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Psalm 102: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Psalm 14: Prayer Text, Reading Rules

I have been studying psalms and prayers for many years. They are extremely important for people and help ensure the protection of the soul every day.

Today I will talk about Psalm 102, its origin and rules of reading.

What are psalms

All psalms are recorded in a book called the Psalms. Like the prayer book, it is highly revered by Christians. The main difference between the psalms and prayers is that they are pronounced in a singing tone.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that they all came from the pen of ordinary people. In other words, there is no question of any divine origin.

If some texts of prayers were revealed to people exclusively to the will of heaven, then psalms were written by righteous Christians living according to the commandments of God.

Psalm 102: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

The most famous author of such texts is King David. It is noteworthy that some psalms were written by him in those years when he was only the anointed one of the Lord, but he had not yet ascended to the throne.

This is explained by the fact that David was always distinguished by his love for God and all his creatures. Although, as you know, he himself was not always the righteous.

Some of his psalms were written at the time when he became aware of the full gravity of perfect sin and turned to heaven with a prayer for mercy and repentance.

Psalm 102, the text of which is very well known to many Christians, is also a work of King David. It is included by the church in the process of worship, so it can be heard during liturgies in the church.

It is believed that every Christian must read it, because it contains a special spiritual energy. According to the clergy, reading the psalm can help to find spiritual balance and get closer to the Lord.

The history of the writing of the psalm

Every prayer and absolutely every psalm has a specific story. Some of them are very fascinating, and therefore immediately attract the attention of a person. However, not all stories are like that.

The same can be said about psalm 102. Immediately it should be noted that scientists do not know as much about him as we would like.

This psalm is a pair. That is, he has a pair.

Therefore, it is unacceptable to read it separately. It is for this reason that he is always read along with Psalm 103. Please note that this is not the only pair text.

Psalms 18 and 19, 69 and 70 are also paired. Their feature is the overlapping meaning. In other words, to grasp the meaning of the pair psalm that was read alone will be very problematic.

It is for this reason that clerics categorically prohibit reading only one of the psalms. Indeed, in this case, the believer will not even be able to really understand what the text says.

Psalm 102: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

They were all written by King David. And in this there is not the slightest doubt.

Of course, this statement is based on certain facts. After all, the signature, which can be found before each psalm, clearly states that its author is King David.

In early years, he ruled Israel and became famous as a righteous man.

But he became a true righteous man after he committed a sin, which he decided to keep silent about. But he failed to hide the truth from the Lord, so the ruler was subsequently severely punished by heaven.

The punishment that was sent from above helped him realize how great the sin was at all and sincerely repent of it.

Time writing

But if the experts didn’t have absolutely any problems with the definition of authorship, then with the time of writing it’s not so simple. In the text itself there is absolutely no hint at the exact time at which the psalm could have been written.

For this reason, the researchers of religion had to rely solely on the text itself, or rather on the manner of writing the psalm.

For example, a psalm written by David after he realized the gravity of the sin of adultery committed by him, is filled with sadness and a desire to repent. Such expressions clearly indicate that David was in an emotionally depressed state.

Psalm Content

Judging by the test of Psalm 102, it is somewhat different from the others. Because in it David exclusively praises the Most High, His greatness. Comparing this text with others, one important detail becomes obvious: when writing it, the author was completely calm.

This suggests that the author wrote the text during his peaceful reign.

As you know, the ruler lived for many years, having several wives. Simply put, he had a whole harem.

In those years, this was not considered something strange for the rulers. But still many priests reproached the king for refusing to dissolve the harem.

And for this there was a serious reason. The children of David feuded among themselves.

Each of them wanted to occupy the throne of his father.

This circumstance greatly darkened the life of David. After all, he actually was very attached to his children.

Proof of this is his reverent attitude to his son Absalom. It was this lad who betrayed him first.

The young man, who enjoyed prestige among the courtiers, and was also the favorite of the common people, raised a revolt against his father. Because of this, David was forced to leave Israel and roam with the faithful warriors.

Returning to his country, David managed to put down the rebellion and regain power. He forgave his son and gave the order to the soldiers to return him to the castle.

However, Absalom, fearing the wrath of his father, fled. During the escape he died.

The news of the death of his son was for the ruler a strong blow.

Psalm 102: the text of the prayer in Russian, for which they read

Returning to the discussion of the text of psalm 102, it should be noted that there is absolutely no hint of the author’s mental suffering. That is why church ministers are also inclined to believe that it was written in peacetime, when the ruler received a rare opportunity to reason about the meaning of the life and greatness of the Lord.

That is, if you answer the question of why this psalm is being read, then we can say that in order to calm the soul and chant the power of the Most High.

If you rely on historical facts, then peacetime came to Israel at the dawn of David. Hence the conclusion that psalm 102 could have been written by the king in extreme old age.

That is, answering the question why this psalm is being read, it can be said that in order to soothe the soul and chant the power of the Most High.

Interpretation of the psalm

Each psalm has a definite meaning. Before you start reading the text of the psalm, you must try to understand what exactly the author wanted to say.

In the case of the psalm under consideration, everything is quite simple. After all, its main meaning is to praise the Most High:

  • David claims that the wrath of the Lord is always fair, but at the same time he never lasts long. As soon as a person realizes that he has made a mistake and begins to repent, the heavens grant him forgiveness;
  • the power of God is absolute — man cannot even imagine the power of the Creator. After all, he manages the life of every creature living on earth, and also writes the fate of all people;
  • the commandments bestowed on the Almighty are a manifestation of care and mercy — no need to perceive the need to live according to the commandments as something unfair. After all, such a righteous life opens the gates of paradise before the Christian.

In addition, the text contains various comparisons. With their help, the author tried to show how great the Lord is.

At the same time, he compares a person with flowers that quickly disappear. Thus, David hints at the fact that man alone cannot even compare with the Lord. Because he is only his creation.

This comparison is very relevant. After all, the worst sin of man is pride.

All his life David dedicated himself to learning not to put himself above the Creator. And this he tried to teach other people.

Psalm reading rules

The church version of the psalm, translated into Old Church Slavonic, must be read during the evening service, which is traditionally held on Saturday. Therefore, before you read the psalm at home yourself, it is recommended to visit the temple and listen to exactly how to sing.

Then you can simply follow a few recommendations that give spiritual mentors:

  • the psalm is necessarily read in a singing tone — this requirement is relevant absolutely for all psalms, since they, in fact, are the song that they wrote to express certain feelings to the Lord or repent;
  • the song should be joyful — you need to read the text as solemnly as possible. Indeed, in this case we are talking about a song of praise. It means that it should sound as solemn and festive as possible. This will help a person to feel the mood of prayer;
  • it is better to give preference to the old Slavonic text — but in this case it is necessary to be guided by your own feelings. If a person has difficulties with the pronunciation of words and understanding of their meaning, you can use the version of the text translated into Russian.

Please note that reading a psalm is permitted exclusively in a good mood.


  1. Psalm 102 was written by King David.
  2. According to historians and priests, it was written during the quiet reign of the king.
  3. In this psalm, the author praises the power and mercy of the Most High, comparing man with ordinary creation, like flowers.

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