr again suffered cruel punishments, and at night she was in prison, but again angelic beings came to her, who cured her injuries.

For the next 24 hours, Tatiana is brought to the circus and a lion, not fed for several days, is lowered onto it. But the beast did not even touch the saint, but timidly licked her feet.

Saint Tatiana the Great Martyr: her life, anguish and help

Then they tried to return him to the cage, and here he attacked one of the katas, tearing him to pieces. Then the great martyr was subject to fire, but he also did not cause her physical harm.

Considering that Tatiana is a sorceress, she had her hair cut (it was thought that it was in them that there was magic power) and they closed it in the Zeus temple. However, it is impossible to select the power of God. Therefore, when the priests and the crowd after 3 days came to the temple with the intention to bury the martyr, they found her alive and reciting prayers to Christ.

But the idol was cast down in dust.

At this arsenal of torture of pagans was exhausted. Tatyana was sentenced to death and killed with a sword.

Together with her, her father was executed for her attitude toward the Christian religion.

What help does St. Tatiana provide

From the 18th century on the territory of modern Russia, St. Tatiana is the main patroness of students. And also all those who wish to receive knowledge.

In some educational institutions, a moleben is even held with the use of an akathist saint.

All students are aware of the great martyr Tatyana, because they regularly ask her for help when they go to the university, take exams or perform other important tasks. The saint adds faith in oneself, attracts good luck, which is incredibly important for students.

During her life, this woman was able to help in solving various problems, therefore, after her death, she is asked for support in many situations:

  • Tatiana can be contacted if you have health pathologies;
  • when it is necessary to make difficult choices;
  • if a person has lost faith in his strength, it seems to him that life circumstances are stronger than he.

Saint Tatiana the Great Martyr: her life, anguish and help

Date of memory of St. Tatiana

Initially, this event was celebrated only in the church of St. Tatiana. And he receives the status of a common holiday in the 19th century.

Thus, on January 25, a traditional prayer service was scheduled. After him, the rector of Moscow University (Tatiana is considered the patroness of this educational institution) speaks.

Then organized a festive dinner.

Saint Tatiana patronized the students, so the latter organized evening festivities on Trubnaya Square. Many of them abused alcohol, but on that day they were forgiven.

The revolution of 1917 abolished Tatyana’s celebration, he was given the title of «violent.» Subsequently, the custom returned, and practice it to the present.

Summary of the article:

  • The Holy Great Martyr Tatiana was a deaconess, she believed in Jesus Christ and helped people.
  • She suffered for her faith, was subjected to cruel torture.
  • Tatyana’s memory is celebrated on January 25th — this is the students’ day.

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