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Protecting prayers — Seven Crosses — for the whole family

Preserving prayers «Seven Crosses» for the whole family

Our life is not devoid of fears and anxieties, and members of a happy and friendly family may face a period of family failures and differences, constant anxiety, bad mood. So it happened in the family of my girlfriend, after the celebration of the celebration of the anniversary of her husband’s husband as if they were jinxed. On my advice, a friend went to church, where a clergyman advised her to turn to the prayer of the Seven Crosses.

The miraculous plot restored the spiritual atmosphere in the family, became an energy shield from the destructive vibrations of evil.

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

How prayer helped preserve

When the foundations of mutual understanding began to crumble in the family of a friend, we analyzed the situation and concluded that the negative changes began after the anniversary celebrations. Went through the memory of all the guests present at the holiday, and decided that the culprit could be one of the guests, an employee of her husband. This man appeared in the workplace recently and could not get along with others.

It seems that the employee had signs of an energetic vampire, since with his arrival in the friendly department problems began — situations of hard disagreement, illness of employees, and material difficulties.

Having experienced the power of the preserving prayer of the Seven Crosses on her family, a friend agreed with some employees to join in the sacred ritual of reading. After all, the labor collective, where we spend most of the time, can also be called a family.

As a result, the comfortable situation in the department where the girlfriend’s husband works is restored, and the unkind employee with bad energy has quit.

If you come across a situation like this, to restore protection and understanding, read the prayer conspiracy of the Seven Crosses:

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

The miraculous prayer book, which creates a barrier to misfortunes, illnesses, and sorrows, can be read both for yourself and for the whole family. The prayer lines of the amulet of the Seven Crosses are repeated once for each family member who needs protection.

Shield formation by guardian words

Not everyone can experience patronage from above, to experience security, but one must live with the conviction in constant care of the Higher Forces. As our body cannot live without food, so the soul needs prayer, the clergy are sure that prayer words can change the world for the better.

About the power of phrases and thought forms addressed to the image of the Most High, was known to our distant ancestors. This is the most ancient way of influencing a person praying on the line of his destiny, in contrast to the bewitching rituals performed by adherents of black magic.

According to esotericists and psychologists, our thoughts and words shape life situations. So that the subconscious mind does not realize the negative, try to follow certain tips:

  • control your speech by getting rid of phrases with a negative message;
  • stop thinking about negative situations, remember the bad;
  • determine your main desire, write it down on a piece of paper.

Having formed the right direction for the subconscious, you can start building a shield that reflects the evil manifestations towards you and your home together with all its inhabitants. The most effective appeal to the Higher Forces for finding protection and protection will be the prayer of the Seven Crosses.

The power of vibrations protecting phrases will save you along with your loved ones from any adversity and hostility of others.

What sacred text to read for yourself

Choose a prayer of a special power called the Angel of my birth, but you can only begin to read the prayer message once a year. Under the influence of the magic power of the guardian of word forms, you will gain protection from unrest and evil for a whole year. Early in the morning on your birthday, without speaking to anyone, sincerely repeat the words of the guard prayer:

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

Prayer for the whole family

To protect relatives from the evil brought to the house by a person with poor energy, one folk healer advised my girlfriend to read 3 ancient prayers. They are also known under the common name Seven Crosses.

The handwritten texts of the ancient plots were inherited by the healer, and I share the information with you. Seven times read the prayer books guarding Orthodox icons, illuminating them with seven candles:

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

An important point. Each of the 3 very rare prayers that look like a magic conspiracy, write by hand on a piece of paper.

Read the prayers of the Seven Crosses should be sutra seven times in a row, while diligently baptizing.

How to follow the ritual for the whole family

Sometimes it happens that the sorcerers cause damage or the evil eye not on the person himself, but on his house. In this case, the dwelling, where we spend a lot of time, takes away from the object of witchcraft charms all the reserves of its vital energy.

The ritual of such a complex magical action puts a heavy burden not only on the victim of the slander, but also on the magician himself.

