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Prayers to Nikolai for help in business

Prayer for help in difficult matters to Nikolai Udodnik

I have been studying prayers for a long time and know their importance in human life. I recommend praying to Nikolai the Pleasant for help in any matters.

Today I will tell you how to do it correctly and what texts to use.

When to offer prayers

People who came to faith not so long ago naively believe that it is possible to pray only in certain situations. For example, when trouble came to life. Then it’s time to remember the prayer text and read it, hoping for the help of heaven.

But this is a completely wrong approach that threatens to turn any righteous person into a sinner.

Prayers to Nikolai for help in business

It is necessary to understand that prayer is a means for communicating with God. Of course, this communication can occur in moments when the soul is completely seized by despair or confusion.

It is not for nothing that it is believed that it is faith in such moments that helps a person to overcome difficulties and find peace of mind.

However, this does not give a reason to assert that only in difficult life situations a person can turn to heaven with a prayer. There are such prayers that are offered to thank the Creator for helping or telling about the secrets of his soul.

If we speak about those prayer texts that are usually offered without a special reason, we should mention one very interesting prayer. She is addressed to Nicholas the Pleasant, who is one of the most powerful intercessors.

Using this prayer, the righteous Christian is given the opportunity to ask for help in business and daily chores.

Who to pray?

Perhaps it is this question that spiritual mentors most often hear from people who have become churchly relatively recently. And this is quite normal. After all, their soul seizes doubt.

It completely obscures the mind, not allowing a sober reflection on this or that topic. Well, when people who doubt, still come with their questions to the spiritual mentor.

It is much worse when they try to get rid of oppressive doubts on their own, or even give up faith altogether.

That which seems completely inconsequential to other people, for a Christian, can simply be of immense importance. For example, fearing to commit such a sin as blasphemy, a person may completely refuse to read certain prayer texts.

Of course, this refusal cannot end with anything good.

Moreover, it is necessary to understand that the renunciation of faith is a decision, whispered by the Devil himself. A person must devote his whole life to the fight against evil forces.

Once listening to them, he will never be able to return to the righteous path. And this is the biggest mistake.

It is simply difficult for a person to recognize the fact that escaping from reality is wrong. It is much easier to simply declare yourself a person who is unable to properly prioritize life, than those who are ordinary lazy.

Remember that doubt does not lead to anything good. Of course, this statement can easily be challenged.

However, only if it is a question of a person who is already serving a sentence for attempting to conspire with the Devil and abandoning the faith.

Prayers to Nikolai for help in business

Indeed, it is not at all clear to many believers at the beginning who can offer prayers. And these are only experienced priests who have seen a lot in their age can know all the details of prayers.

To other people, they are often completely inaccessible. Especially when it comes to some prayers that are not so often used. But at the same time, the church insists that each person should independently choose whom he will offer the prayer to:

  • Most probably, it is the Creator that people most often offer prayers to. They believe that there is nothing wrong with that, using the well-known prayer “Our Father”, to ask the Creator for help. And no one takes to dispute this fact. Indeed, a righteous Christian, by asking for intercession and mercy, can turn directly to the Lord;
  • Jesus Christ — the Son of God made a huge sacrifice to give people the opportunity to continue to enjoy life. After all, he gave his own life to save other people. It is for this reason that it is believed that Jesus Christ is much more supportive of people, so it will be much easier to get forgiveness or mercy from him;
  • Our Lady — the priests strongly recommend women visiting the temple, be sure to pray to the Virgin Mary. It is she who is the woman whom the Lord himself has blessed. It is believed that the Mother of God is able to heal any ailment, save a person from spiritual anguish. Moms pray to the Virgin Mary, asking for welfare for their children. After all, the Virgin Mary, during her lifetime, also knew the joy of motherhood. Therefore, she will never refuse a harmless request to anyone who sincerely prays. Although this gives absolutely no guarantee that the request will necessarily be fulfilled;
  • Guardian angel — it is widely known that every person after birth has a heavenly protector. Of course, in this case we are talking exclusively about those children who have undergone the rite of baptism. Since the angel illuminates the life of a person, it is not difficult to guess why many people prefer to pray for them, asking for help in business;
  • Saints — they were all ordinary people during their lives. However, they managed to become famous for their deeds. Some of them have already been born with a certain force. However, there were those who only after putting the command found true strength.

Quite often, prayers were offered to the saints as well. It used to be considered wrong by the church.

However, later a huge number of prayers appeared, which were addressed exclusively to the saints.

Help Nicholas the Wonderworker

The most powerful of them is Nicholas the Pleasant, whose prayer for help will be considered. According to many priests, it is this saint who can easily convey the request of a man to the Lord.

And since he and in his life very much helped all the suffering and needy, then after death can not refuse. Nor can it be said that this statement is completely wrong.

Indeed, in the Bible there is a mention of the fact that Nicholas the Prophet is a saint close to the Lord.

The reason for this is a huge amount of good deeds that the saint managed to perform during mortal life. At the same time, he never grumbled about his fate, but only looked for an opportunity to improve the lives of other people and prayed tirelessly.

It is believed that it was thanks to such a righteous way of life and experiences for the entire human race, and not only for his own soul, Nicholas was able to become a saint.

When to ask the saint for help?

This question is also quite often asked by parishioners to priests. Since they do not fully understand what is meant by the term «case».

After all, things can be different.

Immediately it should be clarified that here we are talking about any urgent matters and problems that have already appeared or may appear in human life. For example, you can ask Nikolai Udolnik about such things:

  • employment assistance — problems with finding a job are a reason to offer prayer to this saint. However, it is necessary to clearly understand that a person should not completely rely on heavenly help in this matter;
  • Problem solving in a team — a good, friendly team today is a rarity. Different squabbles and petty quarrels quite often occur in a circle of colleagues. But sometimes they can have very negative consequences. To avoid this, you need to ask Nikolai Ugodnik for help in resolving workplace conflict;
  • protection from encroachment of those in power — quite often at work the bosses, as they say, take advantage of the situation. If this happens, you should offer a prayer and sincerely ask heaven for mercy.

Please note that you can ask for help in any endeavors. For example, if a Christian decides to open his own small business, he too can pray using one of those prayers that will be given in the article below.

But at the same time it is important to remember that it is necessary to ask for material benefits with extreme caution.

After all, wealth often corrupts people, so the Lord is somewhat suspicious of such requests. First of all, a person needs to prove that he is worthy of wealth.

Prayers to Nikolai for help in business

In addition, it is important to show readiness for independent problem solving. Agree that it is not too correct, to ask the heavens to ensure that all things go without the participation of man. Christians should also make as much effort as possible to achieve the goal.

And Nikolai the Benefactor will help him with this.

When choosing which prayer to read in a particular situation, you need to be guided more by the prompts of your heart. It will surely help the Christian to choose the right prayer.


  1. Prayers for help in matters can be offered not only to the Lord.
  2. The church considers the best assistant in such matters to Nicholas the Benefactor.
  3. It is this saint who is close to the Lord, and therefore possesses tremendous power.
  4. A prayer addressed to Nikolai Ugodnik can help a person in solving any problem.

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