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Psalm 90 — Prayer — Living in Help: Text in Russian and Old Slavonic

Psalm 90 — “Living in Help”: the text of the prayer and why it is read

Anyone who has heard at least once about “Psalm 90” (the text of the prayer is shown below), probably wondered: why are they reading it? Psalm number 90 is a prayer endowed with tremendous power: it is able to protect against all manifestations of evil and negative, from unkind people, from evil spirits.

Psalm 90 - Prayer - Living in Help: Text in Russian and Old Slavonic

The ninetieth psalm is the strongest amulet. This prayer manifests its protective properties not only during its direct utterance. The psalm 90 charm function is well preserved, being handwritten on a piece of paper, a piece of leather or cloth.

If you carry this “letter” close to your body, it will protect you from any misfortunes and misfortunes, accidents, detractors and enemies, magic and other types of energy impact from the outside.

The mention of “Psalm 90” is even found in the Gospel (Matthew, 4: 6; Luke, 4:11). When the Savior held a 40-day fast in the wilderness, Satan tempted him.

In order not to succumb to demonic wiles, Christ read the 11th and 12th verses of this prayer.

In Western Christianity, the ninetieth psalm is recited or sung during evening worship, in the middle ages it was an obligatory part of the readings on Good Friday.

And the Eastern Church applies a prayer at the funeral service and a memorial service, also “Psalm 90” is an indispensable part of the worship service of the 6th hour.

Text of the Psalm 90 Prayer

In Church Slavonic

“Psalm 90” is recommended to read in Church Slavonic, although there are also translations of a prayer into modern Russian. The reason lies in the fact that during translation it is impossible to convey with absolute precision the deep meaning and content of the prayer text, its key idea.

In the Church Slavonic language “Psalm 90” reads as follows:

Psalm 90 - Prayer - Living in Help: Text in Russian and Old Slavonic

Translation into modern Russian language

In the synodal translation into modern Russian, the text of the prayer “Psalm 90” is as follows:

Psalm 90 - Prayer - Living in Help: Text in Russian and Old Slavonic

Accents in the modern version are read according to the usual rules of the Russian language.

Play Psalm 90 with repeat 40 times

The history of the origin of prayer

“Psalm 90” originates from the biblical book “Old Testament: Psalms” — there it goes at number 90 (hence the name). However, in the Masoretic numbering it is given the number 91.

In the Christian religion, this prayer is also known by the first words: in Latin — “Qui habitat”, in Old Slavonic (Church Slavonic) — “Living in Help”.

Regarding the origin of “Psalm 90”, the researchers are of the opinion that the authorship of it belongs to the prophet David. He wrote it in honor of getting rid of the three-day plague.

This prayer is also called “David’s Praise Song” — under this name it goes to the Greek Psalms.

Content and main ideas of the prayer “Live in helping …”

The 90th Psalm is one of the strongest prayers. The text of the psalm is permeated with the thought that the Lord is the protector and safe haven of all those who believe in him.

He convinces us that a person who wholeheartedly believes in God sincerely may not fear any danger. “Psalm 90” conveys the idea that faith in the Most High has irresistible power. In prayer, one can also find elements of prophecy — it points to the coming of the Savior, who is the most important defender of any believer.

David’s Praise Song is distinguished by an expressive poetic language. It has its own clear structure. Conventionally, it can be divided into three parts:

  1. The first part is verses one and two.
  2. The second part — verses from the third to the thirteenth.
  3. The third part — verses from the fourteenth to the sixteenth.

The interpretation of the prayer “Psalm 90” and why it is read

Unfortunately, not everyone understands “Psalm 90” without a full interpretation. If you analyze each verse prayer, it turns out the following:

  1. Under God’s protection will be the one who lives under the help of the Lord. As St. Athanasius believed, God’s help implies the divine commandments that the Lord himself gave people. Observance of these commandments can protect from demons and all misfortunes. Accordingly, only those who live according to these commandments will be under divine protection.
  2. A person who has unshakable faith in God can call the Lord his “refuge” and “protector.”
  3. The Lord will deliver a man from the “net of traps”. “Catcher’s Network” is an allegorical image meaning an attack on a body — physical and demonic (that is, lust, sinful passion). God will also deliver from “rebellious words,” which means slander, which causes rebellion and unrest in the soul of a slandered person.
  4. God loves the truth, therefore, in complete safety, under his reliable “wing”, only the person who is sincere with the Lord will be.
  5. The one who lives in the help of God is not afraid of nighttime fear emanating from demons or bad people (robbers, thieves, etc.), not afraid of arrows — physical, hitting the body, and mental, emanating from demons and passion.
  6. He who lives in the help of the Lord may not be afraid of “things that are in the darkness of the transient” (demonic passion, fornication), “a demon of the noon” (laziness, carelessness).
  7. He who lives in the help of God will not be injured by a thousand or ten thousand arrows. By arrows is meant the temptation to commit sins, diabolical intrigues opposing a righteous godly life.
  8. God’s help will help to see with reproach the wickedness of the wicked.
  9. Strong protection from the Lord will come for the reason that the believer trusts in God with all his heart and mind, sees him as his intercessor.
  10. A man who hopes in God will not be approached by any evil, all physical, possessing a material shell, will be protected from misfortunes and diseases.
  11. God protects a man trusting in him through Angels.
  12. Angels will carry the believer on their hands, and the person will not stumble on a stone. The hands of Angels are a symbol of the guarding force that will be protected by a person during temptations and difficult life situations. The stone symbolizes sin, everything that acts as an obstacle to virtue.
  13. A person who trusts in God is not afraid of snakes and large predators. Asp and basilisk are venomous snakes. Asp — a symbol of slander, basilisk — a symbol of envy (both its own, and from other people). The lion and the dragon symbolize rigidity and inhumanity. The righteous person is able to overcome all these negative manifestations.
  14. Man trusts in God, therefore the Lord protects him and delivers him from all danger. Only the one who leads a righteous life, who observes the commandments given to them, truly knows God’s Name.
  15. God will hear a man trusting in him if he calls on Him. The Lord will be with him in grief, will deliver and glorify him in earthly and eternal life.
  16. To a person who trusts in God, God in rewarding gives eternal life, and can also prolong his earthly life.

Psalm 90 - Prayer - Living in Help: Text in Russian and Old Slavonic

The Lord hears everyone who utters the Psalm 90 prayer, and never refuses his help. God is merciful, therefore he often helps a person who has sinned a lot in his life, if he, when he reads a prayer, turns to the Lord with a deep and sincere faith in his heart, with hope in Him.

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