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Prayers on the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin

Prayers on the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin

September 21, the Orthodox celebrate a great date — the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The birth of the mother of our Savior is revered by the church and cannot remain unnoticed in the calendar of the Orthodox person. Find out what prayers to read on the bright feast of the birth of the Virgin Mary.

history of the holiday

The birth of the mother of Jesus Christ, a simple earthly woman with a great mission, was originally foreshadowed by heaven and God. Since the birth of Mary, the Virgin Mary was ordained an important role in the mission to save human souls from mortal sins.

For a long time, the righteous married couple from Jerusalem, Anna and Joseph, could not conceive a child, and their grief cannot be described and imagined. They sincerely wished for the birth of a child and swore that his life would be completely devoted to serving God. But already losing hope, they saw a vision, where the Archangels told them about the imminent birth of an unusual daughter, whose life would affect the fate of each person.

This day is celebrated exactly 9 months after the celebration of the Conception and is one of the 12 main and Great Feasts of the Orthodox world.

Prayers in the Nativity of the Virgin

On this significant date, you must visit the church, where festive services are held, dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Believers read prayers dedicated to the event and talk about a bright day — the birth of the Queen of Heaven. In the morning, sacred texts are read to the glory of the human Advocate.

There is a short prayer that can be read if you do not have the opportunity to learn a long text right now. It is read several times a day; it is best to do this in front of the image of the Mother of God:

We magnify thee, Most Holy Virgin, and honor your holy parents, and glorify Thy christmas all the gloriously.

There are special prayers that every believer should remember on this holiday in order to join an important church event. After all, any living person should keep gratitude for the salvation of his soul and express it, turning to Heaven. The Virgin Mary hears every earthly request and is always ready to help a person who follows the righteous path and does not plot anything wrong or sinful.

O, Most Holy Lady, Christ our Savior, God’s chosen Mother, asked by God through holy prayers, consecrated to God and beloved by God! Whoever will not please You, or who will not sing, Christmas, for Yours is the beginning of the salvation of men, and we, who are in the darkness of transgressions, see You, the Impermeable Light dwelling. Therefore, for the sake of the developing language, it cannot worship you in the domain. Above, for the seraphim are exalted you, the Most Pure.

Hate all evil, strengthening divine grace in our good will. You are not our shameful hope at the time of death, grant us a Christian demise, a comfortable procession in terrible aerial hardships and a legacy of eternal and inexpressible blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven, but with all the saints silently confess your intercession about us, and glorify the one True God in the Holy Trinity to worship, Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Reading the prayer texts is not necessarily for the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. We must remember all of her life’s journey. The Virgin Mary is prayed sincerely, when the call of the soul is felt. This is the only way you will feel enlightenment and gain Heavenly support and protection.

Do not bypass the icons dedicated to her, and do not forget about the Orthodox holidays in her honor.

Mark a major event in accordance with the church prescription and pay tribute to the Most Holy Mother of God, who devoted herself to serving God and people. Wherever you are, even without being able to visit the temple, read the prayer, and you will feel the warmth in your soul and find peace. Keep in your heart a strong faith in the Most High and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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