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Prayers to Archangel Michael are a very strong defense and guard against all evils.

The strongest prayer to Archangel Michael every day

I have been a clergyman for many years. Every day I do not get tired of repeating how much a prayer can help a person in everyday life. Prayer to the Archangel Michael is a very strong defense, which is impossible to penetrate, provided that a person is a true believer, leads a righteous way of life.

Now I will tell you how to address this saint, how he can help a person.

Veneration of Archangel Michael: the story of the greatest of angels

It is widely known that Archangel Michael is very revered in the Orthodox Church. That is why it is entirely reasonable that many Christians ask for intercession from him.

It is believed that this particular Angel can help people defend themselves from evil spells, diabolical temptation. In addition, people believe that it is the prayer addressed to this angel that can become a strong talisman for them.

And for this reason, it is read every day.

Prayers to Archangel Michael are a very strong defense and guard against all evils.

It is not a secret to anyone that Orthodox Christians venerate exclusively those saints and angels who could become famous for their outstanding deeds. If we are talking about the saints, then during their lifetime they were the righteous servants of the Lord.

It is for this reason that he rewarded them with a unique gift and, after his death, he called into his kingdom.

As for the angels, they are originally inhabitants of heaven:

  1. To understand the essence of angels, you need to ask for help from the scriptures. It clearly states that these creatures are creations of the Lord. He created them in his own image and endowed with a certain power.
  2. It is also known that angels have their own hierarchy. The archangels are the highest angels who are more powerful.
  3. Speaking about the origin of the word «angel», it should be mentioned that it means nothing more than «messenger». That is why all angels are called messengers of heaven.

The Acts of Archangel Michael

There are several lines in the Bible about the fall of angelic beings. However, there is not much information about this event. Although it is one of the fundamental.

Because it was at that time that the Devil was born. The one who defeated him was Archangel Michael.

It was he who was able to cast Satan into Hell. In the name of God, he defeated all demonic troops. It is not known for certain what exactly happened to those angels who were defeated by the heavenly host.

In one of the lines of the scripture there is a mention of the fact that they are all imprisoned in dungeons, bound in fetters and waiting for the Day of Judgment. Then the Lord will have to give them the true punishment.

The mention of exactly who cast Satan to Hell is not accidental. It is with this event that the Orthodox believe that the Archangel Michael is the strongest protector capable of helping a person.

For the same reason, they believe that the strongest prayer is that which is addressed to Archangel Michael. It is not difficult to hold an allegory. As you know, all bad comes from the Devil.

It is he who instills bad thoughts in people’s minds, tempts the soul and tests the heart. And if Archangel Michael was able to defeat the father of evil, then he will easily cope with his children.

Prayers to Archangel Michael are a very strong defense and guard against all evils.

It is noteworthy that this patron is able to help a person not only to cope with the temptations that the demons send. It is also believed that it is he who protects the Orthodox from bad people.

Spiritual mentors are sure that at the moment when a person finds himself in a difficult life situation, he must read the prayer addressed to Archangel Michael. Then he will surely help and send the person the power by which those who have evil intentions will fear.

What can prayer protect the Archangel Michael?

There are many options for prayers. Each prayer is a talisman against all adversity and unhappiness. Since Orthodox Christians can offer prayers not only to the Lord, but also to other saints, the question arises as to what exactly they protect.

After all, there is a perception that in a certain situation it is necessary to offer this or that prayer. And if a person does not know what kind of prayer to use, he will be denied help, because the saint simply cannot hear the request that has been exalted.

Immediately it is worth noting that this is a common misconception. In fact, the Lord hears all the prayers, like the other saints.

And so do not think that this is possible. However, it is recommended to remember with what exactly this or that saint can help. And since now we are talking about the intercession of Archangel Michael, let’s talk about what he is able to protect a believer from:

  • from the temptations that the Devil and his minions are sending;
  • from people who have evil intentions and want to harm;
  • from the magical effect, aimed at changing the fate for the worse or taking away the health of the beloved;
  • from surprise attacks and any tragic events.

