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Prayers — Quick Listener — to the Most Holy Theotokos

The strong prayers of the Mother of God: the icon of “quick-hearted” and her help

I have long been studying that Orthodox Christians have many relics, icons that have become shrines over time. These include the icon of the Mother of God «Hearts».

Today I will tell you how to pray in front of this icon, as well as how it originated.

Icon in the monastery

On the Holy Mount Athos in the monastery of Dokhiar there is an ancient face — the icon of the Mother of God, the quick-hearted. This monastery is so ancient that mentions of it still exist in documents of the 10th century.

The monastery often became the object of pirate raids, it was not just robbed. The monks even decided to move it to a new place.

So, after searching for a suitable site, they chose the most inaccessible terrain.

Prayers - Quick Listener - to the Most Holy Theotokos

The monastery was thoroughly strengthened, equipped with powerful fortress walls with loopholes, as well as all the buildings necessary for the life of the brethren. On the monastery territory they kept cattle, cultivated grapes, and sowed fields.

In the middle of the 20th century, approximately in the 70s, the monastery again fell into disrepair — the elders, on whom for a long time everything kept, died. There are almost no people left in Dohiar.

Since 1980, new monks appeared under the leadership of Abbot Gregory. They diligently, tirelessly, revived the former greatness of Dohiar. It was necessary to restore not only the monastery itself, but also all the shrines in it.

For example, the icon «quick-minded».

As stated in the ancient chronicles, the image of the Virgin was painted directly on the wall of the monastery refectory. A narrow passage led past the icon, and a monk-trapezeor with a burning torch in his hands often ran down it.

One day, while walking along the usual route, this monk heard how the mother of God herself turned to him. The essence of what she said was reduced to the fact that the monk did not smoke his torch of Her image.

He did not heed her words, followed by another, more strict remark.

It was then that the unfortunate was scared in earnest, prostrated at the icon on his knees, asked for repentance. In the morning he was found at the icon completely blind. The monks closed the passage, so as not to disturb the Mother of God, it turned out to be a peculiar niche where Her image is still in our day.

The poor blind monk spent all his time at the icon, and once he was granted forgiveness. As a sign of gratitude, the monks built a chapel in front of the icon, decorated and painted it.

In 1996, during the restoration of the icon, another one written on the wall was discovered right behind it. Lick, written at a later time, was placed in the chapel.

Dohiar always welcomes guests. Anyone can pray in front of this icon, visit any service, even stay overnight. The monastery is all very friendly, the atmosphere is really good, downright homely.

In addition to many icons, there are kept the relics of many saints, everyone can attach to them.

Copies of icons

Not everyone, with all his desire, can visit the monastery and personally see the miraculous icon. Fortunately, there are several copies of it. They are located in such places:

  1. Female Olivesky Ascension Monastery. The monastery is located in Jerusalem, on the Mount of Eleon. This is one of the most significant Christian places in the world. Earlier around the monastery was a desert area, but now the Arab neighborhoods are coming to the very walls. The monastery is inhabited by 43 sisters of different nationalities, but communicate with each other in Russian. The main thing for them is prayers, on weekdays they start at 5:30 in the morning. In addition to prayers, sisters write icons and embroider. From the side it may seem that the monastery is immersed in sleep, unlike other monasteries, in which life rages. Pilgrims will always open the gate, and they will have the opportunity to pray at Skoroproslushnitsa or other shrines.
  2. Petrozavodsk, Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross. It began its history in 1800, when it was still not a cathedral, but a simple wooden cemetery chapel. It was then dismantled, since the icon had completely decayed, and in 1848 began the construction of a new temple. There are only two temples in the city, and this is one of them. In 2006-2007, carried out a major restoration. Perhaps the most important shrine here is the «Hearing Rogue» in honor of the Kazan Mother of God.
  3. Moscow, the temple of the Archangel Gabriel of Antioch and the Church of St. Nicholas in Biryulev.
  4. Holy Trinity and Caves Monastery of the Virgin.

Quick listener

The icon is the face of the Virgin and Child on the half-bent left hand. The child has a scroll in one hand, and the other he blesses people.

