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Prayers to Jesus Christ for everyday help

What prayers offer Jesus Christ every day

I pay special attention to the offering of prayers. Every day, I tell all my parishioners that it is prayer that allows them to engage in dialogue with the Lord.

By appealing to him, they can hope that heaven will hear a request for help and not refuse mercy. Today I will tell you what prayers Jesus Christ should read every day.

Why do you need to pray every day

It is often enough to hear from the priests that it is necessary to pray every day, and not only at those moments when a person has certain difficulties. This is a fair statement.

After all, before the face of danger, many begin to believe in God, because they want to protect themselves from difficulties by any means.

Prayers to Jesus Christ for everyday help

Of course, the church cannot forbid people to offer prayers at times of danger. However, if a person is a sinner who has never repented in his life, the chances that he will be helped will be negligible. It is for this reason that priests insist that it is necessary to read prayers every day.

And at the same time, it is necessary to pray not only to God, but also to his son, Jesus Christ.

Here are just a lot of criticisms of the Orthodox Church for the fact that it promotes the ascension of prayers in front of man-made icons, and for prayers addressed to Jesus Christ. Let us try to figure out whether these reproaches can make sense, and also consider the most famous and powerful prayers of Jesus Christ for help.

Do not create yourself an idol: why do Orthodox pray when they look at the image?

In the modern world there are a lot of people who are atheists. However, most of them abandoned the faith intentionally, as they were subject to certain rumors.

It is these rumors and blackened faith. And therefore, people with weak spirit decided to completely abandon the faith that, in their opinion, is pure idolatry.

Representatives of two churches had a huge impact on people’s minds:

In the scriptures, which is the main book of all believers, there are very important lines. These lines say that believers are forbidden to create idols for themselves. This truth is well known not only to people who frequent the church.

Many people who are far from faith are also well aware of this statement. Now it is actively used in everyday life by the older generation, which completely disapproves of the fact that today’s youth is inclined to exalt artists, actors and other public figures.

However, for many years this line from the Bible served as a reproach to all Christians who were members of the Orthodox Church. The reason for this was the fact that the Orthodox worshiped the holy icons and the Lord Jesus Christ. Basically, such an accusation could be heard from the Lutherans or Baptists.

They even compared it with the idolatry for which pagans were famous. But in reality there is absolutely no connection between holy icons and idolatry.

In addition, even a parallel between these two concepts is impossible.

Why can I pray the icon

Icons, first of all, are revered because they are a symbol of the Lord. As is known, the Bible itself mentions the symbols of God. And this is not proof that Orthodox Christians are doing something wrong.

Therefore, this can not in any way anger God.

The allegory with the pagans seems altogether ridiculous. It is no secret to anyone that the pagans worshiped idols because they considered them to be the personification of one of those divine creatures in which they believed. A true Christian will never accept the man-made icon of Jesus Christ for himself.

Because for believers it is just the image of the Lord.

Prayers to Jesus Christ for everyday help

Based on this, one can make a very simple, but extremely important conclusion. Protestants and sectarians tend to interpret scripture as they please.

They do not notice elementary things, but at the same time they hurry to reproach the Orthodox with what they do not understand.

It should also be mentioned that people who preach Lutheranism are extremely dissatisfied with the veneration of holy relics. Because they also regard idolatry.

However, it is extremely difficult to accept this. Because even in the Bible there are lines dedicated to subjects with grace power.

Therefore, to read such items is necessary. They can give people the power to overcome difficulties and cope with various ailments.

Is it possible to pray to Jesus Christ?

For any minister of the church such a question will seem at least strange. More precisely, it may even be misunderstood.

Because the Orthodox believe that the Lord does not forbid praying to Jesus Christ, the Mother of God. In addition, it is allowed to offer prayers:

  • patron saints;
  • pleasers;
  • guardian angels.

In addressing the saints, the church does not see anything wrong either. But precisely because of this “loyalty”, the Protestants began to reproach the Orthodox, as they considered this to be a daring disobedience.

