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Prayers to the angels for each day of the week

Prayers to the angels for each day of the week

Words addressed to angels will help strengthen the subtle energy of the spiritual world. A daily reading of the prayer will put a strong defense against evil and problems.

Prayers to angels are distinguished by their laconicism. At first glance they may seem short, but they contain all the most necessary things. They were preachers, given the spiritual energy of each day of the week.

A certain angel rules every day, and his power will help you achieve unity with the divine principle.

Who are the angels

The angel is the messenger and doer of the will of the Lord. As stated in the Holy Scriptures, spiritual beings were created long before the appearance of people. Without a physical body of a certain gender and not knowing human temptations, they are righteously serving the Lord.

Their duties include the direct transfer of orders of God. A true kind of angel can frighten, blind or deprive a person of speech. Therefore, in their true guise, they appear only before the righteous or people whose faith is especially strong. To ordinary people, they are in a form that can be perceived painlessly and easily.

In the iconography they are depicted conditionally, like young men with large wings behind their backs.

Archangels do not have a personality according to the Holy Scriptures. But fame got because of the mention in the Bible. Each angel played a certain role in the history of the formation of Christianity.

Many people turn to their help.

Prayers for every day of the week

Monday. On the first day of the week, we must turn to Archangel Michael, who with his power will help scare away evil power and evil. Prayer to the angel is as follows:

“Oh, Saint Michael, your angelic help will help God’s servant (name) to gain the intercession of God. Save me from trouble, enemies, the power of the devil, the fall. Implore the Lord to help my soul, may His strength strengthen my vulnerability to the influence of evil.

Forever and ever. Thanks God. Amen».

Tuesday. This day is ruled by the Archangel Gabriel, whose good news helped to feel the love of the Lord. It was Gabriel who informed the Virgin Mary about the soon-to-be birth of the Savior. In prayer, people can pray to the angel for healing from diseases:

“Oh, Great Gabriel, illumined with Divine light, knowing about incomprehensible secrets and enlightened by the Lord, hear my prayer! I ask you to strengthen my faith. Advance me (name) to repent of all sins and protect my heart from temptations. Ask the Lord for the forgiveness of my soul, let the Most High take pity and let my sins go.

Saint Gabriel, do not leave my request unheard, I call for help and pray for forgiveness, glorifying Your name, the Lord and His Son without ceasing. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Wednesday. In the middle of the week should read the prayers to the angel Raphael. His intercession will help heal the spiritual and physical ailments. Prayer sounds like this:

“Oh, Holy Archangel Raphael! You, the great healer, be your strength to the servant of God (name) and help me to heal the sickness of body and soul. Lead me to God and help me find his intercession.

May the sins that destroy my soul disappear, as I bear repentance in my words and deeds with all my heart. Save me from all enemies and their evil words. From now and forever and ever.


Thursday. On this day, a prayer to the angel Uriel will help you not to step down from the path of faith in God:

“Oh, Holy Angel of God Uriel, you are the enlightener of the Divine. Do not let the confusion of my thoughts and save your heart, soul, will from sins. Lead me by the power of the Holy Spirit on the right path, help me repent of sins before Heavenly Lord.

Archangel Wiiril, beseech the Lord to deliver my soul from eternal suffering, from hell and enemies on the path of righteous life. Forever and ever. Amen».

Friday. Archangel Selaphiel is in command of this day. His power will help reunite with God and find the righteous way of life. Prayer to the angel will help to keep the blows of fate:

“Oh, the Great Selafiel! Good God, praying for believers, ask the Lord for forgiveness for my soul. Let your help save me from all misfortunes, illnesses and misfortunes. May God hear my prayers and descend his Divine help to the sinful slave (name).

Forever and ever. Amen».

Saturday. On the Sabbath day it is customary to praise the Archangel Yehudiil. His intercession will give zeal and help fight laziness and inaction. The prayer is as follows:

“Oh, Archangel Yehudhiel! You are the protector of the glory of the Lord and help sinful people praise the Lord of Heaven. Awaken in me (name) diligence, but beg God for deliverance from the feeling of laziness. Help me, O Great Heavenly Forces, to work for the glory of the Lord and not to go out of the way.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Sunday. Before the Sunday service, it is customary to praise the angel Barachiel, who by his power instructs people on the path of correction and repentance to our Father. The holy text is usually read in the morning:

“O Great Angel of God, Barachiel. You, Holy One, bring the blessings of the Lord into people’s souls. Pray for my soul before the Most High, I will forgive mercy and parting words on the path of my correction.

Let my body know no sickness, and in life accompany me an abundance of God’s help. Save the soul of God’s slave (name) and give strength to overcome obstacles. Praise the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


It is worth taking into account the daily reading of prayers at home. Each angel will help to gain patronage and get help. It will be a strong defense against all worldly temptations and a new stage of spiritual growth. May every new day bring you happiness, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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