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Prayers on the day of the beginning of the Advent

Prayers on the day of the beginning of the Advent

Christmas fast is a time of spiritual growth and purification from sins. Praying at the beginning of the fast will help every believer to properly prepare for Christmas.

Human life is short; therefore, it is necessary to make efforts for moral development and to adhere to a righteous life. Great posts serve as a pretext for a person to stand guard over his virtues and not allow the negative influence to touch his soul. Clear thoughts and open the heart of the Lord can be through prayers on the day of the beginning of Advent.

Prayers at the beginning of the post

The first day of the Fast of Christmas should be spent in humility and offering prayers to the Lord. It will help overcome the difficulties of fasting and take the path of renewal.

“Good Lord, accept the prayer from Your servant (name) and do not leave me on the path to enlightenment. Let go of my sins, voluntary and involuntary, help with your teachings and grant me the strength to withstand all the trials given for my enlightenment and the fight against evil forces. ”

The first who should offer a prayer, Mother of God. She is preparing to give birth to the baby of God and has dual feelings of pride and fear of the upcoming sacrament. Orthodox Christians need to support her by praying for her health and the health of the baby.

“Mother of God, hear the words of your servant (name) and accept help from all who pray in your torment. May your birth be easy, may You give us, sinners, our Lord. Protect him and protect him until the last day, and we will not fear even the terrible torments.

Forgiving and all-understanding, protect us with your hand, do not leave in your care and direct you on the right path. Amen».

Do not forget the main prayer of all Christians — “Our Father”. Read it every night after the last meal and ask the Lord for mercy to endure the fasting.

The morning before breakfast should also begin with the ascension of praise to the Lord.

“Our Merciful Father. Bless on the food you have been given, may I be saved from the thoughts of the infidels and cleanse my soul from the unclean. ”

Daily prayers lead each person along the righteous road and do not allow them to stumble. Christmas Fasting calls believers to solitude and praise the works of the Lord. In faith and piety lies the meaning of our lives. Do not leave prayers, and the Higher Forces will not leave you without support and help.

We wish you happiness and well-being. Love your neighbors, pray for them and do not forget to press buttons and

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