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Prayers to the Archangels for each day of the week

Prayers to the Archangels for each day of the week

Sometimes we need advice, guidance, help and support every day. Believers in difficult life situations pray to the Archangels, each of whom patronizes a particular day of the week.

God’s Messengers: What They Preserve, and What Day They Will Pray

Archangels occupy one of the highest levels in the Christian religion. The ascension of the petition to the angel will be heard more quickly if the Orthodox traditions are observed and the Holy One is respected on the very day of his angelic patronage. The archangel from the Greek means the angelic messenger.

He is the eldest and chief among the higher ranks of angels. According to the classical canons of the Church, it is considered that there are only eight archangels.

But in many biblical books the most famous and powerful Saints are mentioned — these are the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Each of the eight envoys is endowed with a specific mission and goal, which he must convey to humanity. They are the work of enlightenment, education and guidance in one of the vital areas for which the Angel is responsible.

Molebens for petition by the day of the week

All the Archangels are in a hurry to help people. They patronize if they see sincere faith in the power of the Almighty, spiritual strength and depth of a person. A prayer book to the Holy can be canonical, but does not exclude a free maxim.

You can contact the Angels mentally or aloud through a clear and easy to understand prayer book.

You must clearly know the purpose of your request, the thoughts of a person must be pure and unselfish. After all, the archangels are given the ability to penetrate into our consciousness, warning and warning against the danger of those whom they strongly support.

  • On Monday morning prayer address the archangel Michael. He is the most important messenger of God and one of the revered characters of the Bible. He is often called the “Leader of the Lord’s army”. Michael is able to protect from misfortunes and misfortunes, to hinder the plans of enemies, to pacify enemies, to send the warring parties to the creative mainstream;
  • On Tuesday, gain salvation by referring to the words of prayer to Gabriel. He is considered the power of God and entrusts his future to him. Because he is the bearer of joyful and good news. They pray to him about the health of sick relatives, about endowing the strength and health of newborn babies;
  • On Wednesday, worship Raphael and receive the healing of God. He is able to relieve from spiritual and physical suffering, to heal the heart from love wounds, and the body from physical injuries;
  • Thursday devote the prayer-book to Uriel. He is referred to as God’s light, giving hope for a happy outcome of events. It is this archangel that is able to direct towards enlightenment those who are confused and have gone from the path of the righteous. He appears in a dream not only to believers, but also to ignoramuses, who are able to get out of their darkness on the “Fire of God”;

Prayers to the Archangels for each day of the week

  • On Friday, it is customary to pray to Selafiel. The angel will betray his strength and confidence to ambitious and active people who are striving for success in their careers, personal life and society as a whole. He asks before God for his intercessor and prompts a man to strengthen his faith in the Most High;

Prayers to the Archangels for each day of the week

  • Saturday is the day of remembrance and veneration of Archangel Yehudiil. His name means «God’s praise.» He encourages a person to be active, eliminates sinful laziness and reveals the high performance of the believer. Prayers to this Saint help develop their own potential and find new opportunities for physical and spiritual growth. Appeal to it also contributes to the well-being and viability of the worshiper;

Prayers to the Archangels for each day of the week

  • Sunday pay attention to Barachil. His name is associated with God’s blessing in every work. Any undertaking will be kind and promising after a frank conversation in the prayer book with this Saint;
  • The eighth Archangel Jeremiel is mentioned, whose name means «God’s height.» His story is associated with a sign indicating the end of the fall and the beginning of the kingdom of righteous life. You can read it on any day of the week, when a person feels his approach to God. This means that he is resurrected and begins to rise in his spiritual beginning.

Prayer books for the Archangels every day: how to read and what to say

The canonical texts of the prayers of the Archangels are brief and informative. They should be pronounced thoughtfully and with an understanding of what was said.

A prayer may be accompanied by the personal request of the believer and be a little arbitrary appeal.

It is advisable to read prayers to the archangels for each day in the morning, after washing with holy water. Light a church candle in front of the holy images.

So your words will reach the Angels faster and will be clearer to them.

When asking for the hidden, let go of the insult, bitterness, regret. Immerse yourself in silence and try to connect with spiritual forces, finding contact with each Archangel. Prayers to the holy messengers of God can also be offered on their memorial day.

Thus, the eighth (twenty-first) November is considered to be a general commemoration and celebration of the Day of Heavenly Forces.

Biblical Saints and Strong Prayers to Angels by Day

The Christian religion is about a clear hierarchy of angels. Archangel Michael and Gabriel are considered to be the closest to God.

