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Psalm 37: the text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

Psalm 37 of King David: the rules of reading, the text of the prayer in Russian

I have been studying psalms and their interpretation for a long time. Psalm 37 is among the most widely read texts.

Today I will talk about him, his story of appearance and the rules of reading.

Unknown Psalms

The Psalms carry an important meaning, therefore, in the Orthodox religion it is not considered to be less effective than prayers. Moreover, they are used very often not only by Orthodox Christians, but also by clergymen.

Most of these texts were included in worship. This means that in the service in the church such texts can be heard quite often.

Especially if a person visits the temple not only on holidays, but also on weekdays.

Psalm 37: the text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

Some psalms are well known to Christians, some of them until a certain point may not guess. In this case, everything depends entirely on how much people are interested in religion and develop spiritually. Because not all psalms are used in worship.

Consequently, among them there are such texts, about which the believer learns at the moment when he begins to study independently his own enlightenment.

According to the ministers of the church, this aspect is very important. After all, it is impossible to convey absolutely all the information to the Christian.

He must also put some effort into getting closer to the Lord. And in this case it is a question not only of godly deeds.

It is very important that a person should try to study religion as best as possible and everything connected with it. Of course, it is recommended to pay special attention to the study of psalms.

Psalm 37 is one of the most famous in Orthodoxy.

The history of the writing of the psalm and the mystery of authorship

Before talking in more detail about the history of writing this text, it should be mentioned why it is so famous. As mentioned above, most of the psalms are known to Christians for one simple reason — they are used during liturgies and services in the church.

The same applies to this text. It is customary to read it during the Six Psalms.

This psalm is the second in a row. Consequently, those people who often attend church should be very familiar with the text.

Using the words of this divine text, a person gets the opportunity to turn to the Almighty and express repentance to him. Moreover, the song praises the Creator and conveys the delight of man by the power of heaven.

If we talk about the historical context, it is believed that the song is the cry of the soul of King David. As you know, he was punished by God for having committed a terrible sin.

That is why his family fell terrible curse, which could completely destroy the entire royal family and deprive the ruler of life itself.

However, thanks to the mercy of the Most High and the prudence of David himself, this was avoided. The king was pardoned and since then has led an exceptionally pious way of life, trying to attract as many people as possible to religion.

The Acts of King David

It was thanks to David that the church gained more influence. Since the king was able to ensure that high life does not exert such strong pressure on the confessors.

This decision was perceived as another step towards the atonement of sins, not only the ruler of Israel, but also every person.

Psalm 37: the text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

Subsequently, the son of David, Solomon, continued his work and did everything possible to strengthen the church authority. This circumstance has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the people of Israel.

Although at a certain period of time, the decision of David was criticized by not only the nobility, but also the common people. Since people sincerely feared that the church, having gained almost unlimited power, would take advantage of this.

But this did not happen, and the Israelis calmed down, realizing that the decision taken by David was right.

Text meaning

Now back to the history of writing this psalm. Unfortunately, no exact information about this was found by scientists and researchers. Therefore, all that remains is to build guesses and theories based on the text of the prayer song itself.

In the original translation there is a prescription for this song. And it is called “In remembrance”.

However, the Church Slavonic translation is more accurate and sounds like “In remembrance of the Sabbath.”

People far from religion, this clarification absolutely will not say anything. But for a deeply religious Christian, it is filled with meaning.

Indeed, in Orthodoxy, the Sabbath is considered to be a very special day. On this day of the week, people usually repented of perfect sins, asked the Lord for forgiveness and hoped for the forgiveness of heaven.

Consequently, we can conclude that the author of the psalm, the Sabbath, personified the time of peace of mind set aside for communication with the Creator.

Having studied the text in detail, it becomes clear that it is replete with emotional expressions. This indicates that during the writing of the psalm, David experienced a strong emotional shock.

Perhaps modern psychologists would even call his condition depressive. That is what led scholars studying religion to the idea that the psalm was written in a difficult time for the king.

After reviewing enough information, the scholars concluded that the psalm could have been written:

  • during the flight of David from Israel — in those years when Saul ruled the country, the future king had a hard time. After all, the ruler disliked him from that day, when he learned that he was the anointed one of God. When Saul tried to take David’s life, he was forced to flee. Together with his people, he hid for a long time in a huge cave located in the desert;
  • after perfect sin, it was not for nothing that many priests were concerned that the ruler had a harem. Because, according to the laws of the Lord, a man could have only one wife. And since the king was too fond of the beauty of women, it was feared that one day he would commit the sin of adultery. That is exactly what happened. The child, conceived in sin, died in the womb of his mother, never seeing the light of God;
  • during the flight from Absalom — when the uprising began in Israel, led by the son of David, he had to leave the country. While roaming in search of a shelter, the king quickly weakened and picked up the ailment. This time for him was the hardest, because the king realized that he was betrayed by his own son.

Of course, there were many other episodes in the king’s life that were complex and forced him to act contrary to his own desires. In the case of Absalom this is most obvious.

During the flight from the soldiers, the unfortunate young man got tangled in the branches of trees and died from suffocation. Thus, he received a punishment from heaven for daring to go against the legitimate ruler, and even attacked his life.

But an aggravating circumstance in this case is that the ruler whom he intended to overthrow and kill was his father.

Psalm 37: the text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

It is difficult to say at what time Psalm 37 was precisely written, since there are no clues in the text itself. It is for this reason that scientists can only speculate. Although, perhaps, some of them are really true.

The church is of the opinion that the psalm was written during the years of wandering because of the betrayal of her own son. As other events have already been sung in the songs that David subsequently recorded.

Consequently, it is likely that he wrote the new psalm during his illness and exile from the kingdom.

Psalm reading rules

Reading this or that prayer, a person unwittingly begins to think about how to do it correctly. After all, there are certain rules that are painted by the church absolutely for all worshipers.

The same goes for the psalms.

Established certain requirements for the process of reading psalms, which should obey:

  • It is better to read the text in the Old Slavonic language, since this will help to better understand its meaning. But in this case exceptions are possible. If a person is given a given language hard, he can read the text in Russian;
  • during prayer, you can light a candle to tune in a certain way and offer your prayer in accordance with all canons;
  • since the psalm is a song, its text must be chanted. You can learn this by visiting the church and listening to the choir;
  • a person should not have any anger or irritation while reading a psalm on the heart;
  • When talking with the Almighty through a psalm, it should be remembered that He sees the soul of man. And therefore, you cannot try to deliberately hide something from the Lord and hope that it will remain unnoticed.

These rules are very easy to follow as they are not complicated. It is for this reason that the church insists that they are not violated.

Moreover, this will help a person to come closer to the Lord and demonstrate his zeal and desire to learn religion.


  1. The authorship of Psalm 37 belongs to King David, who in ancient times ruled Israel.
  2. It is not known for certain in which period of time the song was written. But researchers have already put forward several theories about this.
  3. Psalm 37 is the song of repentance that David sang to turn to the Lord.
  4. When reading a psalm or a prayer, a person must adhere to certain rules established by the church.

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