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Psalms 26, 50, 90: Russian text, how to read

Psalms 26, 50 and 90 for protection against enemies: read great prayers in Russian

I am often asked by parishioners what prayers to read for their protection. I recommend referring to Psalms 26, 50 and 90.

Today I will tell you how to read them correctly and how important they are.

Protective prayers

Human life is unpredictable. Since no one can know what exactly is destined for Fate.

Moreover, trying to learn about the future is also impossible. Because such an act is sinful. But due to the fact that a person cannot learn about the events that will occur in his life, he begins to experience fear.

This fear often gives rise to doubts.

But most of all Orthodox Christians are afraid of death. And only the righteous believe that there is no need to fear death. Indeed, after the death of a person, his soul is sent to the kingdom of heaven.

That is, it returns to where it should be. And so the priests, too, insist that the fear of death is completely unfounded.

Psalms 26, 50, 90: Russian text, how to read

That’s just sometimes to cope with it is very difficult. Of course, it can be said that a Christian must be strong in spirit.

But where to draw this power, many can not understand. And this is the root of the problem. To understand this, it is necessary to recall the existence of so-called protective prayers.

Unfortunately, many have forgotten about them. But it is through these texts that one can defend oneself from all evil.

To protect themselves, many people acquire weapons, various amulets, install guards in the house. All this, from the point of view of the priests, is not effective.

It must be remembered that everything in this world is happening solely by the will of the Almighty. Consequently, such primitive methods of protection cannot protect the Christian at all.

In particular, if we are talking about the use of all kinds of amulets.

In recent years, such attributes have become very popular. And this negative trend greatly worries the clergy. After all, they are well aware that this is fraught with negative consequences.

If you recall the story, earlier many worshiped idols. These false gods have long been considered true.

It is for this reason that those times were dark. Because idol worship involved sacrifices.

For Orthodox Christianity, this is completely unacceptable.

Consequently, if a Christian begins to use amulets, he literally recognizes himself a heretic. As is known, for those who do not believe in the true Lord, there is a separate cauldron in hell. For this reason, the clergy and anxiety.

They strongly recommend using ordinary prayer instead of amulets. In this case, the most appropriate is a protective prayer or psalms 26 and 90.

Psalm number 26 is taken to be read not only to protect against various dangers. It is also included in the liturgical use:

  • Psalm is read before the feast of the Epiphany;
  • they sing a prayer service during the tonsure, after which Christians can dress in a robe and take rosaries in their hands.

In addition, it is impossible not to note the fact that the psalm is actively used in Judaism, as well as in Catholic worship services. This is proved by the fact that the psalm is indeed widely known. However, despite this, yet some people are not fully aware that divine texts are not just some kind of spell, after reading which a person receives what they want.

Prayer is a sacrament that must be treated with special respect.

Appearance history

It is noteworthy that the author of this psalm is King David. It was written in those years when life in the state was very restless.

Moreover, over the monarch even hung the threat of death. When David became aware of the impending plot, he realized that he was completely defenseless.

Since at that time almost all the allies turned away from him. Those who still supported him did not have the power to protect the ruler. The only one the monarch could hope for in such a situation was the Lord.

Only his mercy could save David from destruction. And the king understood that.

That is why he began to pray passionately and ask the Almighty for protection. In the end, the heavens responded to this plea.

Following the example of the monarch, many began to use the psalm written by them to protect themselves from evil. It is believed that this prayer can be read at the moment when:

  • a man is threatened — if a Christian feels that there is a danger to his life or health, he can read a prayer in order to beg for protection from heaven;
  • the soul begins to experience temptation — it is not a secret to anyone that the devil sends temptations to people. Of course, it is quite difficult to resist. But, armed with prayer, it will be much easier to do this;
  • the enemies begin to act — the greatest danger often comes from the enemies who set their sights on a righteous Christian and want to do everything to destroy him. Psalm 26 will help defend against them.

Please note that this prayer priests recommend reading with a large number of repetitions. The best option is considered 40 repetitions of the text.

The author of this psalm is also David. But if the previous prayer, which was mentioned in the article above, was written by David the righteous, then this story has a completely different story.

The fact is that the king wrote this psalm after he fully realized the brunt of his sin.

Psalms 26, 50, 90: Russian text, how to read

In the story there is a mention of the fact that the king committed adultery. The woman who liked him so much that he took her to his harem turned out to be married. But this circumstance did not stop the monarch.

He committed a sin, as a result of which the girl became pregnant. When it became clear that she was the wife of a famous commander, the king decided to hide his guilt. It is believed that it was precisely by his order that the unhappy beauty husband was killed.

And although it was possible to hide the sin from the human race, the heavens were angry. They showed their anger to the unfortunate king.

The children of David began to kill each other in the struggle for the throne, and peace in the country suddenly turned into war. To beg the Lord for forgiveness for the sin committed, David repented.

During penance, he used psalm 50, written by him personally.

The priests strongly recommend reading this prayer every day. Because some people may not even notice how they sin.

Moreover, one should not forget that it is extremely important for a righteous Christian to pray not only for himself, but also for other people. Turning to history, it becomes clear that the Lord has always been tolerant of sinners. This is confirmed by the story of King David.

Because for his sins, he could well pay with his life. However, due to the fact that this sinner was able to find spiritual strength for sincere repentance, he was pardoned.

This prayer was written by David in difficult times. Immediately it should be noted that the kingdom by which he ruled lived very little in the world. However, it is still impossible to deny the fact that David still had peace days.

On such days he preferred to praise the Lord. However, one day, and such a rare calm day turned into a nightmare for him.

The reason for this was a serious illness that the ruler suddenly picked up. Doctors who arrived at the palace at the first call told the monarch and his family that he had caught a pestilence.

This disease was extremely dangerous because it could kill a person’s life. Moreover, during the fever the patient experienced terrible agony.

Worldly healers tried to help David with all their might. They were looking for a way to rid him of the disease.

However, their efforts were not crowned with success. Every day the ruler grew weaker and weaker. Soon he was so weak that he could not even get out of bed.

Then in the palace they began to whisper that the king would die soon. But this did not happen. One day, David got out of bed, and the amazed doctors saw that he was completely cured.

As it turned out, every day the king regularly read a prayer.

Psalms 26, 50, 90: Russian text, how to read

He realized that his only hope was the Lord. That is why he began to selflessly pray to beg for help from heaven.

And the heavens were not deaf to his prayer.

How to read psalms correctly?

This question is asked by many believers. But the answer is quite simple.

The church insists that psalms be read in the same way as other prayers. First, a person should be alone, unless it is a matter of reading a prayer in the temple.

Secondly, his thoughts must be pure. Thirdly, it is important to tune in correctly and try to completely get rid of negative emotions.

While reading a prayer, a person should be completely calm. Every word of prayer must be felt.

It is imperative that the Christian understands the exact meaning of the prayer. If something remains incomprehensible, then it is imperative to ask for clarification from the spiritual mentor.


  1. The author of Psalms 26, 50, and 90 is King David.
  2. All of them were written in different periods of the life of the ruler.
  3. Psalm 26 is used as a powerful defense against all evil.
  4. Churchmen insist that each of these psalms must be read daily.

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