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Prayers of toothache: Antipas, Mother of God, Matrona

Prayers to help relieve toothache — how holy to pray

There is hardly at least one person who has not experienced a toothache. I suffer terribly hard toothache, in some cases, it even provokes attacks of angina pectoris or neuralgic pains.

No less unpleasant, when she gives to the temple, ear or throat. Prayers help me cope with such pain.

I figured out how to pray in order to make it easier, and to whom of the saints should be addressed.

Help prayers

When toothache dramatically decreases the quality of life — a person can no longer eat, sleep, communicate and do some work. The insidiousness of a toothache lies in the fact that it usually appears at night.

It is clear that at this time about the visit to the doctor is not worth thinking about. Therefore, people can only rely on themselves.

Prayers of toothache: Antipas, Mother of God, Matrona

Prayer is a frank conversation with God or his saints. Prayer depends directly on how a person treats God — with love, respect, trust.

Here it is very important to see in God a loving and understanding Creator who is always able to see weaknesses and problems and help you at the right time. Only with the right idea about God can that very trust arise, which will only increase in the future.

The same is true of saints.

The saints are holy because they were able to see their unrighteousness. Seeing the purpose of God in themselves, they embodied this idea in their lives. Saints are people who respond to God’s love with love.

Due to this, their souls, their souls became close to God, they eradicated all sins in themselves — not only physical, but even at the level of thoughts and feelings. Holiness was not a reward for them; it is the spread of God’s grace.

Why do you need to pray to the saints

Many people can not understand why you need to pray to the saints, if there is a God? Does this not contradict the words of the Bible, where it says that only the Lord needs to worship and serve?

Veneration of the saints is the oldest tradition, dating back to the times when the apostle were still. This tradition in no way abolishes the service of God. A saint is a man who, in the glory of God, accepted a martyr’s death, thereby becoming posthumously transformed into an object of worship.

It is known that at the very first graves of the martyrs of Christ prayers were offered. Saints deserve honors, which, however, are somewhat inferior to the honors given to God.

When a person offers a prayer to some saint, it means that he enlists his support. A prayer to the saints is somehow sent to the Lord, for it is He who is the source of grace.

The saints are a kind of helpers, conveying the hopes and aspirations of mere mortals.

When creating a prayer to the saint, a person asks him to seek God’s help. Do not think that prayers are conspiracies that ease pain or instantly relieve problems.

The offering of prayers should be constant, thereby expressing the trust of a person to the holy and to God himself, because only He knows when what should be given and to whom.

Types of prayers

Prayer is a powerful tool, but not all of them are the same. They are:

  1. Praises are those in which God is glorified for all good deeds. They help the Christian to express all the love of God.
  2. A grateful prayer is offered by a person when he is doing well, all his relatives and friends are in health and well-being. Such a prayer precedes the pleading always.
  3. The pleading is necessary in the hour of need: if a person is in misfortune, the illness and he asks for God’s help.
  4. Penitential prayers should always precede pleading prayers. A man always sins before God, therefore repentance will not be superfluous, it is with him that a petition to God begins.

What saint to pray

For prayer to be heard, it is very important:

  1. To believe in the power of saints and the most read prayer text.
  2. Feel and understand every word of prayer.
  3. It is best to pray in the space provided for this — in front of the images with candles: in the church or at home in the corner. If the pain is taken by surprise, any quiet place will do.
  4. When reading prayers, the voice should be quiet and monotonous, it is important to create an inner attitude that the pain will go away. You can lightly stroke your cheek, behind which is a disturbing tooth — this will help to tune.
  5. The prayer should continue to be read as long as it takes for the pain to subside.

Sometimes soda or herbal infusions are used to relieve pain over which prayers have been read. To do this, you need to read a prayer three times over the prepared medicine and begin the procedure.

Often a person wonders when and which saint need to pray in order to receive the help of God. The Orthodox Church claims that prayer to any saint is the glorification of Christ.

However, each of the saints has his own grace. The miraculous Icons are piled up for years, the poet emanates grace from them, which the Lord generously distributes to the needy.

Prayer to the Virgin

The Virgin Mary is the mother of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Many miracles were created by the Theotokos, a huge number of miraculous icons are with Her face.