As a weighty argument, Protestants tend to use the same phrase attributed to Jesus Christ. She says that Jesus Christ asked to pray not to him, but to the Lord. However, one cannot agree with the like.

Because in the Gospel there are many examples of how the laity offered prayers to Jesus. In addition, the disciples and lepers also offered prayers to Jesus Christ and asked for intercession.

Therefore, representatives of the Orthodox Church tend to consider such a ban as heresy.

Of course, they do not encourage prayers offered by people to other gods that are not true. However, one cannot deny the fact that the Son of God simply cannot be among them.

After all, he sacrificed his own life to save people.

It was Jesus Christ who stood up for sinners and granted them mercy to be forgiven. Therefore, it is not surprising that people want to offer prayers to their Savior, who is the son of the Creator.

And this can not be interpreted in a negative way. In particular, given the fact that there are many references to the prayers addressed to Jesus in the Bible itself.

Thus, it can be concluded that, in their own words, the Protestants themselves refute the will of the Lord or try to interpret it as they please, but this is a great sin.

Prayers for yourself: is it acceptable?

Perhaps this is the main controversial issue that causes many Orthodox people to doubt whether this is really resolved. For the same reason, most believers try to refuse to offer prayers to Jesus Christ for help, which can be read every day, since they believe that this will be equated with sin.

But not one of the believers wants to be a sinner. All well know, what severe punishment waits for all those who sin during life and does not honor the Lord.

And since people don’t want to go to hell, they try to make as few mistakes as possible.

Such caution and prudence, of course, are completely correct, but not in this case. If you turn to the Bible, then you can find very important lines in it that will answer this question. If you remember, it was the Son of God who gave the most perfect of prayers to people.

And this is the prayer «Our Father.»

People who offered this prayer at least once in their lives know perfectly well that there are lines of petition about themselves in it. And if the Savior gave such a prayer to his flock, it means that there can be no talk of forbidding people to pray for their salvation.

But it is necessary to try to remember one important thing. The fact is that many people, praying for the help of Jesus Christ and using a prayer for each day, make one common mistake.

They ask about what should not be. Here are some examples of the most common «wrong» requests addressed to the son of the Lord and the Creator himself:

  • petition for wealth;
  • prayer for the punishment of the sinner;
  • petition for the fulfillment of a cherished desire in exchange for repentance.

Strangely enough, but some people are really inclined to try to make deals with the Almighty and offer him something in return, which is completely unacceptable. Nor can one ask for enrichment or punishment for a person.

It is extremely important to remember that only the Lord knows what exactly his creation needs.

In addition, the decision to punish a person, he also takes on their own. If such thoughts torment a person, he can simply share his experiences and ask for enlightenment, but no more.

Otherwise, his request will not be heard or he will infuriate God altogether and the heavens will turn away from him.

Variants of prayers for each day

We present to your attention variants of prayer texts that can be offered to Jesus Christ every day. Each prayer to the savior has tremendous power and is able to help a person find the true path and cope with possible problems.

Prayers to Jesus Christ for everyday help

“O Lord, Jesus Christ! Do not turn Your face away from us, your servants (names) and with anger turn away from Your servants: help us, help us, do not deny us and do not leave us. ”


  1. The ascension of prayers is a sacrament that is sacred to every Christian.
  2. To offer prayers to Jesus Christ is not only possible, but necessary. At the same time, it is impossible to pay attention to various rumors and taunts being sent to the Orthodox Church.
  3. If doubts settle in a person’s heart, he must dispel them on his own. To do this, simply re-read the Bible.
  4. You can read a prayer addressed to Jesus Christ at home and in church. The church does not impose any restrictions on where to pray, and where you can not.
  5. You need to pray before the holy images. It is believed that, turning to God, Jesus Christ, the Mother of God and other saints, a person needs to see their image before them. This is necessary for the fact that it was easier for a person to tune in a certain way. Therefore, it is necessary to take care in advance to acquire these icons.

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