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Prayers to St. Trifon about work

Strong prayer to St. Trifon about work — when does she help

My husband had a very bad job (he left before everyone else and returned home after all, and he was constantly called on weekends, so his children almost never saw him). At the same time, because of his age, he did not risk changing his job, no matter how much I asked.

I decided to go the other way: I began to turn to the Lord and St. Trifon, reading the prayer «To work.» When I had a moment, I ran to the church and put a candle there, and on other days I prayed at home.

And you know, two weeks have passed, and the spouse came home happy: on the way, he met a friend who has his own business, and this friend, knowing the reliability and honesty of my spouse, invited him to head his accounting department. It is finished!

The text of the strongest prayer for work

People wanting find / change jobs and to improve their financial situation in every way, read this prayer:

Prayers to St. Trifon about work

If you think that finding a profitable place with a decent payment prevents someone’s damage, or in an existing job you are in every way hampered by an unkind person (and not only gossip, but also the evil eye or even black magic are used in the course). Trifonu with prayer against corruption:

Prayers to St. Trifon about work

Finally, if the state of your affairs is extremely deplorable, if troubles are simply spilling from all sides, read a more extended version of the previous prayer. It is called «From the wiles of the devil».

Prayers to St. Trifon about work

When can I read a “working” prayer?

  • You are unemployed and are looking for at least some (or specific, specialty) place.
  • You want to change the place to a more convenient geographically, profitable, prestigious, with a friendlier team, better social package, official registration or for any other reason.
  • You have just settled into a new place and have not settled down in a team yet, have not dealt with official duties.
  • There are problems in your work and you are afraid that you will be deprived of bonuses, or even reduced (fired).
  • You were sitting in one place and you want to grow, develop, make a successful career.
  • You dream to open your own business.
  • You are a manager (entrepreneur) who is at a dead end and does not know how to organize work and team properly.

The rule of church and home prayer

When asking for a job, remember: do not count on evil. For example, Trifon will not transmit to the Lord prayers asking for dismissal (illness, death) of a disagreeable leader or employee preventing you from climbing the career ladder.

If you are aiming at your neighbor’s workplace, ask for good: for example, that this person should release his chair, rising even higher, or (if it is a woman), she has gone on a long-awaited decree.

The thing you want to do should be pleasing to the Lord. It is not a sin to pray that they send you the work of a baker, an office courier, a chief accountant or a handyman at a construction site.

But do not even begin to ask for money from gambling, selling alcohol, selling stolen goods.

Even daily attending church (although you can pray at home) don’t wait for the “balls”. Rarely to whom do employers themselves knock on the door.

You need to buy newspapers or go to job placement sites, create a competent (and honest, but not modest) resume, and then send it to the maximum number of employers.

Whether to buy icon holy martyr Tryphon? I think yes.

Before her, you can pray not only about work, but also about healing from diseases, about spiritual joy, so this image will definitely be useful in your family iconostasis.

Why we turn specifically to Trifon: the short life of the saint

Prayers to St. Trifon about work

Trifon was born in a very religious family in the year 250 in the city of Campsada (Frisia, the territory of modern Turkey).

The name of this person was covered with legends almost from childhood. For example, it says that he often healed the sick, cast out demons from the afflicted (even imperial blood), and all this with the help of sincere prayer.

It is also known that it was to him that the residents of his native city were obliged to be freed from creeping reptiles, who were destroying urban supplies and threatened people with hunger.

Unfortunately, this lad did not live long. The cruel Emperor Traian came to power, deciding to eradicate Christianity. Trifon was also captured.

The young man was terribly tortured, but he did not renounce his faith, for which he was beheaded.

Prayers to St. Trifon about work

The relics of the saint are kept in the city of Kotor (Montenegro), in the Cathedral dedicated to this martyr. In addition, some of them can be worshiped in Russia (temples of Moscow and Pereyaslavl) and in Ukraine (in Kiev).

The miracles of the martyr that happened after his death

The priest from the Moscow church on Trifonovskaya street says: the saint often helps people in finding work, as well as to find lost valuables. He helped many people in solving the housing problem.

And this is in our skeptical times!

But of course, the most interesting legend about the saint will be story about princely gyrfalcon. With him in his hand, Russian icon painters depict Trifon on icons.

At the time of Tsar John the Terrible, a man named Trifon served the ruler. Somehow on the hunt the king lost his gyrfalcon (and at that time it was a very valuable property). He sent Tryphon to the forest to look for a bird.

The man was very worried, because he knew that the king, famous for his sharp temper, could be very angry if the gyrfalcon would not be found.

For three days Trifon was searching for a hunting bird, but all in vain. In the end, he fell to the ground in exhaustion and prayed to his saint (martyr Trifon), asking for help. And fell asleep.

And he sees a dream: a beautiful young man rides to him through the forest on a snow-white horse, and on his arm sits a feathered loss.

The man woke up, looking: and the gyr — here it is, on a nearby tree.

Trifon took the bird to the king and spoke in detail about the heavenly helper, who did not leave him in trouble. And later, at the place where the saint appeared to him in a dream, he erected a chapel.

Prayers to St. Trifon about work

And probably It is precisely because of this case that Trifon in Russia is considered a quick-hearted assistant in working affairs..

The life of this saint is complex, especially the martyrdom. How to explain it to the child?

I propose a film-story, shot specifically for babies. He will introduce them to Trypho, his feat for the faith, and of course, the very same story with the royal merlin:

Church date of veneration of the saint

The 14th of February (old style — February 1).

Important! Nowadays there is no person who would not know that on this day it is customary to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

True, not even every Orthodox person knows that we celebrate the memory of Saint Valentine’s day on July 6th. Completely on other days!

And on February 14, the Orthodox Church commemorates the martyr Tryphon, as well as St. Peter of Galatia and the martyrs Filitsitatu, Perpetuyu, Satornil, and other saints (including the new martyrs).

Here is how the Orthodox priest commented on the importance of St. Trifon, as well as the secular customs associated with Valentine’s Day:

  • The holy martyr Trifon was beheaded in the 3rd century in Frisia (now one of the regions of Turkey).
  • During his lifetime he was a healer, and also cast out demons. After death Trifon was also famous for many miracles. In particular, he helped a simple man, who served Ivan the Terrible, to find a hunting bird that flew away from the king. Therefore, in Russia, at first, the saint prayed for the solution of complex working questions, and then began to ask for help in finding a new job.
  • The temple created a special prayer for people looking for work, wanting to change it, open their own business or solve certain work problems. However, if you think that the “sticks in the wheels” do not put you unsuccessfully in the circumstances of life, and the evil eye, damage or even the intrigues of the devil, you can supplement your daily prayer with special words in which you will ask Tryphon to protect you from such misfortune.

And in this forty-minute film you can hear the Akathist to St. Trifon, that is, the church hymn in honor of this saint, recorded during the holy service:

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