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Prayers on Forgiveness Sunday

Prayers on Forgiveness Sunday

Annually, the last day of Maslenitsa is celebrated as Forgiveness Sunday. This day has a special power, I know it from my own experience.

I was greatly offended by my girlfriend, and I couldn’t let go of the evil feeling, everyone remembered her words, which were said to me in the presence of many people. A friend felt it and more than once tried to make amends, regretted her action, but I still had a residue in my soul.

When the Forgiveness Sunday came, I prayed to God that I could completely forget all negative feelings towards all people, even if they are really guilty of something. After the prayer, my soul felt good, I immediately called my friend and asked her for forgiveness and was able to completely forgive her!

Such is the power of Forgiveness Sunday.

On this day, everyone wants to clear their souls of accumulated grievances and begin Lent with a light heart. Other people also forgive us — because we ourselves often offend our loved ones with deeds or words, sometimes without even noticing it.

On ordinary days, it is difficult for us to forgive our offenders or it’s embarrassing to ask for forgiveness for ourselves: it seems to us that those whom we offended have long forgotten and forgiven ourselves. Yes, it happens, but not always.

Therefore, there is such a wonderful holiday, when we, without hesitating, can ask each other for forgiveness.

Main traditions

Forgiveness Sunday is a special day when, according to a long-standing Orthodox tradition, we acknowledge our mistakes, ask forgiveness from friends and close ones, and learn to forgive everyone who asks us to do so.

On this day, it is advisable to go to the cemetery and remember all the parents and relatives who have gone into another world, and also ask for their forgiveness. Forgiveness is desirable to ask from others in the evening, in the church, during the evening service.

You can also do this at home or even by telephone if your relative or friend you live in or have a long way to go and see for yourself.

On this day, the priest asks for forgiveness during the evening service, after which the parishioners take turns asking for forgiveness from him and from each other. Usually, it is customary to respond to a request for forgiveness in the following way: «God will forgive, and I forgive.»

It is best if the family’s eldest ritual of forgiveness begins in the family, and then young people and children ask for forgiveness. It would be very correct if each person remembers his own specific misdeeds (he did not listen to someone else’s opinion, spoke harsh words, offended by his actions).

But even if a person cannot remember what exactly he could offend his family and friends, it is customary to forgive him for absolutely everything, not to keep evil at heart. Forgiveness is spiritual cleansing, so it is important to approach the ritual with full responsibility.

Prayers on Forgiveness Sunday

History of Forgiveness Sunday

For the first time, the Savior himself spoke about the power of forgiveness in the Gospel of Matthew. The text of the scripture says that Jesus Christ taught his apostles that only he who has completely forgiven his enemies and does not hold any evil upon them can receive forgiveness from God.

We all know these lines well, but when it comes to concrete actions, it becomes difficult, there are thoughts that the grievances inflicted on us are very large, and the guilty offenders are very significant. Perhaps this is true, but the example that Christ himself showed us indicates that he forgave those who crucified him on the cross.

The very custom of asking for forgiveness on the day before the beginning of Lent appeared in the first centuries of Christianity, when the monks, preparing for Easter, retired in the desert for 40 days, imitating Christ. This work was dangerous, there was the possibility of the death of a person, so the Christians asked each other for forgiveness, as during the last meeting, on his deathbed.

Prayers on Forgiveness Sunday

What prayers need to be read on the day of Forgiveness Sunday

Prayers, read on the Forgiveness Sunday, help to tune in a benevolent manner and give strength for forgiveness, even if you have a lot of resentment in your heart.

On this day, we ask God to grant us the spirit of forgiveness, and we also pray for our offenders. After prayer, it is much easier to ask for forgiveness and forgive others, the soul is filled with light, joy, and confidence that all people as God’s creatures deserve love and understanding, and mistakes are peculiar to all of us.

You can read the canonical prayers, and you can turn to the Lord in your own words, ask the Creator to help let go of the worst offenses that could not be forgiven before, list the specific names of the offenders and the reasons for the offenses. It will also be good if you remember exactly how you hurt other people, and ask God to let go of these sins.

Prayers on Forgiveness Sunday

There is a short prayer that has great power on the last day of Shrovetide. This is a request for those who have caused us any harm, offended or hurt. This is an important prayer for Orthodoxy, repeating it, we learn to forgive the most serious offenders for us and thus to purify ourselves spiritually.

Here is the text: “Have mercy, Lord, on those who hate me and envy me! Have mercy, Lord, slandering me and hurting me! ”

It is important to sincerely thank the Creator for helping us in such a serious matter as forgiveness. This is a great work, which sometimes is very difficult to make, and prayerful appeal will provide you with invaluable help.

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