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Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Psalm 33: Prayer in Russian for gratitude to the Lord

One of the most important sources of Christian texts is a collection of psalms. However, sometimes it turns out that offering his prayers to the Almighty, thanks to Him for some work. People simply overlook or forget that there are psalms, including Psalm 33, which you can listen to or simply read on your own.

Although at any point in a person’s life can always apply the hymnal. The importance of the book lies in many ways, and is emphasized by the fact that it was created about 8 centuries ago and has been actively read by believers since then.

Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Meanwhile, the Psalter is considered a necessary collection for any occasion of our lives. The mere fact that the psalter has been composed for eight centuries already speaks of its importance.

About the Psalms in General

Like many Orthodox terms, the word «psalter» came from Greece. Speaking literally, it means playing the string instrument. This book contains many unforgettable beautiful texts.

Their authors were different people, saints, prophets and rulers. Among them, King David, his prophetic pen belongs about 80 psalms. These songs are full of what every human life is full of: from love to betrayal, from hopes to bitter disappointments.

In addition to these texts, the writings of lesser-known authors are included in the hymnal, whose names the history has not conveyed to our days and even historical figures.

Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

What is psalm 33

The purpose of the very text of Psalm 33 for its author, the prophet David, was to shield the soul from evil influences and to purify it from the former wrong deeds. Being on the run, fleeing the cruelty of the ruler of Achus, the king was forced to pretend to be insane.

It was during this period that this song was written, giving light.

Once a simple shepherd suddenly became a ruler and king, thanks to his mind and the prophet Samuel. The envious could not accept this and wanted to destroy it. Even the father-in-law pursued him for many years and hunted him down.

Wandering, the sage decided to hide among the Philistines, but they captivated him and surrendered to their ruler. To avoid execution, David pretended to be insane, mad. He drooled and froth out of his mouth, crawled at the feet of Abimelech and was not at all like a dangerous hero.

The Philistine ruler drove everyone out in anger. So David was free.

For his salvation, he dedicated to God this song, where he rejoiced at miraculous salvation and offered praise to heaven.

Gospel service is necessary for people. It opens the world of spirituality, helps to arrange a harmonious life, gives long life and warmth.

Psalm 33 is required to read if a believer seeks for these pleasures of God.

A brief history of Psalm 33

From the number of David songs, this is particularly significant. This text was created in the most difficult conditions of persecution of its author.

As an Israeli ruler, he made his region a center of spirituality and a refuge for many pilgrims of various kinds. As a man, he honored and feared the Lord, was wise, but did not escape the fall, for which David had to pay a long time.

What was glorious king?

  • introduced several religious reforms;
  • God’s writing of inspired texts;
  • decoration of worship.

Even as a ruler, the wise handsome man continued to play the music on a plucked instrument. An excellent speaker could attract a crowd of listeners, he had many women, had concubines and wives, but ironically fell in love and entered into a relationship with a married woman.

This was the reason that they had to pay for very long with their lives.

David for all Christians is a prophetic personality who has received honor for writing songs of praise to God. Moreover, it is believed that Christ was part of his kind.

Do not forget the king for the reason that his writings formed the basis of the Psalter, and it is an integral part of the Bible. Today, church singing of the psalms is defined as a spiritual teaching, designed to help the believer understand the importance of gospel service.

A brief interpretation of Psalm 33

So, the whole text consists of small songs. They are aimed at praising God.

If desired, the text can always be found in Russian. In addition, it is translated into many languages ​​of the world.

Even if you read the poems separately, but you still feel their power. It seems that the maximum approach to the Almighty happens, positive energy nourishes the person, becomes for him a reliable protection from evil substances.

Psalm 33: The text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

God spreads his tender wings over true believers, gives him warmth. Every hymn of praise that you can even listen to online is very important.

They grant health and longevity to a rich, fulfilling life.

Each part of the work is instruction. It teaches not to stray from the right road, helps the correct life, indicates errors and their correction. Chant helps to get a chance to get the good, achieve happiness.

It is not forbidden to read a prayer at home with holy faces, although in the temple of psalm 33 it is more interesting to listen.


The immortal part of the Old Testament, poetic and liturgical, the Psalter has several authors. Each of them put soul and love to the Lord in his poems.

  • The most famous and popular psalms of David, psalm 33 as well.
  • The story of the laudatory chants is tragic and majestic at the same time.
  • You can read the psalms yourself or listen to their performance online or in church.

Divine verses make the soul of a person sublime, striving for happiness and filled with love and gratitude to God.

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