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Quick prayers for help and good luck

Quick prayers for help and good luck

In life there are difficult situations. When you need the support of higher powers and self-confidence, quick prayers will come to the rescue, attract good luck and allow you to regain success in business.

To arrange Fortune to themselves and to be fully armed, people often resort to conspiracies for good luck and prayers for help. But it so happens that difficulties come unexpectedly, and the person, being at a loss, does not know how to help himself. In this case, you can take advantage of quick prayers that will help in resolving a difficult situation, set up to achieve inner harmony and tranquility.

The energy message in a difficult moment sounds like a cry for help, and therefore will always be heard.

Prayer for good luck

In a situation where you need a quick and responsible decision, pray for good luck. Prayer words stabilize the energy sector, contribute to the successful completion of the work, and also allow to achieve more than was originally in the plans.

“Lord God, help Your servant (name) to succeed in righteous deeds, bless you with the right decision and save you from the evil eye. Cover your hands and let me do good in your honor. Amen».

Prayer words for success in work and study

Stressful moments associated with high mental stress are not uncommon. In order to concentrate and not to panic about the volumes of forthcoming works, there is a prayer for help, thanks to which you will withstand all the tests with honor.

“Lord Jesus, your servant (name) begs you for goodness. Give me a strong memory and enlightenment. Help to reveal my talents and abilities, support in a difficult moment making a responsible decision.


Prayer for financial well-being

Life is full of unpredictable changes. In a difficult situation, when it seems that the financial flow has dried up, things are not going well in business, they are delaying or cutting salaries, you can resort to the help of higher powers and pray. During prayer, do not think about money as a way of enrichment.

Money serves the satisfaction of human needs and is a vital necessity in order to eat, dress, pay for an apartment, study.

“Oh great wonderworker Nikolai. I pray you about your finances and material well-being. Give me confidence in the future, send a paid job so that I can live, and not drag out my existence.

So that I would bring benefit to people and not pursue goals of self-serving, but help me to keep my thoughts pure. Amen».

Prayer for success in love

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky in a love relationship. Sometimes the reason is the usual bad luck. A person does not meet a soul mate, which he could love, like himself.

In this case, you should say a prayer that will attract good luck in love affairs.

“Almighty God, I, Thy servant (name), I pray and ask for help in my grief. Give me enlightenment and help in the thoughts of the pure. Help to find a soul mate and love her.

Together we will honor You, Heavenly Father, pray for forgiveness and do Your will on earth and in heaven. Amen».

Remember that the prayer will be heard, and the knocker will be opened. Prayers always helped believers to achieve their plans, cleansed their thoughts and energy. Be happy, let all your wishes come true, and do not forget to press buttons and

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