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Protective prayers of different religions

Protective prayers of different religions

Every world religion has its own protective prayers that can save you from evil, illness and failure. They are basic, as there are too many temptations and bad people in our world.

The traditions of each religion are different, so we would like to shed light on the ways of dialogue with God in Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Every person’s life is full of surprises, which he cannot predict, so he turns for help to religion, which gives him a chance to save his soul and body. With the help of faith and prayers, you can change your destiny.

Earlier we wrote about how to change life using the law of attraction of the universe. Energy will give you the answers to the main questions of being. Religion, in turn, helps to direct a person on the right path, to give him hope and strength to create good.

This applies to Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

Protective prayers in Christianity

To prepare yourself for prayer, it is necessary to remove all fears, all unnecessary thoughts, all anger and other negative emotions from your heart. After that you need to prepare a place for reading prayers. It should be quiet, calm and free from distractions.

Among Orthodox Christians, prayer is performed in front of icons. Protective prayers are best read before the icons of the Kazan Mother of God, St. Nicholas or the Life-Giving Trinity.

It is customary to read protective prayers in Christianity not only for oneself, but also for one’s children as well as other relatives. The main thing is to take care of your neighbors, and not about yourself. Christianity is a religion of self-sacrifice.

She respects people’s actions to help others. Here are the best defensive prayers of Christianity:

Prayer of the Holy Virgin:

“Slow down, Our Lady, our hearts, and quench the anger of those who hate us, and make our souls open to your good and good. We look at Your holy image, feeling your sufferings and mercy for us, and kiss Your wounds, and our arrows that torment you are terrified. Do not let us, Mother Mother of Merciful, perish in our sins from the sins of our neighbors.

Soften the hearts of evil people to our salvation. ”

This prayer should be read before the icon of the Kazan Mother of God. Her power will illuminate you with her light. Feel it with your heart and soul.

Also the prayers “Our Father”, “Symbol of Faith”, “Living Aid” will be good. These are the strongest prayers in Orthodoxy, which are read at every service. At home, they will also help you enlist the support of the Most High.

It is best to read them in front of the icon of the Holy Trinity, but this is not categorical.

The second prayer, which I would like to say, is the most famous prayer for protection of all. It can be read at the approach of a great danger, in the morning or at bedtime. She is dedicated to Holy Cross:

“May God be resurrected, and His Enemies be scattered, and may those who hate Him flee from their faces. As smoke disappears, so will it disappear; as wax melts from the face of fire, so will demons die from the face of those who love God and signify the sign of the cross, and in the joy of the verbs: Rejoice, Most Honorable and Life-giving Cross of the Lord, drive away the demons by the power of the crucified Lord Jesus Christ upon you, descend and recover the strength devilish, and gave us the Cross, His Honest on the expulsion of all evil. O Honorable and Life-giving Cross of the Lord! Help me with the Holy Virgin Mother of God and with all the saints.

Forever and ever. Amen.»

Every word, every line is imbued with respect for Jesus Christ and for his infinite power that protects us from demons, from evil, and from the misfortune of anyone, visible and invisible. If you feel that trouble may overtake you, then silently say these lines to protect yourself.

Muslim Protective Prayer

Earlier we wrote about the Muslim prayer from the evil eye, damage, failure. She will save you from evil people who envy you, desire evil, or just hate you. According to the Muslim sages, any negative can be transformed into the evil eye.

People are unaware of how bad anger can be. It is destructive, and not only for the one who is hated and whom evil is desired, but also for the one who is experiencing negative emotions.

Allah, fill my heart with light, make my tongue luminous, and hear my light with light and let my light go to my eyes. There is no God but You. You made me, and I am Your slave.

I resort to You, moving away from all the unkind things that I have done. I thank you for the benefits that you sent to me, and I confess my sin. Forgive me and give me the strength to survive this day and the next and every day of my life, without encountering an unkind person, illness or any evil in the way.

In Islam, prayers are read during namaz. It is better to read this prayer in the morning when you have all day ahead. Protect yourself from all the evils that are hidden in the outside world.

Buddhist defensive mantra

Buddhism is a religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. Later, followers called him the Buddha. He was a man, but he was able to reach Nirvana by giving up his desires and questions. Followers call Buddhism not a religion, but a law, a teaching.

Now it is considered one of the most popular religions of the world. Many people call Buddhism a philosophy, a science of consciousness. Buddhism is an integral part of the culture of most eastern countries.

Prayers in Buddhism are called mantras and are read in complete tranquility. The more often you read them, the better. This is especially true for protective mantras, one of which is the following:

Jaya Jaya Shri Nrisimha

It protects your mind and consciousness from unnecessary thoughts. She does not expel them, but closes the doors in front of them, leading to your soul. Buddhism is a religion of energy, mind, and the right worldview.

This is the doctrine of freedom of mind and its infinity. According to Buddhist sages, in order to get rid of suffering, it is necessary to become free from unnecessary thoughts that give rise to wrong deeds.

We wish you happiness and good. May your life be better in every sense. Earlier we wrote about how to change your destiny with the help of prayers and faith.

May the higher forces never leave you by their grace, but grant you a lot of patience, happiness and good luck. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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