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Protective prayer to Archangel Michael on Monday

Protective prayer to Archangel Michael on Monday

Of all the archangels, Saint Michael is the most widely revered. He is known in Christianity as an all-powerful warrior and fighter with the devil and is considered an assistant in the fight against evil.

archangel Michael

In the Orthodox tradition, Archangel Michael is also arrested by the Archangel, that is, the “commander-in-chief” governing the army of angels. He is considered the senior messenger of God and the guardian of the gates of Paradise, who protects from getting there souls who are not ready to be with God. He is called the companion of the Church and the fighters against evil. The Christian tradition also attributes to him the role of the announcer of the Last Judgment, which awakens the dead by the sounds of the trumpet to rise from the graves, and in the context of this role he is considered the patron saint of the dead.

Moreover, it was he who was entrusted with the soul of the Virgin and Abraham when transferred to heaven. His name literally means “who is like God?”, Which is interpreted as “no one is equal to God.”

Images of the Archangel Michael on icons

It is believed that the archangel with the sword, who stood at the gates of Paradise, is Michael. This is indicated by a halo with floral ornaments, traced on a whole group of icons. Other variants of the image: on horseback and with a spear or full-length and with a sword, dressed in armor and killing a snake.

On these icons, he, accordingly, appears as an omnipotent warrior, destroying evil and fighting the devil. In the iconography of the Last Judgment, the Archangel is depicted with weights as a judge weighing the souls of sinners.

Apparitions and Miracles of the Holy Archangel

In the place of Khoneh, near Hierapolis, there was a source that helped heal the daughter of a resident of a nearby city. This man built a temple near the healing waters in honor of the Archangel Michael, thanks to which healing took place. Archippus Herotopsky, famous for his virtues, served in this temple for 60 years. The pagans, who disliked Archipp, sent two mountain rivers to this temple, connecting them into one stream and wanting to kill the sexton.

Archippus began to pray to Archangel Michael ,. Then the holy Archangel came and hit the mountain with a baton on a crevice, into which the stream of water headed.

Protection of Novgorod

The following miracle is also described: the archangel Michael stopped the khan of Batu and with his appearance did not allow him to go with the army to Novgorod. When he came to Kiev and saw the image of Archangel Michael on the fresco, Batu said that it was he who defended Novgorod.

Freedom of Rome from the plague

In the 6th century in Rome there was a plague epidemic. At that time, Pope was Gregory the Great. He held a solemn procession and prayed for the deliverance of the city from a terrible epidemic.

Then at the top of the mausoleum, he saw the archangel Michael sheathed his sword. Since that day, the epidemic has declined.

Prayer to the Archangel Michael

O Saint Michael the Archangel, have mercy on us, sinners, demanding your intercession, save us, the servant of God (names), from all visible and invisible enemies, more than support the deathly horror and embarrassment of the devil and reassure us to make our Creator fearful in the hour and his righteous judgment. O all-holy Great Michael Archangelis! Do not despise us, sinners, praying to you for help and your intercession in this world and in the future, but reward us there with you and glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever

Prayer to Michael the Archangel on Monday will help not only to get rid of external enemies, but also with deep faith will protect against temptations. Good luck to you and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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