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Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

PSLOM 33 “I bless the Lord for all time” for singing: the text of the prayer in Russian

I have long been studying psalms that remain unknown to many Christians. They are read in churches less often.

It is for this reason that many of my parishioners do not even suspect that Psalm 33 exists. But this prayer, I believe, is very important.

The history of its writing is also very interesting. Today I will tell it in detail and explain how to read this psalm correctly.

What are psalms

Absolutely all the psalms are collected in a book called the Psalter. For any Christian, this book is very important. It contains a huge number of prayers designed to help a person reach heaven.

But sometimes it is quite difficult to do. This is explained by the fact that the righteous do not always need the help of heaven.

Sometimes sinners also pray to the Most High.

Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

The priests insist that even stumbled people have every right to try to atone for their sin. As an example, they cite the story of King David.

More than 80 psalms were written by him and are now widely known. Some of them are actively used in worship, so they are especially well known to parishioners.

Who is the author of the psalm?

The texts that are contained in the Psalms were written by different people. All of them, of course, are outstanding personalities who, during their lifetime, were distinguished by a special love for the Lord. Moreover, they also actively preached the Orthodox religion, tried to set the true sinners on the path.

To glorify the Most High, they used texts of prayers, written in his own hand. Currently, these texts continue to be used by righteous Christians who wish to prove their devotion and boundless love to the Creator.

If we talk about the psalm number 33, then its author, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, is King David. However, this prayer was written not during the reign of this monarch, but a little earlier.

It is noteworthy that he is one of the most famous authors. In addition to David, such famous creators of psalms are:

Note that the latter is the son of David. It is therefore not surprising that his father was able to instill in him a love for the Lord and taught him faith.

Psalm history

Each prayer has a specific story. But the most interesting are the stories of those psalms that came from the pen of King David. As you know, this man has lived a very difficult, albeit a long life.

He became famous as a sinner, a just monarch, a righteous man, and a skilled fighter. Of course, it may seem like this is impossible.

Indeed, many questions arise in the head at the mention of the fact that he was a righteous person and a sinner. It seems that this is simply impossible.

However, this is exactly how it was.

A well-known fact is the fact of David’s Fall and how he tried to hide his sin from people. Ultimately, this man still found in himself spiritual strength in order to repent of perfect sin.

It is largely due to this that he managed to receive the forgiveness of heaven.

Of course, one cannot help but mention how much effort David put in to make the heavens have mercy on him. But after receiving such a desirable forgiveness, he completely changed his life and became a righteous man.

Moreover, it was a good lesson for him, and in order to save other people from such mistakes, he began to actively educate the masses and preach religion.

Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

As for the story, the psalm “I bless the Lord for all time” was written, it is quite interesting. Immediately it is necessary to note the fact that it was written in those years when David had not ascended the throne.

In those years, he faithfully served another ruler — Saul. One day, when the threat of war was looming over Israel, David committed an act that saved all of its inhabitants.

Learning about the approach of the enemy army, he immediately realized that it would be possible to end the battle by shedding the blood of only one person.

Rumors reached the young man that the ruler Avimileh was a hot-tempered man and very fond of all sorts of disputes. That is why the young David decided to play on his insatiable sense of excitement.

He invited the monarch to put up against him the most powerful warrior of the empire. At the same time, he promised that in case of defeat, all Israel would submit to the new ruler.

The king could not refuse such a tempting offer. As soon as the messenger told him about this, he decided to give his consent and sent Goliath to a duel.

After some time, he learned that his candidate had lost the fight. And since Avimileh was a man of his word, he hastened to withdraw his army and no longer attacked the neighboring state.

After this incident, which soon became known to every citizen of the country, David was engaged to Saul’s daughter. It would seem that after this his life should get better.

After all, he also became anointed by the Lord. The palace was visited by the prophet Samuel and told everyone that this young man would become the next monarch in the future.

Only this news did not at all please King Saul. He was very envious and believed that the people loved this shepherd much more.

Consequently, he himself at any time may lose the throne.

To admit such an envious monarch could not. That is why he began to take out his anger on the young man, and once even tried to kill. He was not stopped even by the fact that David was the husband of his daughter.

In order to escape from the irrepressible wrath of the ruler, the young man was forced to flee from the kingdom. He hid in the territory of the Philistines, who once tried to conquer Israel.

When it became known that the hero who defeated Goliath himself was hiding here, the young man was caught and decided to be taken to the king. Since he had long dreamed of looking at a man who turned out to be so cunning as to literally circle him around his finger.

David understood that the ruler should not be allowed to know him. After all, this could turn into a big trouble.

And then an amazing thought occurred to him. He pretended to be mentally ill and began to crawl on the floor, drool.

Looking at this insane, Avimileh was very angry. He considered that his subjects simply mocked him.

And so he banished the unfortunate, and those who brought him seriously punished.

Getting out of the palace, David immediately began to praise the Lord. He did not ascribe to himself extra merit, but only acknowledged that with God’s mercy he managed to fool the enemy.

To thank God, he wrote Psalm 33 and began to praise his power.

Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, how to read

Until now, scholars studying the texts of prayers have been arguing about why a psalm was written. There was even a hypothesis, according to which the psalm was written much later after the incident. And the reason for the shame that the author experienced when he went out into the street.

After all, he was surrounded by children, but in order not to give himself away, he was forced to continue to portray the insane. When the children caught sight of him, they began to laugh and in every possible way insult the one they considered insane.

To prove this theory, scientists cite several lines from a psalm.

However, the clergy themselves hold a completely different opinion. They argue that the reason for writing a psalm was solely the desire of David to glorify the Lord. Choosing the words of the prayer, he was not at all guided by the desire to somehow punish the children or to beg forgiveness for the anger experienced by the fact that they laughed at him.

There are no reasonable and weighty arguments in favor of the theory described above, so it cannot be considered fair.

How to read the psalm correctly?

The main difference between a psalm and a prayer is that it is pronounced in a singing tone. Therefore, some people have difficulty reading psalms.

However, the clergy do not consider such a problem. Since it is permissible to read psalms and not to chant, if a person has not yet learned how to do it.

The main requirements are:

  • purity of thoughts;
  • peace of mind;
  • desire to praise the Lord and thank him.

In addition, it is imperative that the person reading the psalm is sincere. You can’t try to hide a sin from the Lord.

The church also prohibits the reading of any prayer texts in those moments when a person experiences any negative emotions. It is believed that in this case the prayer will not be heard and the dialogue of the person with the Almighty will not take place.

Of course, it is best to read a prayer at those moments when there is a special need for it. After all, the authors of the Psalms did just that.

They wrote them at those moments when they especially felt the need to talk with the Creator. In this case, the Orthodox Christian will make absolutely no mistakes.

He will tell the heart how to properly offer a prayer in order to get an answer.


  1. The author of Psalm 33 is King David.
  2. This prayer was written in those years when he was in the service of King Saul and was married to his daughter.
  3. After David managed to miraculously avoid an unpleasant encounter with an enemy ruler, he decided to praise God.

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