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Prayers of repentance of sins: the text in Russian, how to read

How to pray for atonement for your sins

Many people ask me how to atone for their sins before God and start a new life. Today I will talk about the prayers of repentance and explain how to read them correctly.


Sin is a crime committed by a person. But the sinner will have to answer for him before the most strict judge — the Lord.

And if a sinner does nothing for his life that could somehow atone for his sin, then he is guaranteed the road to Hell. As is known, it is in the infernal flame that the souls of these unfortunates will have to burn forever.

Since such punishment is imposed on those who do not live according to the commandments of the Lord.

Prayers of repentance of sins: the text in Russian, how to read

However, this does not mean that, having stumbled, a person cannot return to the true path. Although this is exactly what some church people think.

But in reality, this is a common misconception. Every person, even a sinner, can take a chance and atone for all the sins that were committed to them.

Such an opportunity was granted to his creations by the Most High. Therefore, it cannot be said that he is too strict with his children.

Just the opposite.

It is noteworthy that not only people who are very far from faith can sin. Even righteous Christians sometimes commit sin.

And after that, their soul is very much tormented.

Of course, to completely atone for a perfect sin, a person will need to put a lot of effort. First of all, he will need to do godly deeds in order to receive forgiveness.

Indeed, instead of a thousand words, it is better to just take and do something.

However, sinners are supposed to pray a lot. Because without prayer is simply not enough. If you recall, the prayer is a means to talk with the Almighty.

Therefore, it is not difficult to assume that a person can receive mercy only if he repents before the Lord in a personal conversation. That is, he will offer a prayer of repentance for sins. It is worth noting that there are quite a few such prayers.

And each of them can be used by man.

What can help beg mercy?

If a sin was committed by a man who had previously tried to live solely on the commandments of the Lord, then he immediately begins to think about how to redeem him. And it is right.

After all, the sooner a person realizes the seriousness of the situation, the easier it will be.

We can conditionally distinguish three stages of the recognition of sin:

  • accepting the fact that the fall was committed — it would seem that it is very simple. However, in reality, everything is quite difficult. Very many people do not even think about the fact that they are real sinners. No wonder they say that the devil is hiding in the details. For example, one day a man got angry and yelled at his friend. Here is his sin — anger. But he may not even think about having committed a sin. That is why it is so important first to realize and accept this fact;
  • prayers for forgiveness addressed to other people — most often, committing a sin, a person harms others. He may offend a relative or a loved one. In this case, it is imperative to try to obtain the forgiveness of this Christian who suffered because of injustice;
  • the prayers of repentance addressed to the Lord — realizing the whole gravity of sin and repenting of it before other people, a person gets the opportunity to ask forgiveness from the Most High.

It is noteworthy that some people first ask for forgiveness from the Creator. This is not entirely correct, since it is much more important that a person realize his sin and ask for his forgiveness from those who suffered because of him. For example, if the fault of a Christian is another person was hospitalized, then he, first of all, needs to meet with relatives and offer his help.

And only after that begin to pray for the mercy of the Lord, having repented of perfect sin. This is exactly what Christians should do.

What is the strongest prayer?

If a person sincerely believes in God, then after committing a sin, he begins to experience a strong emotion. After all, he is well aware that all sinners are destined in heaven an unenviable fate. And since no one seeks to go to hell and burn in his flame, a person begins to look for a way to “effectively” atone for sins.

If you think about it, then the words «faith», «religion» and «effectively» are even difficult to put on a par. But it is about the effectiveness of prayer that some sinners think.

Prayers of repentance of sins: the text in Russian, how to read

Immediately it is necessary to mention that this is completely wrong. All the prayers that a person utters are very strong.

And at the same time it doesn’t matter which text the person uses. This is what you need to remember. After all, an important role is played here:

  • faith — if a person prays and at the same time does not believe that the Lord grants him forgiveness, then this will not happen. When offering prayer, a person must believe in the power of the Creator. Otherwise, all this will be completely useless;
  • sincerity — sometimes sinners who repent, still in their hearts continue to harbor strange thoughts. Moreover, they may not even recognize their sin as a soul. In other words, they begin to pray for the forgiveness of sins, but they do not feel sincere repentance at all. They continue to blame other people for their troubles, for not being able to resist sin;
  • the desire to improve — a sinner can receive pardon only if he sincerely wants to atone for guilt. It is impossible to hope that the Lord will grant mercy and forgiveness only after reading the prayer.

Pay attention to the last item. Sometimes it happens that a person, coming to church, prays and at the same time hopes for the best.

But the trouble is that in committing a sin you cannot just take it and hope for the best by reading a prayer in a church or at home. It is necessary, first of all, to start acting.

Of course, a Christian can come to the temple, pray and ask the Lord to point the way for the atonement of sin. In this case, the request, if it is sincere, will be surely executed and the person will understand how he needs to act next.

Ways to atone for sins

There are two ways to atone for sin. The first way is the ascension of prayers, the text of which is quite simple.

Once a person confesses his sin and repents in front of people who have suffered through his fault, he can begin to use divine texts. There are many prayers that are used to repent of committed sins.

However, only three are most often used. These prayers recommend the use of priests.

Since their texts are the easiest to remember, they are quite understandable. Of course, this does not mean at all that it is necessary to memorize the text. In some cases, it is still permissible to read prayers directly from the prayer book.

After all, not all people can remember this or that text without any special problems. This should be taken into account and immediately talk about this spiritual guide.

The second method is alms giving, donations. In everyday life, a person rarely thinks about the welfare of other people.

Most often, he is simply concerned about his problems and the difficulties he has to cope with.

It can be said that each person appears in the image of a typical egoist who is not at all concerned about the problems of other people. However, if we are talking about a sinner, then he needs to get rid of egoism in all its manifestations as quickly as possible.

The best way to reach heaven is to think about the problems of people who are absolutely devoid of all material wealth. By serving those who need more, a person gradually cleans his own soul.

How to forgive a sinner?

It is most difficult for sinners to receive forgiveness from those whom they somehow offended. And this is understandable.

After all, a person can commit such a sin as murder and take the life of someone’s daughter, sister, mother or other close relative.

In moments of grief, people are simply unable to think soberly. That is why they can not even think about how to forgive the one who stole from them a loved one, happiness or dream. As a result, it is extremely difficult to beg forgiveness from them.

Perhaps it is for this reason that sinners, to the last, delay the moment of communion with their victims and prefer to just pray to Jesus Christ.

Prayers of repentance of sins: the text in Russian, how to read

However, clergymen tirelessly remind that Orthodox Christians must learn to forgive their offenders. It is not for nothing that in the scriptures there is a mention that after the first strike, a Christian must substitute the second cheek.

The Lord gave a similar commandment to his creatures.

Understand the person who suffered from the actions of the sinner, you can. But at the same time, it is not necessary to forget that the secret malice is also capable of harming him. As she gradually begins to destroy his soul.

And thus pushing to commit sin. Therefore, they themselves may need a prayer of repentance in the future.


  1. Sinners also have the right to forgiveness, but to get it is not easy.
  2. Before you begin to read the prayers of repentance, you must fully realize your sin and ask for forgiveness from the people who suffered from it.
  3. Reading prayers, it is not necessary to search among them the most effective. All of them have enormous power, which increases due to the faith of man.

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