They wear the rank of commander in chief or archangel. A prayer book addressed to these angels always helps to be closer to God.

Michael patronizes the best part of humanity. He can protect selected families or even entire nations. Prayer to Archangel Michael, pronounced every Monday, can give a charge for the whole week, bestow courage, optimism, rational vanity and the will to win:

Prayers to the Archangels for each day of the week

According to the biblical tribute, at first God created a lot of archangels, and at the head set the cleverest and most beautiful angel, Lucifer. Dennitsa overcame pride and vanity, he began to revolt and decided to overthrow God.

And at that moment one of the angels asked the rest of “Mi ka El?” From the Hebrew which means — who is like God?

Michael or Michael overthrew Dennits and other fallen spirits. Dennitz became known as the devil, and Michael became an approximate God and led the angelic army.

Since then, Michael — is a human savior, defeating the devil, sometimes languishing in themselves. On the icons he tramples down Lucifer with his feet, holding a spear in his right hand, and in the left a green date branch.

The prayers to Michael are very effective and can greatly change the life of an Orthodox person.

The holy words in front of the icons of the Archangel Michael help the faithful to God to deal not only with life’s troubles and problems. They pray to him for the healing of the sick, and also ask to protect the souls of the dead, accompanying them to heaven.

Temples, churches, sources and places, possessing miraculous power and energy of good, inexplicable in scientific circles, are dedicated to St. Michael. Many times, Michael appeared to people and performed miracles.

It is believed that it was he who appeared to the Pope during a terrible epidemic and saved the city from the plague.

During the invasion of Khan Batu in Novgorod, the chief archangel appeared to the Tatar ruler and forbade attacking the city. Khan retreated, believing in the punitive power of the archangel.

The miracle of the salvation of Novgorod spread throughout the entire Orthodox world.

Praying to Archangel Michael is possible on the day of his commemoration on November 21. Separately commemorated angel and September 19. On this day, he saved a temple in the town of Honek from being flooded.

Catholics celebrate the day of Michael on September 29 and May 8.

Prayers to the Archangel Gabriel have no less miraculous power than the appeal to Michael. Prayer books to him can be performed for the next dream.

At the same time, prayer can be common, addressed to all the archangels.

It is Gabriel who comes with good news in dreams and in reality. He was called by God to guard the paradise and the cherubim.

Also has the honorary title of Archangel — Archangel. Revealing the secrets of the future, the angel urges not to turn away from the path of the righteous, to follow his goal and pray to the Almighty for salvation.

In the Gospel it is written that Gabriel was sent to the Virgin Mary with the news of her pregnancy and the birth of Jesus Christ. This day (March 25) is celebrated as the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos.

From this moment on, the image of the Archangel Gabriel stands for women who dream of motherhood and want to know the happiness of marriage.

Prayer to Gabriel, read on Tuesday: Holy Archangel Gabriel! Assign me, a servant of God (name), to repent from evil deeds and affirm our faith, strengthen the soul from temptation and beg the creator about the absolution of my sins.

Do not despise us, sinners, and yet be a helper to us. Praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the age of the ages.

Healer of God — so called Raphael. He will go where the prayer calls him to come, but he cannot cure the one who refuses spiritual healing.

His power is in the faith of human and spiritual insight of the suffering.

True Christians believe that the presence of Raphael itself gives comfort. It helps to relax, eliminates anxiety, relieves stress.

The angel is responsible for the mental state of a person, so people who suffer from unrequited love, who mourn the loss of loved ones, often ask for help from the face of the Holy One. You can pray to him in the morning and evening, at home and in the temple.

But be sure after each petition do not forget to thank the savior.

Appeal to Rafaila those who are engaged in healing, travel a lot, helping people in their troubles and problems. He is considered the patron of doctors, healers, people involved in all kinds of charity.

On the icons Raphael is depicted with a large fish in his left hand. By giving, it is with the help of the fish that the archangel helps to cure blindness and drive away the demon.

Some sacred books describe that the Archangels Michael and Raphael often help people together, one by protecting and protecting, and the other by healing the believers.

Prayer to Archangel Raphael is read on Wednesday and contains the following text: The Great Archangelism Raphael! You are the guide, the doctor and the healer, guide me to salvation and deliver me from all the illnesses of my mental and physical and bring me to the throne of God.

Pray to him for my sinful soul, may the Lord forgive me and save me from all my enemies and evil people, now and in the age. Amen.

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