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Psalm 142: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Psalm 142: reading the text of the prayer in Russian

The amazing poetic book — the Psalter consists of many chapters (150) and is part of the Old Testament. Its original was on dr. Heb. lang All psalms, have their numbers, are poems, have a certain rhythm and rhyme, but when shifted to another language, of course they disappear.

In the Russian translation there is only a semantic meaning, and the system itself is not transmitted by the translators in any way.

Psalm 142: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

History of Psalm 142

The collection has several authors, but most of the works, including the 142 psalms included in it, belong to the poetic thoughts of King David. The text is very touching, it is a kind of complaint of a suffering father.

At the same time, he is inconsolable, as the abuser is his own child.

It is known that his son was greedy, sought to unrestrained power and honor. Not only did he kill his brother and hide from his parent.

Being already forgiven and close to his parent again, he wanted to destroy him too, having conceived a plot against him and gathered hordes of soldiers. As a result, the unfortunate father fled.

Being in this situation, David wrote his 142 song, among others.

Today there are hundreds of translations into various languages, including Russian. There is a modern and synodal translations. This psalm consists of several semantic moments:

  • memory;
  • petition to protect God;
  • remorse coming from the soul;
  • petition for the gift of wisdom;
  • getting rid of enemies;
  • admonition on the right road.

Interpretation of divine text 142 songs

There are a number of published interpretations specifically on Psalm 142, and an interpretation of the collection in general.
The initial lines immediately make it clear that the author was seized by despair, except God helping him not to ask anyone, but the words addressed to Him that He does not hear him indicate a desperate situation. God for him is the Comforter and Protector, the king tells Him about his grief, about the gloomy state in which he remains.

The exile begs for his protection, for the return of former regalia to himself and the punishment of his enemies.

Psalm 142: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

The one praying is well aware of all his inconsistency before the Creator, and the psalm clearly reflects the idea that it is not the law that saves, but only God’s mercy and love for the person of the Lord. This thought of David finds its continuation in the pages of the New Testament.

The text shows very subtly the verge of the author’s transition from undoubted confidence in the power of God to bitter despair. This shows unrestrained expressions and bitter cry of the soul.

David is very afraid of his enemies, although his fate is simply filled with all sorts of miracles.

How to read

Given that the psalm is in Russian and in Church Slavonic, you can choose for yourself the most convenient option. However, it is better to use Russian translation while studying or reading at home. In the churches in Church Slavonic.

Usually the reading is included as part of the Shestopsalmiya, and the text sounds during the evening service in the number of penitential chapters.

There are no clearly limited special rules if you read it yourself. If only it was in the morning or in the evening.

When do they resort to psalm 142

A person can read this David song in the following situations:

  • enemy or unfriendly environment;
  • overcome many problems;
  • scary to think about the future;
  • powerless against enemies;
  • total despair;
  • the desire to cry and be comforted.

The psalm is not forbidden to read at the time of prayer. You can contact him every day.

The main thing is a complete concentration on the sentences of the text and sincerity.

Why read song 142

Orthodox culture gives psalms a worthy place. They are often published as a separate collection.

In ancient times, Christians memorized the Psalter by heart. Today, if someone is unable to do this, then at least should know a few texts from the book as a keepsake. This psalm is used in worship very often:

  • on the great and small porpers;
  • as a component of sixpsalmia;
  • during the sedimentation.

Interestingly, when reading the Shestopsalmiya, only the reader himself uses a burning candle. The rest are in complete darkness.

And all for the concentration of worshipers on penitential words.

As interpreted

According to the saints, the essence of prayer cannot be grasped without thoughtful reading and understanding. Anyone who refers to the Scriptures should work hard in order for him to understand the meaning of what is written. The indicated 142 psalm is read when

  • get into a difficult situation and the help of God is simply necessary;
  • in a state of happy expectation of a child;
  • during repentance
  • in mournful hours.

What is the meaning of 142 psalms

As you know, this is a call to the Lord when it is especially difficult. However, it is important that while writing this song, David sought first of all from the Almighty for spiritual salvation, His mercy, although he was afraid for his fate.

There is also a request for forgiveness for sins, for which David himself believed he was expelled.
The psalmist claims that not one of the living has done works worthy of God.

The psalmist claims that not one of the living has done works worthy of God. Be he righteous.

According to him, a person tries to write off his weaknesses to God, he always needs some loopholes to justify his own weaknesses and sins. The king himself is completely humbled and thinks only about pleasing the Lord.

Psalm 142, the text of which is full of a wide variety of epithets, is saturated with wonderful images. This is the soul, like dried up arable land, and good, which is compared with full grains.

However, without the sincere power of the Holy Spirit being found in prayers, not a single crop will germinate.


  • An example of communion with the Lord is given in the psalm; it must be simple-minded and honest, without any conditions.
  • One should turn to God only about his attention to himself, since without it there is no fulfilling life for a person.
  • The author is looking for a righteous path, because the true path to man is not always visible.
  • Not all people are able to observe Christian laws alone, they need God’s help.

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