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Prayers to Andrew the First-Called: For Love, Marriage, and Healing

Andrew the first-called: what it helps and how to pray

In the Orthodox religion, believers quite often turn for help to apostles, who are God’s messengers. The first of them is the preacher Andrei the First Called.

It can be addressed with various problems, especially those related to personal life and health.

My daughter couldn’t marry for a long time, which upset me because I saw her suffering. Then I decided to turn to the higher forces, and it was precisely the prayer of Andrew the First-Called that helped my blood to gain female happiness.

In this article, I will share strong prayers that will help solve some life problems.

Prayers to Andrew the First-Called: For Love, Marriage, and Healing

What helps the apostle?

During the life of St. Andrew was a fisherman, and engaged in this business with his brother Peter, who later also became an apostle. He was a believer, and as a youth he decided to devote his life to the Lord’s ministry, and he would devote his life to it.

Pervozvanny was a disciple of the preacher John the Baptist, and after meeting with Jesus, he himself began to preach Orthodoxy. The Apostle Andrew was rewarded with the gift of healing, both souls and the bodies of the afflicted.

The first-called traveled many countries, and enlightened thousands of people. He was devoted to the Lord like no other, and it was because of this that he suffered. Andrew exactly repeated the fate of Jesus — he was also crucified on the cross.

The preacher himself chose this way of life, and he knew how he could end. He remained faithful to Christ to the last, therefore he was elevated to the rank of holy martyrs, and was baptized the first apostle.

Andrew the First-Called, during his lifetime, not only preached, but also helped people in many ways to solve many problems, and also healed their injuries, both mental and physical. For example, he was a protector and patron of fishermen and sailors, so now he is being approached with requests for a good catch and a safe journey. But this is not all that they pray to Andrew the First-Called.

They turn to him for the attainment of love, a successful marriage, the attainment of good health, and the healing of terrible diseases.

The strongest prayer

There is the most important prayer to the holy martyr, which helps in different situations: to find love, get a job, help in difficult work, eliminate discord in a couple or family. The sacred text acquires special power on December 13, since This date, in accordance with the church calendar, is dedicated to the memory of Andrew the First-Called.

On this day he was crucified and elevated to the rank of first apostle. Prayer should be read thrice.

Prayers to Andrew the First-Called: For Love, Marriage, and Healing

On the successful marriage of a daughter

Every parent wishes his child all the best, including a happy family life. In order for her daughter to have a decent bridegroom, with whom she could create a happy marriage, it is recommended to contact the Apostle Andrew. But for this you need not only to read the prayer, but also to perform the following ceremony:

  • Put candles in the church near the face of the First Called, Jesus Christ and St. Nicholas.
  • Take holy water and buy consecrated candles before leaving the temple.
  • Houses to put on the table the images of the above saints, a container of water, and also light 3 candles.
  • Read «Our Father», and then — Psalm 90, not forgetting to be baptized.
  • Read the following petitions with the signs of the cross after each one.

Prayers to Andrew the First-Called: For Love, Marriage, and Healing

Petition for a decent husband

A girl who wants to marry a worthy person can also turn to the holy martyr. He will not only help her quickly find his soul mate, but also save her from bad men.

The ministers of the church advise to say a special prayer on the day of the memory of the holy apostle — December 13, because in this case, he will gain special power.

Prayers to Andrew the First-Called: For Love, Marriage, and Healing

For a person, health is an invaluable gift that must be protected. But what to do if, until recently, a healthy person suddenly began to get sick, and, having claimed one disease, he was immediately overcome by another.

The reasons for this phenomenon may lie, as in a weakened immune system, and in the influence of evil forces. To promote health, the following rite is required:

  • Visit the church and put candles near the images of Jesus, Panteleimon and the First-Called Andrew.
  • Leaving the temple, purchase 9 candles, take holy water and, if necessary, purchase images of the saints listed.
  • At home, after sunset, put icons, holy water and 9 candles on the table.
  • Read the prayer three times, illuminating himself with the sign of the cross.

Prayers to Andrew the First-Called: For Love, Marriage, and Healing

About healing

No one is immune from disease, but sometimes they are so serious that even doctors cannot give accurate predictions. In such situations, a person can only hope for the help of higher powers. In order to recover from the disease, you need to contact Andrew the First Called with the following words:

Prayers to Andrew the First-Called: For Love, Marriage, and Healing

A prayer can be read not only for oneself, but also for a loved one, only in this case a candle is lit near the patient, and during the time of the prayer, they are washed with sanctified water. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to visit the temple, light a candle near the image of the first apostle and pronounce the sacred text.

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