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Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

In most world religions you can find a reference to angels. In a difficult life situation, I also had the opportunity to feel the support of my holy defender.

Now, I begin my morning with a prayer to the Guardian Angel, for each day of the week a certain Angel is fixed.

Daily speaking with thanksgiving words to the heavenly guard, I receive the real protection of the Lord and blessing for good deeds. Now I want to introduce you to the prayers of great power, may they also become your support and protection.

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

Angels: what are these creatures

These are spiritually native to the believing creatures that are next to him, protect and support the Orthodox every moment of their lives. The messengers of the Lord are spiritual beings without gender and age who have no physical envelope.

What is included in the official duties of the righteous servants of the Most High:

  • protection and assistance to his ward;
  • warning against unkind acts;
  • transfer to the believer of divine will.

God attaches the Guardian Angel to each person who has undergone the rite of baptism. This righteous protector will be with you all your life, you will not see him personally, but you will daily feel the support of your heavenly friend.

The executors of God’s will, created by Him even before the appearance of mankind, are not subject to worldly temptations. There are quite a few references to the inhabitants of the spiritual world in Holy Scripture, where disembodied beings are defined as heralds of the will of God and his assistants in the salvation of human souls.

It is the Guardian Angels that is worth giving thanks for the emergence of the right thoughts that guide us to godly deeds.

It is not given to a person to see the heavenly messenger, since his face cannot be perceived by our brain, but will only blind and frighten. Therefore, on the canvases of icons, images of immortal spirits appear as beautiful young men, the heavenly essence of which is confirmed by huge wings behind their backs.

Only the righteous and strongly believing people are given a chance to see the angel in its real form, but it is not forbidden to pray to the heavenly guard.

What words do they call the Guardian Angel

Often, people alone have to resist the avalanche of problems, to experience the horror of loneliness, to fight with longing and despair. It is on the difficult stages of life’s journey, in order to avoid dangerous actions and unpredictable situations, that the baptized person calls the Guardian Angel to avoid losing the meaning of life. Every day any Christian can address the heavenly defenders with the following prayer words:

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

Interestingly, the Devil before his fall was considered the strongest heavenly spirit from the army of angels. But succumbing to pride, Lucifer rebelled against the Creator. The rebel equated himself to God, and the inhabitants of heaven who followed him turned into dark angels, bringing evil to people.

To gain protection from evil entities, Orthodox Christians every day call on their Guardian Angel with words of universal prayer.

Prayer to the angel, relevant in all life situations, is as follows:

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

Believers should be attentive to their words, deeds, and thoughts. The acts and thoughts of people are visible not only to the Most High along with the angels.

People are closely watched by evil spirits, ready to incline to fall at any moment.

Do not despair if you have stumbled, the Lord will always come to the rescue when a person sincerely repented of his bad deeds. Give prayers to the Almighty, ask for hints from the Guardian Angel, he will support in a difficult moment, point the way to salvation, as a guide and participant in the life-affirming plan of the great Creator.

In order to ensure the success of the coming day, in the morning read the prayer call to the heavenly messenger, designated by God for you:

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

Upon completion of work or weekend, protect the night’s sleep with a laconic prayer message to your personal divine advocate:

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

When they turn to the Guardian Angel

The consciousness of a true Christian never leaves the confidence in the help and support of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose followers are angels recognized. Therefore, believers every day thank their spiritual protector, listen to his advice, they sound in the soul with an inner voice.

Sinners are devoid of divine protection until the moment of confession with sincere repentance of sinful acts.

When God’s prayers ask God for angelic protection:

  • in the early morning, before the start of a new day;
  • late in the evening, before going to bed;
  • going on the road, whether it is near or far;
  • preparing for surgery, on the eve of long-term treatment;
  • starting a difficult case, waiting for its successful completion.

It is allowed to ask your personal guard for help in any undertakings — love affairs, family relations, production issues. Guardian angel prayed to improve health, gaining good luck in good deeds.

Prayer must be learned by heart, and you can repeat it not only out loud, but also about yourself, regardless of the time of day, but with confidence in finding help.

