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Prayers of the blessed Matrona of Moscow for help, health and love

Prayers of the blessed Matrona of Moscow for help, health and love

Orthodox Christians especially value and honor the Holy Matron of Moscow. During life and after death, the old lady does not leave people with their troubles alone, helps in achieving well-being and health.

Matrona Moskovskaya is one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox world. The power of prayer addressed to her can help overcome fears, heal from ailments, and receive powerful protection from ill-wishers. It is not for nothing that Christians from all over the world come to worship the relics of the old ladies and bring their children to them.

Everyone can pray to Matrona, regardless of location. The main thing is a sincere belief that all difficulties can be overcome with the help of God.

Contact Matrona for job search, the necessary funds to maintain a normal life and the activities of the whole family is best carried out in the Pokrovsky Monastery. There are holy relics there.

Sufferers should visit the burial place of Matrona, bring fresh flowers and modest offerings in the form of bread, sweets or cake. At the grave, many ask Matrona for help in financial well-being, and it was not yet the case that the old woman did not indicate a way to get out of a difficult situation.

It is best of all to say prayers about health and the search for love in the monastery itself, and if there is no such opportunity, then it is worth passing a note to the priests to pray for sick and lonely people who need help.

Get an icon with the face of Matrona and put it in your home iconostasis, so that the holy spirit protects you and your household from external negative manifestations.

Strong prayer for help in work

“Matushka Matrona, hear the pleas of those who ask you, receive our words and prayers to you. During life, you did not leave a single one, did not refuse to help any sinner who took the path of healing from the pernicious action of the devilish forces. Deliver us from the temptations that defame the human race, but do not allow self-interest to flood our hearts, those who hunger for wealth. Provide help feasible in urgent matters, but help to find a job that brings stable income and does not tempt you to do wrong.

The servants of God are praying for patronage. Matushka Matrona, bring our sincere requests to the Lord our all-powerful and all-forgiving. Let us be credited for our deeds.


Prayer for health

“Blessed Mother, who rests in the earth in her body, and is indwelling in her incorruptible spirit in the sight of the Lord. We pray to you, support and protection of the human race, in the hope of a speedy recovery. The disease is gnawing, a black raven has set upon us, the sinful pain does not rest either day or night. Let go, Mother, with God’s help, our sins are voluntary and involuntary, help cope with the evil that the soul has known.

We pray to You, as the last hope in the speedy healing, preach the word of God and follow His commandments. We offer daily prayers in the name of God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Prayer for the attainment of love

“Blessed Mati Matrona, we call for your help, blessed in Heaven. You, helping each one who asks for You, is not refusing and fighting for happy human days on the sinful earth. Help to find true love, unselfish and in heaven bound. We ask you to find a faithful, honest and righteous companion.

We wish the continuation of life, yes children born in marriage, Heaven allowed and approved. Before the eyes of the Lord and under his cover, to present posterity before Your face, we solemnly swear, bow to You, Mother protector and demigrante of devils of the soul. Do not let us meet on the path of your love wrong, harm and negative carrier, destructive soul.


Every prayer should be accompanied by sincere repentance of unwitting sins. Matron, patroness of the poor and disadvantaged, is happy to assist those who are attentive and kind to their neighbors. We wish you health and well-being, and do not forget to press buttons and

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