You can find such an icon in every Orthodox home in the most honorable place. Her name is mentioned in all divine services, there are many church holidays in her honor. The Virgin Mary is called an intercessor, they believe in miracles from Her icons and constantly offer prayers to Her.

The Most Holy Virgin promised to ask for all those who suffer who appeal to her image.

It is believed that the Queen of Heaven is able to help in any trouble and in any adversity. Poverty, need, loneliness, longing, despondency, illness and minor troubles in everyday life — the prayer of the Mother of God will always help.

She, as the most loving mother, will always respond and take away sadness, give strength, respond and point the way.

You can pray to the Mother of God in your own words, but do not forget that in front of the icons, every spoken word is important. Very often appeals to the Most Pure Virgin are about children, about the gift of health.

Even if a person has some kind of unrepentant sin for his soul, if he is offended by someone, he may turn to the Virgin Mary with the intention of standing up before God. It is not for nothing that Her and all the saints are called precisely intercessors.

Prayers are read immediately after the first manifestations of pain, and people notice that after sincere ascensions the pain diminishes and gradually subsides. The same prayers can be read over the child in order to ease his pain during teething.

Infants suffer from toothache the most, it is impossible to use strong medicines. Therefore, long over them prayers were read to alleviate the condition.

Prayer Matrona

Matrona Moskovskaya — this personality is covered with a veil of mystical mysteries for contemporaries. It is believed that she began to perform her miraculous deeds during her lifetime, and then, after death, they did not cease.

Prayers of toothache: Antipas, Mother of God, Matrona

A woman from a simple peasant family who lived in the Tula region, Matrona was the fourth child in the family. The child, even before birth, was wanted to be given to a shelter due to the plight of the family.

All this happened if mother Matrona had not dreamed a bird with a human face and closed eyes. Taking a dream for a certain sign, the woman left the idea that it is necessary to get rid of the child.

As a result, a blind girl was born, but her parents loved her very much. Matrona’s chosen God showed up at the time of baptism, when fragrant smoke began to hover around the infant.

Generally devoid of vision, the girl showed the wonders of spiritual vision.

The gift of healing began to manifest at about 7 years. The child often went to church, attentively listening to sermons and prayers.

Later it turned out that the child was able to foresee the dangers and predicted many significant, but bloody events.

The miracles of Matrona of Moscow occurred after her death. Mothers came and went to her icons to ask about the health of sick children, childless women and just people lost in difficult circumstances come.

It is believed that the prayer of the toothache Matrone facilitates even the greatest suffering.

  1. To do this, you need to light several church candles, if there are any.
  2. Putting next to the icon of the Blessed Staritsy, you need to read a prayer, stroking the cheek, where the aching tooth is.
  3. It is necessary to read as long as the pain does not subside. Then, most likely, the person will experience a decrease in pain and severe sleepiness.
  4. Upon awakening, it will become clear that the pain has receded.

Antipe’s prayers

Antipas of Pergamon — the disciple of John the Theologian, the bishop of the Pergamon church. Just like his teacher, Antipas made his own personal refusal of people to offer idols. The priests demanded to ban the preaching of Antipas, promising to sacrifice him himself.

It should be added that all this happened in the dark times of the reign of Emperor Domitian, on the phonemess persecution of Christians.

Blissful Antipas was kind and righteous, courageous and virtuous. After a huge number of threats, the Greeks caught Antipas and dragged him to the place where sacrifices were usually performed. There was just the emperor.

He suggested that Antipas repent, renounce their beliefs and join the generally accepted laws. Otherwise, the blissful awaited punishment.

Prayers of toothache: Antipas, Mother of God, Matrona

When Antipas with indignation rejected the proposal of the emperor, he was sentenced to a painful death in a red-hot copper will. The remains of Saint Antipas rest in Greece, on the island of Andros, where pious men carried them.

The toothache prayer to Saint Antipas is considered very strong and effective. It can help in the most emergency cases, it is even considered that such a prayer relieves pain during dentistry.

Like all prayers, it is read three times at a time, and then two more times, three times a day.


  1. Each time you create a prayer, you should remember that only true faith can work wonders and heal.
  2. If we talk about which saint need to pray for a toothache, then this is the Mother of God, Matrona and Antipas.
  3. Someone is in a hurry to find a pain medicine for toothache in the medicine chest, and believers try to help themselves with the help of prayers.

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