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Prayers to the Virgin on Annunciation on April 7

Prayers to the Virgin on Annunciation on April 7

The feast of all Christians, the Annunciation is a truly great day, which symbolizes one of the most important moments in the life of the Most Holy Theotokos. No wonder he is very honored among all denominations.

The value of the Annunciation

Annunciation means «good news.» Proceeding from the Gospel of Luke, on April 7, the Archangel Gabriel himself appeared to the Mother of God to tell the good news that she would give birth to the Son of God and the Savior of the world — Jesus Christ.

Up to 14 years, the Virgin Mary lived in the temple, where she was raised and trained. Upon reaching this age, the rules of that time obliged the girl to leave the temple and get married. Maria refused to marry because she swore an oath to God that she would keep her virginity forever. She was sent to the righteous elder Joseph in Nazareth, where Mary began to live without fear for her promise.

She led a modest and detached life.

Some time later, the angel Gabriel appeared to her. With a perplexity, Mary asked how conception is possible while maintaining chastity. The angel replied that conception would be holy, for the Holy Spirit would overshadow it, giving the Savior to the world.

The God-fearing Mary agreed and accepted the message, saying, «Let it be as it pleases my Lord.»

This is the Annunciation, the story of the conception of Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of the Gospel, the beginning of the story of the one who takes over all our sins and will die on the cross.

Prayers for April 7

On this holiday, prayers to the Mother of God are read in every Christian home and in every church. Basically, women read prayers, since this holiday is truly feminine. It shows what the true servant of God should be.

The Virgin Mary is the ideal to which the believing soul must strive.

The most famous and most important prayer to the Virgin on the Annunciation is “Mother of God, Virgin, rejoice”:

Hail to the Virgin Theotokos, Gracious Mary, the Lord is with You, Blessed are You in women, and blessed is the fruit of Your womb, as the Savior bore our souls.

There is also a famous voice, which is also customary to read for the holiday:

Preach to the earth, great joy, praise the heavenly glory of God.
Yako animate the nod of God, yes the hand of the bad will touch in the same way.
Orally, the faithful to the Theotokos silently voice the voice of an angel singing with joy, let them cry with joy: Rejoice, Most Blessed One, the Lord is with You.

On April 7, any prayers that glorify the Virgin Mary and her resilience in the face of evil are recited. This is the most loving mother and the most powerful woman who took the pain and outlived her son. Her grief was great and even endless on the day when she learned about his death.

On April 7, we remember that bright moment when the angel descended from heaven to rejoice the Virgin Mary. Read the prayers and go to the temple for a festive liturgy. Take time to commemorate the great day when it became known that the world would be saved and our sins forgiven. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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