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Prayers of sorcery and witchcraft

The strongest prayers from sorcery and witchcraft to Orthodox saints

People far from Christian morality, as a rule, live only for their needs. Anyone who lives differently, at best, causes irritation and anger. At worst — the desire to harm the unwanted person by all means.

It is believed that they become a toy in the hands of the devil to annoy the righteous. They do not disdain to resort to all sorts of magical rituals.

In this case, the prayer from sorcery and witchcraft, sent to heaven by man, will help to protect himself and his family from the manipulations of ill-wishers.

Prayers of sorcery and witchcraft

Sometimes, the victim is in no hurry to go to the temple, to all sorts of grandmothers and charlatans. There are those who risk contacting the witch.

The Holy Church unequivocally treats such steps condemningly, for the prayer and communion with God can always help the parishioner.

The defense of the Orthodox from the dark forces

The tools with which a Christian can successfully fight off demons abound. This is natural, since Jesus, directing his followers to mortals, was well aware that the environment would be pagan and dangerous.

In order to successfully confront them, the Lord has endowed them with many possibilities.

  • Holy baptism — everyone knows his crushing force for evil spirits. Even in ancient times, going to the bathhouse, people with crosses did not part.
  • The prayer rule gives you the opportunity to have a strong connection with the Higher powers. Grace around a person who observes him makes him impregnable for demonic power.
  • Appeals to the saints with prayer words — it is known that most of them became famous for their miracles during their lives. Being in heaven, they began to have even more opportunities, which allows the worshipers to come to the defense.
  • A visit to the service, active participation in rituals and Christian sacraments is a very strong spiritual shield.

In order to really get rid of sorcerers and evil people, it is better to try to comply with all the items from this list. It is impossible, having been baptized, to distance yourself from the Lord, depriving of His protection.

Strong prayer of sv. Cyprianus and Justine from the evil spell

Prayers of sorcery and witchcraft

Hiding the sorcerer from themselves, their loved ones, to prevent him from spoiling his life, will help the prayer to the saints Cyprian and Justine. If you pray to them often, you can put such a shield that no damage will be terrible, it can be avoided in advance. Sometimes the person who hides evil is constantly close to him, and he happens to be unaware.

Sometimes filth comes from where it seems and should not be.

It happens that a person feels that something is wrong, that someone is trying to influence him with witchcraft. However, who does not know this and what to do next — he does not understand. In this case, it is better to call for help.


Short biography of saints

Cyprian was originally renowned as a pagan minister. This contributed to the parents, from an early age giving it to study.

He passed many schools, comprehended everything and was considered a great priest, he taught his craft to others, thereby ruining many. He could subjugate demons to his power, they served him.

For this reason, Cyprian was not only very famous, but also rich.

One day, a young man in love with a Christian came to a sorcerer. He complained that the girl did not accept his courtship.

He tearfully prayed that the magician would help him achieve the girl’s disposition, since he wanted to seduce her. The sorcerer took up the case, but he did not succeed.

Justinya was protected by Christian prayer and fasting.

Cyprian was infuriated. For this he sent a pestilence on the inhabitants of the town, believing that the girl would give way.

However, the Lord did not leave his followers. Justinia prayed fervently, and the disease receded. Having survived all these events, Cyprian received insight.

He met with the city bishop, told him about everything and repented. After that, I wanted to be baptized, which I did.

Together with the righteous, Justin was seized by a pagan ruler. All the bloody marks of torture and the wounds that torturers inflicted on the bodies of the saints healed in the morning.

Then in 4 c. they were executed with a sword. Prior to that, they devoted all their years to sermons against those who turn to demonic forces.

Since that time, Cyprian and Justinha are known as strong defenders against all magic and intrigues of witches.

How to read the prayer of Cyprian and Justine from sorcery

In order to receive the strongest patronage of the Higher Forces, the saints, one should turn to Him according to certain canons. What is this about?

  • First you need to wash and wash your hands.
  • To read the leaflet, preferably written in one’s own hand, or “Our Father,” as a keepsake, do not forget to turn to God.
  • After such preparation, proceed directly to the prayer of Cyprian and Justine, in order to cope with damage (if any) or as a preventive measure.
  • Prayer itself is recognized as the strongest from the destructive power of witchcraft.
  • If a person feels that this trouble has already happened to him or his family, then it is better to whisper the said prayer to clean water. It is not removed anywhere, but they themselves drink it or give it to their relatives.
  • It is believed that if everything was done correctly, then soon the victim of the spell will be healed.


Protect yourself from the magical effects of the evil foe real. For this you need:

  • Forget the road to all sorts of witches and witches, do not turn to all magicians for help.
  • To be a baptized Christian.
  • Often attend the temple of God, to participate in the sacraments.
  • Prays at home.
  • Read the prayer words to the saints Justin and Cyprian.

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