Calls to the archangels on days of the week

In the hierarchy of saints of the Orthodox faith, the Guardian Angels occupy the highest level and are ranked as archangels, through whom God gives his blessing to believers. According to Scripture, each holy helper is assigned a sphere of influence, therefore, with a specific request, it is better to turn to the archangel defined by canons.

You can appeal to your angelic patron with any petitions and questions.

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

In the bosom of the Orthodox Church, to help true Christians who have been baptized, the Lord singled out seven senior angels responsible for each day of the week.

  1. Early in the morning of Monday they turn to Archangel Michael for help. Words of prayer from the most revered envoy of God asked for protection from the attack of the devil, the wiles of evil forces and evil.
  2. The day of Tuesday is dominated by the heavenly guard Gabriel. Archangels pray for protection from disease, because it was he who brought the news that the Virgin Mary will give birth to the Savior. In prayer appeal ask for recovery.
  3. The average day of the week (Wednesday) under the intercession of the Archangel Raphael. The believers of God’s will believers ask for healing not only physical, but also spiritual wounds.
  4. On Thursday prayers are addressed to the fiery defender of faith in the Lord, Uriel. The warrior of light guarding the gates of paradise pray for enlightenment and a deep knowledge of the wisdom of God.
  5. The charitable affairs of Friday are guarded by the guardian of the Lord Selaphiel. Prayer to the Archangel on this day of the week will help find the righteous path to reunite with God, resist the blows of fate.
  6. Sabbath prayer is dedicated to Archangel Yehudhiel. The disciple of the Lord will help overcome laziness, bestow zeal, the angel will bless for the glorification of the Most High.
  7. On Sunday morning, ending the week, they cry out with prayer to the elder angel, Barajiel. The power of faith of the Archangel calls for people to correct and repent of sins.

The opinion of the clergy: the sincerity of an unshakable faith in God along with the right way of life strengthens the power of the divine protector. It is important to remember every day the gratitude to the Guardian Angel for support in good deeds, but there will be no help in evil intentions.

To experience the intercession of the Higher Forces, offer prayers of thanks to the Lord and the saints, the Archangels. Prayer services can be ordered in the temple, pray to your angel at home, in the evening of any day of the week, contact him with the words:

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

A collection of prayers to the Guardian Angels for every day

Take time to appeal to God through the prayers to the Archangels. Prayer books for each angel are collected by me on the days of the week.

May the sacred word forms help you in the same way as they helped me overcome the difficulties of my life’s journey, strengthen the invisible but eternal connection with the Lord through a personal angel.

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week

How to do the prayer rite

Words of gratitude to the Guardian Angel before and after prayer are important not only for the spokesmen of God’s will. For the praying person, the feeling of gratitude becomes the certainty that the prayers for the charm for each day will be understood and appreciated if the ritual is performed in accordance with the rules:

  • mentally tune in to appeal to the light creature;
  • calm your thoughts, listen to inner feelings;
  • quietly pronounce the words of the prayer, representing the angelic appearance.

After the prayer, stay alone with your thoughts, think about your affairs, evaluate what ideas you are able to implement. Referring to the Archangels in the evening of each day of the week, evaluate day events, analyze the symbols of past dreams, so as not to miss the answer of the heavenly intercessor.

For example, if in prayer the angel was asked to improve his health, do not violate the doctor’s prescription, it is they who can lead to recovery. If your request is related to love relationships, do not refuse a new meeting or an unexpected offer, they can be fateful.

Your petitions will come true through the intercession of an angel, but the interpretation of the will of the Lord may differ from your ideas of what is desired.

When appealing to the Guardian Angels for help, remember that you receive the blessing and the almighty power of forgiveness from God through his helpers. In moments of despair and loneliness, you will find peace in the warm embrace of the invisible guides of God’s will.

Finally, I want to share with you my little secret. I feel the help of my Guardian Angel every moment, and the reason is in a short prayer rule that has already become a habit.

Crossing the threshold of any room (entering or leaving it), I say the magic words to myself. The formula of a small prayer-like conspiracy provides me with constant angelic protection:

Prayers to the Guardian Angel for each day of the week.

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