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Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

The Psalms are written by King David; they are all inspired and holy. At different moments of life, believers take the psalter in their hands and read the cherished lines with faith in their hearts.

When my sister had a daughter, I opened Psalm 103 for reading.

He exalts God, the only creator of the universe. These sacred words reveal his magnificence as Creator and Almighty.

In such a solemn moment as the emergence of a new person into the world, I want to sing the praises to the Creator of life, because other words become inappropriate. Also, this psalm is read with financial needs and attracting an abundance of material goods.

Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

Summary of the Psalm

So, Psalm 103 refers to the group of chants, revealing God in the universe and history. Other psalms also belong to this group: 8, 64, 89, 138, 148.

In these psalms proclaims that God created the world and is itself a being in nature. The Creator called man the crown of his creation, which gives him certain advantages and imposes responsibility.

David inspires all mankind to praise God, because every blade of grass and grain in the sea speaks of its Creator. When we see a beautiful sunset, the soul sings: «Bless the Lord, O my soul!»

When we contemplate the beauty of nature, it is impossible to resist the admiration of the creator of the universe.

Psalm 103 is sung in the church at the beginning of the evening Sunday liturgy, it inspires believers.

King David in praise to the creator of all that he created with great mercy. The world is wise and reasonable. The psalmist urges every person not to forget about the Creator and to constantly glorify him for what he has given us.

The syllable of the psalm is sublime and harmonious, this praise is recognized as a masterpiece of world literature.

In the first four verses David glorifies the wise greatness of the Creator. This greatness is described in poetic images and reveals the admiration of the Psalmist before the Creator.

In the following five verses David briefly describes the process of creating the earth. The Creator arranged everything harmoniously; he defined his place for all things on earth.

In the next eight verses The Psalmist talks about the importance of water for all living and the creation of various forms of life that fill the earth. Verses 19-23 David tells how the wisdom of God established the definition of times: the heavenly bodies were created.

Night and daytime were set by God so that the creation would know the time for everything happening on earth.

In Psalm 103, the word «Hallelujah» first appears.

Verses 24-30 summarize the above. David also points out that the Lord is constantly present in his creation and rules the earth.

He continually renews the creation, filling it with breath and life. The creation can live only because of the life-giving spirit of the Lord, and those who do not have the life-giving spirit turn into dust.

Verses 31-32 David recalls that God in his rage can create earthquakes, he is obeyed by volcanoes. The psalmist expresses the wish that the Creator be pleased to manage the universe created by him and that nothing darkens his joy about his deeds.

In verses 33-35 David expresses a sincere desire to constantly glorify the greatness of the Lord, expressing the hope that his thanksgiving will be pleasing to God. David also mentions sinners, who by their actions constantly violate the harmony of the universe and distress God.

Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

What helps

This psalm is read when financial aid is needed. The praises list the innumerable riches with which the supreme earth has endowed.

These are forests full of game, and deep waters with many fish. Wherever you look, you see an abundance of natural riches everywhere.

By praising the greatness of the Lord, one can attract to oneself his abundance.

Glorifying the beauty and greatness of the universe sets the soul in a solemn manner. Is it possible to be needy in the abundance that the Lord made?

If the soul of the believer is filled with the glorification and chanting of the wisdom of God, he will surely send forth an abundance of his bounty.

Psalm 103 — text:

Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

How to read the psalter in private (at home)? Before reading, it is necessary to clear thoughts of worldly fuss, forgive the offenders in the heart and not keep evil on them.

It is necessary to light a lamp or a candle in front of the images and tune in to goodness.

Psalm 103 should be read out loud, but not in a loud voice. It is advisable that no one distracts you while reading.

Try to correctly place the stress in the words, for this you need to listen to the psalm in the audio.

Do I have to stand while reading? This is not necessary, it is allowed to sit at the table in a decent pose (do not put one foot on the other, do not take unnatural postures). While reading, one cannot express violent emotions, even if one feels the greatness of the Lord with his whole soul.

Theatrical effects during the utterance of sacred words are unacceptable.

Psalm 103: meaning, Orthodox interpretation, what helps

Is it necessary to read a psalm in Church Slavonic language, or can it be translated into modern Russian? In the home reading you can use the translation into the modern language, there is no sin in it.

The psalm in translation is perceived more organically, which contributes to the strengthening of faith and understanding.

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