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Prayers on Holy Thursday

Prayers on Holy Thursday

Bright Thursday is a particularly important day for all Orthodox Christians. Prayers to the Lord and the Virgin Mary on this day can change your life for the better.

The whole Easter week takes place in an atmosphere of joy and exultation: the believers glorify the resurrected Christ and pray to Him. In the temples, canons are replaced by the festive Easter clock, and after the liturgy a daily religious procession is held.

The tradition of Easter Thursday is to commemorate the deceased relatives and visiting the cemetery. An Easter gift is always left at the grave — a painted egg. On this day, it is customary to pray not only for the living, but also for the deceased relatives, asking for the forgiveness of sins and the Kingdom of Heaven.

“Lord, Risen from the dead, the world giving, the Savior of my soul! I pray to you and ask: remember in your kingdom your departed thy servants (name) and do not leave them in hell fire! Stretch your hand and cover your servants (name) from all evil.


This prayer for deceased relatives should be read in the morning, afternoon and evening, falling asleep. It is believed that on Easter Thursday your request will surely be heard by angels and brought to the Lord on the wings.

“To the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, our Savior in the world, she brought, entreat His Son and our God to forgive my sins and point the way to true faith. Do not leave me, O Most Holy Mother of God, and hide Your cover from all evil. Amen».

This short prayer of the Mother of God should be read in the early morning, washed with holy water.

“My God, will I be abandoned by You? Hear your servant and do not leave me in the darkness. Lead me into Thy Bright Resurrection and let me see the Kingdom of Heaven. Be merciful to me, O God, for your servants are weak. Forgive me the transgressions voluntary and involuntary, let go of my pain and hide from all evil.


This prayer, read on Easter Thursday, has a special power. It should be read, lighting church candles and with all my heart wanting to completely change yourself and your destiny.

“Angel of God, Guardian of my soul and my body! Truly, I ask you: do not leave me in sin and vice, be near to me and do not give demons my soul to reproach. Keep me from my weakness and weakness, tame my freedom and direct me to the path of humility and true faith in the Lord. Day and night, and in happiness, and in sorrow, do not leave me and enter with me into the kingdom of heaven.


This prayer to the Guardian Angel should be read as often as possible: it can save you from all evil and purify your soul. On Easter Thursday, any prayer rule, executed with diligence and humility, can change many things in your life and indicate the right path. We wish you peace in your soul and strong faith in God. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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