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Prayers that will change your life for the better

Prayers that will change your life for the better

I want to share with you an amazing prayer that can change your life. I learned from my own experience how quickly and smoothly this prayer works, so I can recommend it to anyone who was desperate to get out of debt, stopped hoping for a better relationship or had other problems in their lives.

I had a difficult situation when my marriage gave a serious crack, the business became unprofitable, and my friends could not give me support — everyone was busy with his own affairs. I realized that I was doing something wrong, because problems were practically in every area of ​​life.

At some point, I stopped responding to the fierce criticism from my wife, let go of the situation at work. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, I began to read the prayer from the monograph “The Magic Power of Mind” by Joseph Murphy.

I felt that this text calms me, gives me strength, gives faith in myself.

A few days later I saw the first results — first of all, I stopped being nervous and painfully reacting to any difficult situations at home and at work.

Prayers that will change your life for the better

Suddenly, my old partner made me a big order, and my wife gradually began to communicate with me in a different way. We decided not to divorce, to the delight of our children, and began to plan a joint vacation.

After 40 days of daily prayer, I felt like a different person. There was a feeling that I can do everything, since the Higher forces are on my side.

Any problems are now perceived as something temporary, solved.

God can change everything. Just ask

I am sure: if you rely on God, then much will be on the shoulder! There is only one difficulty — you can not always trust the Lord, sometimes it is difficult because of inner convictions or traditional education in our country.

Inside, the thought firmly settled that no one would do my work for me, I must do everything myself.

This has its share of truth. But the truth is that God — the creator of this world — knows best how he can help you, therefore it is most reasonable to rely on his help.

In order to resolve this internally, a prayer can help, in which we repeat that our life is the result of the action of the Divine will, the gifts of God are our gifts. Over time, these phrases become our new convictions, and life begins to change.

We begin to really believe that Divine Love is always with us, that it helps us day and night. And it becomes a reality!

Prayers that will change your life for the better

What is the power of prayer

This prayer can be viewed as an appeal to the Creator, to improve contact with the Higher Powers. Anyone who is more focused on psychological methods and self-hypnosis, can consider it as a method of internal programming to improve the situation.

If you are confident in the help of God, then you will cease to be nervous, worried, to make hasty and ill-considered actions. You will feel the love of the world, so stop criticizing other people and quarreling with them.

Prayer helps to forgive everyone who offended you. It is so important to get rid of insults, they are very much eroding our health and interfere with increasing well-being.

How to read a prayer

It is better to read a prayer slowly, thoughtfully, so that all thoughts become close and clear. There must be an internal agreement with each phrase, which is essentially an affirmation.

Prayers that will change your life for the better

But if at first there is no enthusiasm and thoughts are busy with something else, do not be discouraged, continue reading, let your mind gradually tune in to prayer. Even if it seems to you that you do not fully delve into the text of the prayer, and the meaning eludes you, all the same you say these words, and your subconscious mind tunes in to them.

Over time, you will feel the beauty of this prayer, feel the joy of reading the text. And reading a prayer will surely bring you amazing results, you can improve your life precisely in the area where it is necessary for you.

You will get the feeling that you really are the creator of your life, you create your destiny according to the Divine laws, in accordance with the Creator’s plan, and the Lord supports and carefully guides you.

You will see that your life passes in anticipation of a joyful miracle, and such miracles will really happen every day, in various trifles.

Prayers that will change your life for the better

Orthodox canonical prayers

The prayer given in Joseph Murphy’s The Magical Power of the Mind is not canonical. If you would like to read only those prayers that are recognized by the church, then we can recommend you daily, morning and evening, to contact the saint you have chosen, the Creator himself or the Mother of God.

The people believe that one of the most sensitive and responsive saints is Nicholas the Wonderworker. If you want to change your life for the better, you can turn to Saint Nicholas, he hears all your appeals.

Home prayer is wonderful. But best of all, if you visit the temple first, talk with the priest, take recommendations from him regarding the prayer that is suitable for you.

If the priest blesses you for prayer, it will give you strength.

Prayers that will change your life for the better

But even if you did not receive the blessing from the priest, you can safely address Prelate Nikolai with any request in which there is no harm to other people. If your request is pure and your heart is full of love for people and God, Nicholas the Wonderworker will gladly help you fulfill it.

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