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Prayers to St. George the Victorious for protection from enemies, help and health

Prayers to St. George the Victorious for protection from enemies, help and health

May 6, believers pay homage to St. George the Victorious. On this day, prayers to the great martyr acquire a special miraculous power that can help get rid of many problems.

St. George the Victorious is one of the greatest Orthodox martyrs. He earned the respect and love of people for miraculous deeds. Great martyr George died for his faith and love for Christ during the persecutions many centuries ago.

He steadfastly and courageously fought for true religion, for which he paid with his life.

Nowadays, many people turn prayers to the martyr and always receive His help and immediate support. Prayers to St. George the Victorious encompass a powerful force. They help to enlist the support of the saint to overcome any troubles and misfortunes.

Of course, it is necessary to remember that only he will receive the help of George, who sincerely believes in the Lord and in the miraculous power of the saints.

Prayer for protection from enemies

Many Orthodox people know that St. George the Victorious was distinguished by courage and bravery. That is why the prayer for the protection of this saint is particularly effective and strong:

“Oh, holy martyr George! I ask you for help in prayers. Help me, great protector!

Protect me from my enemies and enemies, my house and my family. Save from evil and misfortune. Do not let misfortunes and sorrows burst into my life.

Let evil enemies who want to hurt me bypass the side. Let me live free, quiet and peaceful. Protect, I pray thee, holy. May I glorify your name!

Forever and ever. Amen».

George prayer for help

Like many Orthodox martyrs, the righteous George the Victorious is able to help in almost any situation in life. Words of prayer:

“Oh, great martyr and wonderworker George! Hear my prayers. All of us living on this earth are sinners. Beseech the Lord to let us our sins, forgive us for evil, sinful thoughts and give us our blessing!

I pray, reward us with courage and perseverance, for you are an example of honor and nobility. Let our faith be unbreakable. I pray You, Saint George, deliver us from troubles and grief.

Heal the disease, give strength to body and spirit. May we glorify your name, never forget the acts of your miraculous. May it be the will of the Lord. Forever and ever.


Prayer for the health of St. George the Victorious

“Oh, the greatest righteous! May thy name be glorified! Look at me and hear the words of my prayer to You. I repent and apologize for all sins.

I pray, take away all my pain, heal from diseases and afflictions. Give me recovery and my loved ones, for You, the miracle worker, are standing in Heaven next to our Lord. For He has endowed You with the power to heal any ailment.

May Thy Name be glorified! Amen. Amen.


The Orthodox saint George is glorified throughout the world. He is able to perform extraordinary miracles, heal people from any diseases, help in the most difficult situations and in any misfortunes. Devotees to the Lord, whose hearts are filled with genuine love for Christ, will surely receive the support and help of St. George.

We wish you happiness, health, long life and strong faith. take care of yourself and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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