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Psalm 36: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Psalm 35 of King David: the text of the prayer in Russian

I try to read psalms and prayers every day to be closer to the Lord. Today I would like to tell you more about Psalm 36, its meaning and the rules of reading.

Differences of Psalms from Prayers

Some people still tend to confuse psalms with prayers. This often causes a certain misunderstanding.

Because between these two sacred texts there is a significant difference.

Psalm 36: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

It must be understood that prayer represents a text that has been revealed to man through the grace of heaven. Most of them are really gifts above.

For example, angelic prayer, which is well known to many. She was heard by a boy whom the angels raised to the skies.

After that, he told the confessor about the text he had heard, and he wrote it down and recommended people to offer a prayer to heaven, asking for mercy.

Prayer is usually read in moments when the soul is restless or if a person needs help in business. At the same time a person should not attend bad thoughts.

Negative emotions here are also extremely inappropriate.

Of course, the same recommendations can be given to those who plan to read a psalm. But it is important to make one clarification. Because psalms should always be read in high spirits.

After all, they, in fact, represent a song with which a person turns to heaven. This concerns far from all texts.

However, if we are talking about songs written to praise the Almighty, then you should try to sing them as solemnly as possible.

A less solemn tone is permitted during the singing of psalms, which are instruction or meditation. Psalm 36 is one of those.

Since all of his text is literally permeated by the desire of the author to share his thoughts with others. In addition, it is impossible to deny the fact that the text unmistakably guesses the king’s desire to help future generations and share his own wisdom.

The history of the writing of the psalm

As you know, all the psalms were written by ordinary people. Of course, their social status could be different.

If we talk about such a well-known and revered author, as David, he was not a mere man at all, but a king. Moreover, in the scriptures there is a clarification that he was chosen to rule by the Lord himself.

It should be noted that there were a lot of controversies regarding the establishment of authorship of this psalm. Because the researchers insisted that the author could be another person. However, having studied in detail the three variants of signatures, it became clear that the song was released from the pen of King David.

Please note that there are similar signatures before each Psalms. They are written immediately in three languages:

If clerics doubt who owns the authorship, they carefully investigate absolutely all signature options. And, translating it into Russian, the author is unmistakably established.

That is exactly what happened in this case. Therefore, it is not necessary to take at face value the statements of some “experts” regarding the fact that authorship may belong to another person.

Text writing time

The greatest problem faced by the clergy, studying psalms, is the correct definition of the time interval of their writing. Since in the text of the tooltips are quite rare.

Psalm 36: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

For this reason, it is practically impossible to reliably determine the exact date of writing. But in the case of Psalm 36, there were nevertheless such necessary clues in the texts — in one of the lines the author reflects on his old age. This allowed the researchers to make a simple conclusion: Psalm 36 was written by David in great old age.

In other words, it was written almost at the end of the reign of the king.

According to some clerics, this song was written by him for his own son. The king had several children. However, according to the assumptions, it is in this case that he refers to Solomon.

A very simple meaning is hidden in the lines of the song: David is trying to convince his boy Solomon that only the Lord can give him peace and peace of mind, so he needs to devote his life to serving the higher forces.

Also in the psalm there are several lines in which David narrates the life of the wicked. Some researchers have suggested that we are talking about the king himself.

After all, everyone is well aware of the fact that he had committed a terrible sin to his youth, for which his children were punished. The punishment sent by heaven helped him to realize how grave the sin was.

The second version of the interpretation

However, the second version is more believable. According to this theory, the author implies his wicked son of his son Absalom.

The young man was handsome and kind.

However, pride and disobedience played a cruel joke with him. Having decided to take the throne from his own father, he angered the heavens.

It is for this reason that he suffered an early death. The news of the death of his son so shocked the king that he became disheartened and even asked heaven to take his life, but to return his son.

Of course, this request was not heard. And some thought that this would be the reason why David would begin to doubt the Most High. But this did not happen.

The ruler of Israel realized how terrible a sin a son had committed. And so he accepted the punishment that heaven sent him.

Although the king was able to find spiritual strength to come to terms with the loss of his son, he learned a lesson from this event. Fearing that someone might repeat the fate of his son, he wrote psalm 36.

Psalm 36: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Because of this, each line of the written text is literally penetrated by his desire to save the future generation from mistakes. Moreover, addressing the people in this text, the king tries to convince them that the only ruler of this world is the true Lord, who must be worshiped.

David insists that a Christian can achieve long-awaited happiness only if he controls his base desires and learns to live according to the commandments. In his song, the source of life, David calls the Most High.

And asks every person to remember this.

Praise the Lord in Psalms

Remarkably, in some other texts, the author of which is David, contains many comparisons indicating the power of the Lord and the helplessness of man himself. By such comparisons, the king wanted to point out that a person should always remember the all-powerful God who is free to send people trials.

And each of these tests must be passed with honor. After all, in the end it will help to find eternal life.

It depends only on the person where he will go: to hell or heaven. At the bottom of the day everyone will get what they deserve.

And in some cases, retribution can overtake the sinner in earthly life.

Having studied in detail each line of the psalm, the clergy concluded that it represents the quintessence of the author’s life. After all, in him he talks about all the lessons he received from God.

This text contains stories from the life of David. All that he experienced is described in the psalm.

And therein lies its core value.

What is the purpose of reading the psalm?

Addressing heaven with this or that text, each person pursues his own goal. However, the clergy insist that it is necessary to remember one important detail.

Each of the existing religious texts serves to enable people to turn to heaven.

There are prayers that should be used when in difficult life situations. Moreover, there are also those, using which a person can ask the Supreme or ask for mercy from Him.

The same goes for the psalms. If you judge correctly, Psalm 36 is recommended to read in such situations:

  • when a believer suffers mental anguish — people who have ever experienced such suffering know that it is sometimes impossible to endure it. They can not even be compared with the strongest physical pain. The remedy for such a person is one thing — a prayer or a psalm. After reading Psalm 36, the Christian will immediately feel better;
  • if a Christian began to doubt the correctness of the chosen path, then doubts represent a real threat to every person. As they can gradually even ruin life. Therefore, if a righteous man suddenly began to have doubts, he must necessarily tell the Almighty about this by reading a psalm.

In addition, there is another situation in which the believer is free to read the psalm. Namely, when a person needs divine participation.

After all, sometimes it happens that a believer begins to feel the need to talk with the Almighty. And the best way to fulfill this desire is to read the text of the psalm.


  1. Psalm number 36 was written by King David at the dawn of his reign, when he was already an old man.
  2. This text can safely be called the quintessence of the life of David.
  3. It is recommended to read the psalm at those moments when a person begins to suffer from doubts and mental anguish, and also needs a dialogue with the Almighty.

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