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Pyatochislennye prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

We read the prayer in prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

I am a deeply religious person, I try to offer prayers daily. Recently, I learned about the effective five-word prayers of the Virgin Mary.

Today I will tell their features and rules of reading.

The power of prayer for believers

The ascension of prayers can be called a sacrament. After all, with the help of prayer texts, a person communicates with the Almighty.

Of course, not all prayers are addressed specifically to the Lord. There are also those with the help of which believers turn for help to the patron saints, guardian angels, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

All of them are very powerful and effective, but only if a person truly believes in their power.

Pyatochislennye prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

It is noteworthy that there are many varieties of prayers, about which most did not even hear. And this is not about people who are far from religion and the true God.

Even those who regularly attend church and offer prayers to heaven may not be aware of the existence of five-fold prayers, which we will discuss in more detail.

Secret prayers

As it was written above, every prayer is a conversation with heaven. Turning to the higher forces, a person is free to ask for mercy and fulfillment of secret desires.

If he leads a righteous life, and his request is sincere and kind, then the Most High will surely hear it. And so it is not difficult to assume that pyatichasnye prayers exist in order to give a person the opportunity to enter into dialogue with the Lord.

However, this statement is only half true. In fact, such prayers are very special.

According to legends, they were recorded by St. Dmitry of Rostov. He did not invent them, but wrote them down from the words of another person. One day an old man came to him, who reported that he had a vision in a dream.

After telling the saint about this, he asked him to write down this vision.

Later it became clear that these prayer addresses are dedicated to the Virgin Mary. More precisely, all the sorrows that the Virgin Mary had to endure.

Therefore, it is customary to use these prayers only in certain circles and situations.

The Life of Dmitry Rostovsky

Since it was this saint that was the person who recorded the five-fold prayers, it would not be superfluous to familiarize himself with his biography. The future saint was born in the village, which was located near Kiev.

His parents were very poor people. But at the same time they never grumbled on their fate and taught this to their youth.

Being deeply religious people, they tried to instill love for the Lord and their son. It is noteworthy that for this they did not need to make special efforts.

When the child is old enough, he told his parents about his intention to enroll in one of the theological academies. For himself, Dmitry decided that he wanted to devote his whole life to serving the Lord and instructing on the true path of all sinners, apostates.

To achieve this goal, the young man entered the Kiev-Mohyla Academy.

All the teachers he remembered as a diligent student who made great strides in the development of science. And despite the fact that the learning process itself can hardly be called simple. After all, Dmitry was engaged in in-depth study of foreign languages.

At the age of 18, a young man graduated. And after that, by the decision of the leadership of the Academy, he was sent to the Kirillov Monastery.

It was there that he was to begin his path of service to the Lord.

The activities of the clergyman

When Peter I came to power, he decided to send a priest to another parish. Namely, in Rostov, therefore, in the future, the saint began to be called just as Dmitry Rostovsky. Although the saint fully shared the ideas in which the monarch believed, he still continued to insist that the church and government should be separated.

And so the clergyman did everything possible so that in the end state affairs had nothing to do with church affairs.

Pyatochislennye prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

After the death of the saint, he was buried in the temple. While cleaning up the cell of the deceased monk, other ministers of the church found a book in which the five-fold prayers to the Most Holy Theotokos were recorded.

But most of all the priests were not surprised by this. Many years after the death of Dmitry Rostovsky it became necessary to repair the cathedral church.

Since many of its premises with time came into disrepair. Moreover, there was a real threat that it could simply collapse.

That is why the ministers of the church immediately began to repair. Because of this, and had to think about moving the grave of the deceased Dmitry.

When workers found his coffin, they were simply amazed. After all, the body was completely untouched by ashes.

And despite the fact that the tomb has already managed to completely rot.

When this became known, the relics of the saint were transferred to another place, and he himself was canonized. Parishioners, having learned that Dmitry Rostovsky’s relics are kept in the church, began to come here to touch them.

Each parishioner was guided by a specific goal:

  • those who suffered from anxiety came to church;
  • they asked for help from Dmitry Rostovsky and those whose relatives were sick;
  • with a prayer for help they turned to the saint and people on whom heaven had sent a punishment for their transgressions.

As it turned out later, the relics had wonderful power. After all, they could heal all those who needed it. And so the priests gained confidence that after the death of the saint continues to protect and instruct his flock.

Today, pilgrims often come to the monastery where the relics of the saint are kept.

They believe that the patron will help them in the hour of need, if they sincerely ask him to do so. In addition, very often pilgrims, touching the relics, ask for the mercy of heaven and the health of themselves and their loved ones.

Reading five prayers

Now it’s time to return to the question of when it is necessary to read these prayers. After getting acquainted with the history of the appearance of these prayers, many could have guessed that they were intended specifically for church ministers. The same conclusion was reached by those who first found the texts of prayers after the death of Dmitry Rostovsky.

The superiors considered that these prayers can be used only by those who are in the service of the Lord. And this is quite logical reasoning.

Since their author did not want them to be widely distributed. Otherwise, Dmitry Rostovsky himself would share his prayers with his flock.

But this did not happen, therefore the highest church leadership decided not to distribute these texts.

It is noteworthy that pyatikonislennye prayers are often used by nuns. In their appeals to the Mother of God, they pray for intercession and ask her to enlighten and help find a way to reason the unbelievers and turn their hearts to faith.

However, in some cases, these prayers are still used by people who have absolutely nothing to do with the church service.

Often the prayer texts are used:

  • people who have committed a serious sin;
  • believers who speak foul language;
  • people who suffer a lot and cannot find peace of mind.

However, it is necessary to immediately make one important reservation. The fact is that it is impossible to use prayers, the texts of which will be presented in the article, of their own accord. For many, this can be a real discovery.

After all, most of the prayers of believers can use their own decision. In other words, they do not need any permission.

But pyatiochasnye prayers — this is an exception to the rule.

When allowed to offer prayers

Believers who are not servants of the church can really use them. However, this can be done only on the condition that the act was blessed by a spiritual mentor.

It is he who must make a decision about whether a person should turn to the Theotokos through these prayers.

To receive such a blessing is very simple. You just need to confess and tell your spiritual person about your fears, feelings and desires.

If a priest who was ordained in the sacrament of confession, considers that a person needs the help of God and turning to him with the help of five-fold prayers, then this will be allowed.

Often, the priests still refuse to believers who ask for their permission to read these prayers. And in this case, they face a dilemma. Someone may even think about breaking the ban.

Only these thoughts are sinful. It must be remembered that the spiritual mentor knows better what exactly the one who came to him for help needs.

Therefore it is better to heed his advice.

Texts of prayers in prayers

In total there are five texts for prayers, which are addressed to the Virgin Mary. They are brief.

There are other versions of these texts, which are written in the Old Slavonic language, but they are used exclusively by ministers of the church. For ordinary believers, short variants are considered suitable.

Pyatochislennye prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary


  1. It is allowed to read such prayers only to ministers of the church. But some exceptions are possible.
  2. To use these prayers, you must first receive a blessing from a spiritual guide.
  3. There are 5 prayer prayers that are dedicated to the sorrows endured by the Virgin Mary.

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