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Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

Kazan Icon of the Mother of God — texts of the strongest prayers

Strange, but in our house there was never such an icon until the aunt arrived from Moscow. She brought us this wonderful metropolitan «hotel». Kazan image of the Virgin is really very holy, prayer in front of him disperses many sorrows.

And now I think: this should be in the iconostasis of every Russian Orthodox person!

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan for all occasions

First of all, young girls (less often guys) who dream to meet their true love turn to her. Of course, not out of idle desire to indulge in passion, but to logically complete the relationship by creating a family and giving birth to babies.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

Secondly, this icon is often bought in the role of a wedding — with it a mother is blessed by young couples for a happy married life. Before this image, the newlyweds pray after encountering the first reefs of the marriage.

They say that the Kazan Mother of God has helped many families to survive.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

They also fall to her if they are afraid that the marriage is collapsing due to the absence of mutual children. Mother of God sends many long-awaited babies.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

But probably the most traditional prayer in front of this image is about health, one’s own or someone from family, friends.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

A separate prayer is created for the request of our children. With these words, you can ask about the health of the toddler, success in school, mutual understanding in communicating with a teenager.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

No less popular is the prayer for help. It is read in various life situations: someone is looking for her own way, someone is bending under the weight of life’s circumstances, someone is weakening her faith … the Mother of God always helps.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

Finally, do not ignore the prayer for finding a job. Many Orthodox are embarrassed to worry the Mother of God in this regard — to someone he seems too insignificant to pray, to someone too mercantile … But do not worry, there is nothing wrong with finding yourself honest work with which you will benefit society, also feed your family.

So do not worry, read this prayer is not shameful, even in church.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

Which of these prayers is considered the strongest?

The prayers listed above are equally good.

But there are special words created by priests to appeal to Our Lady of Kazan. Such a prayer can be read independently (for any reason), or by complementing one of the above prayers.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

How else can you celebrate the Kazan Mother of God?

Many Orthodox like verse prayers. With the help of such texts it is possible to greet the holy icon and to congratulate friends and relatives on the day of this icon.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

Why is this image so valued in Russia?

By type of image of the Virgin this icon — Guidebook, that is, Odigitria. This means that the Most Holy Mother, holding a son in her arms, shows Him to people, thus presenting to them the true path along which humankind should move.

In addition, unlike many significant icons written in Constantinople or being lists of foreign icons, this image appeared in Kazan (although no one knows who, when and where he painted it), so for Orthodox Russians he is a unique symbol of his faith .

Icon history

The whole Orthodox world found it in 1579. It was the hardest time for Kazan. A lot of houses burned down in a fire — still, because at that time everything was built of wood, so even a small fire quickly jumped to the neighboring buildings.

Moreover, both the church and the Kazan Kremlin were also set on fire. A lot of people, seeing that the Lord did not stop the fire devouring their homes and the church, moved away from Him.

While adults were hastily built (after all, before the cold weather comes, you need to have time to hide your family behind safe walls), the children ran to the ashes, looking for some simple “treasures”. Among them is the little Matron.

And surprisingly: one night, the Heavenly Queen herself appeared to her, ordering her to find an icon in the conflagration.

The parents did not believe the baby, but the dream was repeated, so the mother did not just let the girl go, but went out with her herself. And they found an image that no one had ever heard of before! The priests immediately became interested in the icon, and she began her journey: the Church of St. Nicholas — the Kazan Cathedral of the Annunciation.

They carried the image of the procession, and, although not everyone believed in its miraculousness, he was able to heal two blind men. And it was only the first case in the list of miracles created by the new-found icon.

In more detail about the acquisition of this image, as well as the most powerful lists will tell the cleric in this video:

Kazan Cathedral in Moscow

This wonderful find so struck Ivan the Terrible that he ordered to build an entire cathedral in her capital in its capital (it was called Kazan), and to her was a convent. There, by the way, with time they took the veil and Matron and her mother.

From here, the image was taken to the Battle of Poltava, as well as during the war with Napoleon — and it is said that on the day when Our Lady of Kazan appeared on the battlefield, the legendary frost, which soon drove the French away, began to fetter all of nature.

Church dates of worship image

We have two celebrations of this icon — the so-called Summer and Autumn Kazan.

July 8 (21). This date is historically the first. She is appointed in honor of the miraculous discovery of this face of the Virgin.

Celebrated from the 16th century.

October 22 (November 4). And on this day they exalt the liberation of Moscow from the Poles. For several centuries (before the onset of the October Revolution), this day was considered a holiday, all people were exempted from work.

Since 2005, this tradition has returned. The national holiday was named the Day of National Unity.

By the way, to come to one of these days you need not to Kazan, but to Moscow Epiphany Cathedral — Now the image is stored there.

Prayers of Our Lady of Kazan

  • The Kazan Mother of God is an icon of the type of Odigitria (Guidebook), which appeared to the residents of the city of Kazan after a terrible fire and strengthened the faith of the citizens with numerous miracles.
  • They pray to this image in different life situations: looking for help in creating and strengthening a family, asking to conceive a baby, send him health, help in finding a profitable job …
  • The church remembers this Mother of God twice a year — in summer and autumn. These dates are called — Summer and Autumn Kazan Mother of God.

And at the end I propose to listen to Archpriest Vladimir Golovin’s sermon on this image and its role in the history of Russia:

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