Preparatory activities

Before you start reading the Seven Cross Crosses that protect the house, in order to neutralize the effect of the induced curse, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • to clean the room from the negative influence of the sorcerous promise;
  • put prayer shields charms for each family member;
  • removing damage, install a protective amulet for the house.

A special kind of preparation for reading the prayer of the Seven Crosses for the protection of the whole family will be the liberation of consciousness from evil thoughts. It is important not to charge anyone, even if you know who the fatal problems are for the family.

Higher forces and so it is known who is responsible for your troubles.

Creation of guard prayer

For the ritual will require 7 consecrated candles in the church. Having calmed down and straightened your breath, you need to imagine that your house, along with you, envelops a transparent cover, blazing with an excess of positive energy.

Mentally stretch the magic coverlet so that it covers not only each family member, but envelops your home completely. In illuminating the surrounding area with a sign of the cross, proceed to the pronunciation of the prayer word form Seven Crosses:

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

Other prayers, charms for the whole family

With whatever prayerful words you would not refer to the images of Orthodox icons, help always comes, if you pray with sincere faith, and deeds are godly. Protecting prayers, like wonderful conspiracies, create an invisible shield against wittingly or unwittingly induced evil by the power of subtle vibrations with positive energy.

There are many more prayers to protect the home and family with the help of a prayer shield.

Under the auspices of Archangel Michael

To strengthen the physical body, as well as the morale, they address with prayer to Archangel Michael, the supreme Angel. The leader of the host of the Lord (archangel) led the army of angels in the fight against demons, pointed the way to Moses, who led the Jews out of the desert.

Many miracles are connected with the image of Archangel Michael, which is why the Orthodox consider his icon to be the strongest, turning to it for protection against any troubles for themselves and family members.

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

The action of the appeal to the Archangel Michael is analogous to the prayer of the Seven Crosses. For the expulsion of the conductors of the dark forces and the creation of a talisman for every day, a short prayer conspiracy is read during the morning prayer:

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

Create a shield from all ills

There is no man who would not have enemies not only obvious, but even hidden concealing anger. In order to form an impenetrable barrier against all types of detractors, you should consciously read the guardian phrases of a unique prayer. A prayer against the wiles of all enemies is called forty-strong, referred to as unbreakable amulets, which cannot be broken.

The sacred text is composed in the spirit of pagan and Orthodox traditions, but without disrupting the balance of power.

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

If someone tries to harm you after the rite, he will very quickly be hit back. In the case of overt enemies, the words of Unstoppable Prayer are repeated three times, if the ill-wishers did not manifest themselves, but their evil intentions are known — one reading is enough.

The magic help of the Virgin

You can turn to God at any time, because a person around the clock is under the protection of higher powers. The miraculous prayer of the Dream of the Most Holy Theotokos can also be classified as a protective conspiracy according to the type of the Seven Crosses treatment.

In the church’s understanding, the word “dream” is associated with a request or prayer, and reading sacred phrases saves even in the most terrible life situations.

However, it should be borne in mind that the Dreams of the Most Holy Theotokos is a collection of 77 prayer texts, short and easily remembered. The most frequently used versions of the Virgin’s vision of present and future events include the following parables from the collection of Dreams of the Virgin Mary:

  • “Protection from trouble” — for the family, especially children;
  • “For all salvation” — guarded from troubles, problems;
  • «For all healing» — help with diseases of the soul and body;
  • “For fulfillment of desire” — for a bright future for all family members;
  • “Prayer-request” is a powerful force of healing and protection from all misfortunes.

By purchasing a prayer book in which all the Dreams are collected, you can choose a prayer for a specific life situation. For example, such:

Protecting prayers - Seven Crosses - for the whole family

Whatever miraculous prayer you choose, be sure that the prayer conspiracy is sure to help by creating powerful protection around you and your family members. This secret knowledge was used in antiquity.

In order to receive help from the guardian of the word, one should purify the soul, have patience, sincerely believing in God and finding God’s Grace.

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