Also the right heel of the child is directed to the people who come to pray.

This icon was named only in the 17th century, previously it was called differently. The quick listener means “soon hearing,” that is, answering prayers quickly.

This has been known since the very times when the Virgin Mary appeared to a monk in the monastery: she herself explained this name to him.

Prayers - Quick Listener - to the Most Holy Theotokos

What help icons

As believers say, they go to Skoproslushnitsa to pray:

  • pregnant women, with prayers for the safe flow of childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby. It is believed that those future mothers who have visited this miraculous icon will save breast milk longer and be able to feed their baby.
  • mothers who want to divert from their children troubles and problems, as well as illness.
  • people who just need advice on how to live or what to do next. That is, all those who find themselves in a difficult life situation are at a crossroads. The icon also helps to understand yourself.
  • as they say, the ascension of prayers at this icon eliminates the most serious diseases, then, when there is no hope for medicine.
  • Blind and visually impaired people hope that the Mother of God will help them regain their sight, as in due time returned it to monk Nil. This also applies to the dumb and deaf.
  • people prone to depression and panic attacks, argue that after worshiping them, it becomes easier for them.
  • Anyone who has been walking for a period of his life along the path of sin must pray at the icon of “quick-hearted” and repent of their sins.

The quick listener listens to every human request, it is only important that it comes from the heart. Here it is important to remember that many people often expect only material or bodily benefits, and God, the Mother of God and the Saints help in the way that is important for the soul first and foremost.

One of the miraculous cases told in Murom. In the temple, the icon was turned to the mother of a soldier who went missing in Chechnya.

She no longer hoped to see him alive, just wanted to know how to pray for him — as if it were dead or as alive?

The hegumen advised her to pray for the living. Soon she received a seemingly exhaustive answer to her question — the military enlistment office confirmed the death of her son. However, literally one day before his own funeral, the son returned alive.

This miracle discussed the whole city for a very long time.

Many and unprecedented cases of healing in front of this icon. For example, when a woman was brought to the temple to the icon, she herself could not move because of a serious illness.

During the prayers, this woman was sprinkled with holy water and oil was applied to her from the icon lamp at the icon of the fast-listener. According to eyewitnesses, she was able to leave the temple without help.

But before that, she walked to her icon on her feet to kiss her.

Prayers - Quick Listener - to the Most Holy Theotokos

These and many other cases confirm that the image of the Hearted One is bright and wonderful. She listens to all prayers and requests, of course, if a person really needs it.

How to pray

In order for the prayers to be heard, one must be able to pray correctly. For this you need:

  1. If they pray at home, then it is imperative to clean the room where the prayers will be read. We can not allow the dust to cover the icon itself — the higher forces do not tolerate chaos and unrest.
  2. It is best to place this icon somewhere on a dais, better in a darkened place. Before the icon it is recommended to light candles consecrated in the church.
  3. The week before the ascension of prayers should be given fasting. You should not eat meat, as well as fried and flour dishes.
  4. You need to go to the temple to repent of sins, as well as to put candles for the living and the dead.
  5. Week to comply with the ban on secular entertainment.

Observing simple preparatory procedures, it is possible to increase chances to be heard many times.

You can pray either before the icon or without it, but it is better to light the candle anyway. During prayer, you need to concentrate fully on your problem; at the same time, you can repent of some sins, that you have not come to the temple for a long time.

When you ask for help, you need to imagine that you are shifting your concerns and problems onto the image from the icon. It is necessary to remember one thing — it is impossible to resist the will of God, go ahead to your goal.

Aid must be received with dignity, it deserves a word of thanks, like any good deed. It is good if a person can read a real text of a prayer — it is very strong, since it was composed by our old ancestors.

Prayer as such is a conductor between God and a man praying, even if you read the text on a piece of paper. Words are pronounced necessarily out loud, but not in a very loud voice.


  1. There are several icons of the quick-hearted in different places.
  2. You need to pray with your soul and there will definitely be help.
  3. The icon and the prayers before it have miraculous power.

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