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Psalms for different occasions: what and when to read

Psalms for different occasions: what and when to read

Anyone who will say a psalm must believe that the Lord will hear it. Each will be comforted in his grief by uttering psalms.

He who helps them who sing will be under God’s cover.

Psalms for different occasions: what and when to read

Psalms for every need

For each case, you can take the recommended and read it as many times as indicated.

If you wish to establish yourself in your fearlessness and hope in the Lord — Psalm 90.
If you want to move to the house of God — 83.
Ask for the bounty of the King of Heaven — 66.
It is difficult to live and the spirit is weak — 101.
When there are many evil and proud — 11.
If someone else’s unspiritual thoughts are known, then one should resort to 13 and not join the blasphemers.

To comfort the offended, 19.
If evil lawlessness occurs on the way, read 35.
Psalm 38 will help to become stronger before a fight with the enemy.
Do not succumb to the evil one, do not get into the distributed network, you can use 7 and 5.
In the case of a long-term attack by intruders, under various circumstances, it is necessary to cling to the spirit, calling on God — psalm 12; 25; 34; 42

Patience of deprivation and oppression from someone, in what use of patience will tell psalm 39.
To ask for pardon in sincere repentance about the deed — psalm 50.
If you want to thank the Lord, learn how to do it correctly — Psalm 28; Psalm 104; 106; 134; 145-150.
Thanks be to God who heard your sad feelings — 4; 74; Psalm 114; 45.
With a happy rescue from cruel persecutors and evil enemies — Psalm 9, 17.
Knowing that the Most High does not leave you and makes the path easy, psalm 22.
Having avoided the clever action of captivity, evading the chains of the enemies — 33.

Psalms Usually Used in Worship

Matins: 19, 20.
Six psalms: 3, 37, 62, 87, 102, 142.
Before canon: 50.
Psalms of praise: 148-150.

The first: 5, 89, 100.
Third: 16, 24, 50.
Sixth: 53, 54, 90.
Ninth: 83-85.

Supper: 103, «Blessed is the husband»: 1. On «Lord, I have cried»: 140-141, 129, 116.
At the end of vespers only during Great Lent: 33.
Publishing: 4, 6, 12, 69, 90, 142.
Before communion: 22, 33, 115.
Liturgy: 102, 145.
Burial: 118.

When to read in the days of the week?

Resurrection — Psalm 23.
Monday — 47.
Wednesday — 93rd.
Friday is Psalm 92.
Saturday — 91.

Psalms read on different occasions

In defense against all evil spirits and demons, it is desirable to resort to the following.

Psalm 6: That God may take away the spell from man.
Psalm 8: About all the demons that have undergone their atrocities.
Ps. 9: In the deliverance from fear in dreams.
Ps. 13: reading three times during the three days when the demon is terrible.
Ps. 24: About those that cause the tempter’s envious feelings to resist.

Psalm 33: Standing on the verge of death, languishing from the devilish snares.

Psalm 45: On the future family, which obstructs detractors.
Psalm 57: To interfere with evil and dishonest. To help good people.

Psalm 65: In order to avoid the evil one entering the house, along with sorrow and vile temptations.
Ps. 70: About the forgotten, abandoned by all, by the envy of the devil, desperate for God to become merciful to them.
Ps. 90: On the disappearance of the devil, whose appearance plunges a person into fear.

Psalms for different occasions: what and when to read

Psalm 94: In order to avoid evil witchcraft and enchantment in relation to the wife and husband, so that there are no disputes and quarrels in the family.
Psalm 96: In order to drive away sorcery.

Psalms for different occasions: what and when to read

Psalm 121: On the removal of the evil eye, to protect against natural disasters.
Psalm 17: With a thunderstorm with lightning, strong wind and a devastating earthquake. Psalm 21: When a fire is raging and so that it will rather stop.
Ps. 28: About those, on whom the sea element causes fear.
Ps. 30: In case of constantly bad weather, so that the harvest in the gardens and fields will not perish. Psalm 31: O trampled travelers, to find the right path or path.
Ps. 47 (read 40 days): To victims of large-scale robberies who have their homes destroyed.
Ps. 50: In case of epidemics and cattle mora, mass death from incurable diseases of people.

Psalms for different occasions: what and when to read

Psalm 68: With the floods that carry the villages and houses.

Psalm 85: With cholera.
Psalm 92: Read, sprinkling the ship. To avoid a storm or hitting it get out unscathed.
Psalm 111: That the one called up for war should remain safe and sound.

Psalm 5: To the healing of a beaten man, if his eyes were injured.

Psalm 7: For deliverance from fear, fear from threats, preservation of peace of mind.
Ps. 10: To soften spouses, cruelly swearing.
Ps. 11: About malevolent, malicious people.
Ps. 14: About those who rob, to change their minds and repent.
Ps. 16 (3 times every 3 days): In order to avoid serious libel.

Ps. 22: To humble disobedient children, not respecting their parents.

Ps. 26: About the Lord’s protection of the population from the enemy’s troops, when it would seem that there was no way out for anyone.

Ps. 29: When someone is in a dangerous position, alone and not close at hand. So that the enemies do not outrage and pacify.
Ps. 32: On the release of those who are in prison unjustly and should not be there, so that this truth will be revealed to the judges.

Ps. 33: On defense against an attack on the enemy’s country when the border is already crossed.

Ps. 34: On the liberation by the supreme ordinary decent people from the tricks of the cunning and greedy.
Psalm 36: So that a person survived who was wounded by a criminal was hurt.
Psalm 42: That a prisoner should be freed.

Psalms for different occasions: what and when to read

Ps. 84: He was not afraid to recover from suffering from violent acts.

Ps. 87: Protects the powerless, who do not respond to the cruel actions of their neighbors and are not able to protect themselves from them.
Ps. 93: To admonish those who want to rebel, inflict unrest and pogroms.

Even more precisely, what psalms to read in what cases, the Psalter will tell. On the health of any person, relative or stranger, the Psalter of the Virgin Mary is considered the best writing.

Before her face is put a candle and read, preferably in the temple.

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