In addition, spiritual leaders strongly recommend offering prayers to this powerful angel even if the soul of a person is tormented by something. After all, these torments can undoubtedly be the reason that a person will gradually begin to lose faith in the Lord.

Archangel Michael is able to help prevent this and help the Christian find the true path.

Therefore, if a person experiences any difficulties, but at the same time categorically refuses to share them even with a spiritual mentor, he can “talk” with the Archangel. It is with his help that he will find peace of mind.

And you can contact him very simply. To do this, it is enough to read a prayer and mentally ask those questions that excite and make a person feel the pangs of conscience.

Who can offer prayers to Archangel Michael?

Strangely enough, but spiritual masters hear such a question quite often. Since it is with him that those Christians who recently learned about the miraculous power of prayer come to the church.

Immediately it should be noted that to offer prayers to the Archangel, who with God’s help could overthrow Satan himself, can absolutely every person.

The prejudices about the fact that someone can not pray this Archangel, can be explained quite simply. As is known, there is a special tradition in Orthodoxy. According to this tradition, believers should offer prayers not only to the Lord, but also to their guardian angels.

This is a very ancient tradition that is well known today. It is believed that turning to your angel can help, as he will be the intercessor.

Therefore, even on the Day of Judgment, he will protect the soul of that person whom he has looked after.

Prayers to Archangel Michael are a very strong defense and guard against all evils.

And so many people who have other guardian angels are concerned with a similar question. After all, it seems to them that such a thing can be taken as disrespect for one’s own angel, who was put in charge by the Lord himself, in order to protect the person and illuminate his life path.

This is just a common misconception that should not be taken to heart. The servants of the Orthodox Church insist that there is nothing bad or shameful in using a prayer for every day addressed to the Archangel.

In other words, everyone can turn not only to his patron, but also ask for help from Archangel Michael.

Ways to appeal to the supreme angel

Few people know that it is possible to pray to Archangel Michael not only in the church, but also at home. Therefore, if a person does not have the opportunity to visit the temple, he can pray at home. Prayer Rules:

  1. When offering a prayer, it is necessary to remember that the main thing in this matter is sincerity. A person must completely reject extraneous thoughts and concentrate as much as possible on conversation with higher powers. It is extremely important to open your heart and tell about the most secret desires and fears.
  2. In addition, it is equally important how strongly a person will believe in his prayer. It is necessary to try wholeheartedly to believe in its power and then the prayer will surely be heard.
  3. It is noteworthy that in this case the faith of a person plays a big role. For the unbeliever can never get the help of heaven. His daily prayer will not save him. After all, it is impossible to neglect prayer and pray simply in order to please one’s own will. One cannot hope that such a request will really be heard. Just the opposite. For such an attitude to the sacrament of prayer, a person may even receive a serious punishment. And if the heavens turn away from him, it will be impossible to avoid trouble.
  4. The main feature of “communication” with the Archangel is that it is permissible to use the ministers of the church as peculiar mediators. To appeal to the supreme angel, you can come to the church and order a prayer. But it is necessary that this prayer be surely be with an akathist, since it is he who is used to ask the Archangel for intercession.

What prayers to use?

The answer to this question is definitely quite problematic. After all, it all depends on what exactly the person will ask. There are many options for prayer addressed to the winner of Satan:

  • from disease and enemies wanting evil to man;
  • from evil spell;
  • from the tragic twists of fate.

Every prayer to Michael is very powerful. Therefore, there is no need to worry that one prayer will be stronger than another.

Because it is impossible. Moreover, it is important to remember that the power of prayer directly depends on the faith of a person and his righteousness.


  1. Archangel Michael is the angel who was able to defeat Satan, so he is considered the strongest advocate.
  2. You can ask for his patronage at the moment when the believer feels that he is facing a problem. Moreover, it is also permissible if a person feels spiritual anguish.
  3. Turning to the supreme angel, a person can ask about his dead relatives. But it is better to do it in those days when the Archangel Michael is revered.

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