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Red thread: prayer for amulet

Red thread: prayer for amulet

Red thread charm has become very common. His popularity is connected with the appearance of this talisman among the stars of show business. After the red stitches were seen on the wrists of many celebrities, this way of protecting themselves and attracting good fortune has gained widespread popularity.

History of red thread

The use of woolen red thread as a talisman began people who practiced Judaism. It is believed that only a close person can tie such thread, and there must be seven knots on it. All that a person needs is slandered on these nodes.

It can be a prayer for charms, and for good luck, and for money, and for love, and for health.

An important condition is that the red thread must be purchased for money. If you get a talisman as a gift, he will have no effect. It is necessary that a monetary exchange take place.

The red thread is used not only in Judaism. Even our great-grandmothers used it to treat bones and joints. And in China and Japan, it is believed that every person has an invisible red thread on his finger, which attracts people who are destined to be together.

In India, a red ritual is used in wedding ceremonies.

Prayer-guard on the red thread

«Lord Almighty, blessed be your kingdom both on earth and in heaven. I bow before your majesty and call upon your mercy, for you are merciful to all who bowed to you. You heal the sick and help the needy, your love is true and no one except you possesses universal forgiveness.

Please protect your servant. (the name to whom the red thread is tied), protect from troubles and protect from the visible and the invisible from enemies. For you are the Lord Almighty both on earth and in heaven«.

Ritual features

In order to make a talisman, you need to buy a red thread, preferably wool and rather thick, so that it does not tear. And the best way to order a real red thread from Israel, for example on this site.

Ask your close relative to help you charge the talisman. Most often, such a matter is entrusted to your mother, but you can choose another person close to you. The main thing is for you to be sure of his sincere and unselfish love for you.

The thread must be tied on the left wrist at seven knots, so the prayer-charm is also customarily read seven times, for each tied knot.

Before the ritual is recommended to read any common prayer, which is close to you in spirit. If during the ritual thread is torn, you need to start all over again.

Sometimes the thread tied to the wrist can break completely unexpectedly. This suggests that at this moment she took away trouble or severe damage from you. You should not be afraid of it. We need to thank her for the work done and burn the remnants of the candle flame.

In the future, you can tie a new thread, if you see fit.

This charm protects well from the evil eye, especially if you often have to communicate with a large number of people. The red thread on the wrist prevents the negative impact of loved ones who may secretly envy your life. Therefore, do not be upset if suddenly one of your friends stops to communicate with you for no apparent reason.

Everything that is done is for your benefit. Remember this and do not forget to press the buttons and

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