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Psalm 34: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Psalm of David 34: text of the prayer in Russian

I strongly recommend that all believers read psalms. I know that they can protect a person from any danger.

Today I will tell you in detail how the psalms appeared, how to read them correctly.

Psalm Defense

Most of the psalms that are recorded in the Psalter, came from the pen of King David. It is his authorship that belongs to the famous psalms of protection, which today are well known to all Orthodox Christians.

Priests strongly recommend reading such prayers at times when a person feels that he is in danger. It is believed that such texts possess truly tremendous power.

Therefore, if they are read by a person who is pure in soul and thoughts, he will be blessed with the grace of heaven, and any danger will pass.

Psalm 34: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

It is noteworthy that not all experts studying religion agree with the opinion that psalm 34 was written by King David. The reason for the criticism was the fact that David was a king and a glorified warrior.

Moreover, he was also the darling of the people. Perhaps no one ruler is so praised by people and followers of religion.

This is explained by the fact that this ruler was pious and did not show cruelty to his subjects.

That is why scientists thought that such a person could not fear something or someone. Consequently, he had no need to write defensive prayers.

However, this statement can be argued. As the psalm about which speech will go, was written in hard times for David.

After all, he was literally on the run.

Why was David, as a ruler, able to attract the attention of Christians?

It is well known that Orthodox Christians have always tried to stay away from politics. They perceived every king as the anointed of God, and they never interfered with the will of heaven.

However, it was this monarch who was able to gain the glory of a truly fair person, worthy to occupy the throne.

First of all it is necessary to mention that the ruler became famous because:

  • was a godly man;
  • committed acts of God;
  • sincerely believed in the true Lord.

It is worth noting that in those days people’s faith was not as strong as they wanted. And many kings used it.

However, David was not a man who was able to use the ignorance of the human race for his own purposes.

Moreover, he never sought to occupy the throne and rule the country. When the prophet Samuel came to him and announced that he was the anointed God, and therefore the next ruler, the young man simply did not believe it.

After all, he was an ordinary shepherd, and did not even dare to dream of sitting on the throne. But that is exactly what heaven decided.

By the way, some later thought that the prophet was wrong. After all, David committed a terrible sin on the throne. He not only desired the wife of his commander, but also entered into a relationship with her.

The girl became pregnant, and her unhappy spouse on the orders of the monarch was sent to the battlefield, where he died.

It is believed that the king had a hand in the death of this poor fellow. More precisely, historians suggest that, on his orders, one of his comrades killed Uriah in order to enable the ruler to hide his sin from people and make pregnant Bathsheba his wife.

Although it is worth noting that no evidence was found for this.

Such a great sin, which the people later found out about, made some people doubt that it was just such an anointed one that Israel needed. However, doubts about this completely disappeared when the sinner repented. He began to live as a righteous man and put a lot of effort into putting other people on the path.

It was the weight of the perfect sin that helped him realize how terrible he did and how generous the Lord was.

After all, the punishment for such a terrible sin is rather severe. In the end, the king could go to hell and spend eternity there.

However, the Most High gave him the opportunity to atone for sins, as well as enlightenment, in order to understand how to do it. It is for this reason that David wrote so many psalms in which he praised the Lord.

Psalm 34: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Please note that the tradition to pronounce the psalm of David 34 intoned also originated due to its author. In the scripture it is mentioned that the king uttered these texts in a chant, sitting in the garden and playing a musical instrument that strongly resembled a harp.

That is why even now the psalters are read by the priests in a singing voice. Moreover, in some churches they are sung by the priests who are part of the choir.

Moreover, the manner of performance is often drastically different depending on the church in which the text is pronounced.

The history of the writing of the text of the psalm

In the history there is information that King Saul fiercely hated God’s anointed. Because he considered him a real threat to his rule.

No one could convince the short-tempered and cruel ruler that David served him faithfully.

Moreover, the monarch could not believe that he was not preparing a rebellion against him. Although there was no real cause for concern for the monarch, he was very worried about one thing.

The fact is that many despotic ruler hated.

When the people learned that such a kind and pious man as David should become the next ruler, there was no limit to joy. It is for this reason that Saul was convinced that he was eventually simply overthrown.

But the evidence that the future ruler is really preparing an attempt or a coup, could not be found.

This did not at all reassure the ruler. On the contrary, he himself began to show activity and even tried to kill his faithful subject.

Such behavior caused an uproar. After all, at that time, the former shepherd was already married to the daughter of the current king. Consequently, they had time to intermarry.

And the killing of relatives in those years, exactly as now, was considered a great sin.

David understood that only his death could quench the thirst for the king’s blood. In order not to bring this up, he decided to run.

Along with him from the palace fled and other subjects who fell into disfavor. They feared that their madman would take life.

Upon learning of the flight of the anointed, Saul became enraged. He immediately went in pursuit. Since it was not easy to get away from his pursuers, David went to the trick.

He hid with his people in a cave. When the ruler entered it, he quietly crept up to him and cut off some cloth from his cloak.

After that, he ran out after the king, who had already left the cave, and showed a flap of fabric. He said that he had the opportunity to deprive him of his life, but did not do this, because he was the humble servant of the acting monarch.

Therefore, he does not need to fear betrayal on his part. That’s just the words of the young man did not affect him soothing. Quite the contrary, the ruler was literally furious.

It was then that David uttered the words of Psalm 34.

Psalm 34: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

And only after the prayer was read, those around noticed a change in Saul. His anger subsided, and he agreed to forgive his servant and even allowed him to return to the castle.

Moreover, the monarch showed mercy by allowing other people who fled with David to return to Israel and quietly continue to work for the good of their homeland. Those who witnessed this miracle told the ministers of the church about it.

The priests immediately hurried to inform people that the Lord had done another miracle that David had asked for. Thanks to this, the people’s belief that David is the chosen one of the Most High strengthened even more.

In what situation is it necessary to read a psalm?

The article already mentioned that this psalm is a defensive prayer. That is why it is recommended to read it in such situations when:

  • a person is restless in his heart — sometimes it happens that a Christian begins to feel a strange anxiety which he cannot explain. But it gradually begins to deplete the person, makes him weak. To soothe the soul, you must read such a psalm;
  • a Christian feels dangerous — if a threat threatens life and health, you can ask the Almighty for protection;
  • Enemies are beginning to bear danger — this prayer, which possesses a truly tremendous power, will help protect itself from the machinations of envious people and enemies.

Now it is quite clear why this psalm is read. But it is also important to understand one important truth, which states that every Christian is armed with the most powerful of all existing weapons — this is faith in the Lord.

And the stronger this faith, the greater the chance for a person to survive even at the moment when such a thing is completely impossible.

There are many examples of the miraculous salvation of people. The church insists that it was the Lord who performed these miracles. After all, only he was granted the power to dispose of the fate of people.

The Bible teaches people that without the knowledge of the Almighty, no hair from the head of a Christian can fall.


  1. Psalm 34 is better known as the protective prayer, the author of which is King David.
  2. The psalm was written at the time when God’s anointed only served in the palace, and another king sat on the throne.
  3. The reason for his writing was the flight of David from Israel because of the wrath of the ruling monarch.

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